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  • When: 04/04/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: OBT
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Dolph, Linus, Inky, DaVinci, Whoopee (FNG), Bumgarner (FNG), Godfather, Rudolph, Smokey, Spring Break, Special Sauce, Triple 7s, OBT (QIC)

Aye, 13 pax posted at the GasHouse to kick off the holiday weekend right for Week 3 of F3/West of the Catawba.

The Thang:

Run around Schiele Museum parking lot; gather for warmup COP: Side Straddle Hops, Merkins, Hello Dollies, Low Slow Squats, Mountain Climbers.

Run to elementary school, planking to keep group together. Gather in middle of field for …

The Dirty MacDeuce

(12 cadence-count reps of 12 different exercises in sets of three; run a lap of the track in between each set)

Set 1: Larry Craigs; Little Baby Crunches; Squats

Run a lap

Set 2: Carolina Dry Docks; Flutter Kicks; Mountain Climbers

Run a lap

Set 3: Diamonds; Bicycles; Rock Hoppers

Run a lap

Set 4: Crab Rolls; High Slow Flutter; Cadence Count Burpees

Run a lap

6 Minutes of Mary: Hello Dollies; Flutter Kicks; Rosalita; Supermans (with singing); Russian Twists; Knee Ups.

Moving to the hill at the side of the track after a brief detour to some nearby stairs that were deemed unfit for the occasion, we did a modified Jacob’s Ladder to four.

Group run back to the Schiele parking lot.

Final Set: Chuck Norris pushups to 10 on the asphalt.

Spreadsheets from the Gloom:

_ Welcome to FNGs Whoopee, Smokey and Bumgarner, which as many know is not a nickname this San Francisco native bestows lightly.

_ We didn’t explore the backside of the museum property, but the school is a great AO, with plenty of fields and a great variety of terrain.

_ Triple Claps to Whoopee for following my lead and going gloveless for the final set of Chuck Norris pushups. Nothing says F3 quite like embedding gravel and parking lot dirt in the back of your knuckles to start the weekend. Chuck Norris is always worthy of shout-out whenever we do his pushups and this is a good list of Chuck Norris “facts” (Like how Chuck Norris ran a marathon backward … so he could see what it felt like to finish second).

_ Thanks to Inky for lending me a pen so I could take down names and emails at COT. I gave him the copy of Freed to Lead I brought with me, so please pass it on — or order your own copy here!

_ Triple-claps to the back-of-the-pack group running group. As I said, it gets easier and you guys are doing a great job of keeping forward momentum and staying moving, which is the key to the workouts. Thanks also to the stronger runners for doing such a great job circling back and keeping the pax together. Two key pieces of what makes F3 work are that Iron Sharpens Iron and No Man is Left Behind — you guys are doing an awesome job living into that, and I look forward to visiting again in a few months!