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  • When: 08-05-15
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  • QIC: Outhouse
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Outhouse Dr. Feelgood Squeaker T Square Woody Thimble Whoopee Wink Monk Stoganoff Linus Flintstone (FNG)

Twelve Strong in the Martha”s House Gloom

Hillbilly’s 20 IC
Plank Jack 20 IC
Freddie Merc 15 IC

Grab Bricks and Mosey
Mosey to park and Zig Zag run through rocks and end up at starting point

The Thing
Wheel Of Bricks around Baseball Fields
All Exercises and running done with brick in each hand

Spoke One
25 standing Chest Flys
Apollo Ohno half way up
15 Chest FLys
Apollo Ohno to end
10 Chest Flys
10 Merkins
Fast run back out and left to next spoke

Spoke Two
25 Bent over raise
Duck Walk half way
15 Bent over raise
Duck Walk to end
10 Bent Over raise
10 Merkins
Fast run back out and to left

Spoke Three
25 Overhead press
Frog Hop half way
15 overhead press
Frog Hop to end
10 Overhead press
10 Merkins
Fast run back out and to left

Spoke Four
25 Skull crushers
Zombie Walk halfway
15 Skull Crushers
Backwards run to end
10 Skull Crushers
10 Merkins
30 LBC

Mosey to Playground drop bricks
Count Off
Even Numbers Find bar and do max Pull Ups
Odd Numbers up and over wall till end (aprox 10 times)

Grab Bricks Mosey back to parking lot for COT

One (FNG) Joey Yavelak <— might be spelled wrong

Woody mentioned race at Whitewater Center next Thursday evening will get info to Bandit.


Thanks For another good workout