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  • When: 06/02/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: Co- Q's: BA, JoeBoo, Godfather (VQ)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: BA, Godfather, JoeBoo, Whoopee, Brown Streak, Shrimp Boat, Bandit, Dolph, Linus, Squeeker, Monk, Abba, Anthrax, E4, Bannister, Jock Strap, Bulldozer (FNG)

17 men came out to get some work in the gloom at #TheStorm.  Little did these men know that they were not only in a battle against themselves, but millions of mayflies lay in wait to make the work a bit harder.  The men overcame the mayflies as many a mayfly were accidentally swallowed or swatted to death.

Side note: One tackling dummy may have lost its life too as Whoopee came out of nowhere to take it out.

The Thang:



Side Straddle Hop x 15, Imperial Walker x 15, Merkin x 10, LBC x 30, 1 lap around track

The Thang:


Bear Crawl Up Ramp/Crab Walk Down (10 Merkins on top/20 LBC’s at bottom)

Mosey to End Zone (Pick Up Bags)

Heavy Bag Carry Relay- PAX divided into 2 groups… half on each side (20 yards) Carry Heavy Bag/Others in group do Carolina Dry Docks AMAP until everyone member of group goes x 2

Weighted Sled Relay- PAX divided same as above (40 yards) Push Sled with 50lbs of weights/Others in group do LBC’s AMAP until everyone in group goes x 2


Run to the Baseball/Softball Fields and circle up:  Talk about picking each other up.

20 Mountain Climbers, 20 Seal Jacks

Run Through The Jungle-Ran to the top of both hills and then back.  Circled around to pick each other up.

Mosey to the trucks.

Finished with COT and 1 FNG (Bulldozer)


Bandit and Brown Streak have volunteered to take on shovel flags.

Dolph will Q next week at TheStorm

Shirt orders are final tomorrow

Wednesday at Martha Rivers Park starts at 5:30AM with parking being at the closed down ice cream parlor