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  • When: 07/08/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: Woody
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Dr Feelgood, Outhouse, Monk, Woody, Stroganoff, Squeeker, Linus, Defib (FNG), Bandit

Nine PAX Post at Martha’s House (not necessarily looking) for Motivation!  Welcome FNG Mike Tamberella (Defib).  Disclaimer and Pledge, of course.

Warm Up

  • Inch Worms x8
  • 8-Count Merkins x10
  • 4-Count Rowers x12
  • 4-Count Swimmers x10
  • 4-Count WWII Sit Ups x10

The Thang

  • Indian run from Brewsters through Martha River’s parking lot, around playground and lower fields.  Stop at pull up bars, then…
  • Split in two groups.  Group 1 does 10 pull ups while Group 2 does 20 alternating leg raised Merkins. Switch exercises when group is complete for 2 rounds.
  • Move to picnic tables and complete 3 rounds of Bulgarian split squats and dips. 21,15, and then 9 reps
  • PAX lock shields for 21 Seal Sit Ups
  • For those that could still walk, one round of the Motivator.  21 reps of the following… heel raises, jumps, SSH (no arms), SSH (with arms), SSH (no arms), jumps, heel raises.  Ugh!

Mosey back to Brewsters for COT and Name-o-rama.

– Woody