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  • When: 03/28/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: Egypt
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Rudolph, Seacrest, Spring Break, Godfather, WantAd, T-Bone, Ann & Hope, Jobu (FNG Chris Detweiler), Wink, Checkers (FNG Curtis Burnside), Linus, Squeaker, DaVinci, Thimble (FNG Steve Patrick), Inky, High Life, Special Sauce, Yogi, BA, 777, Egypt (QIC)

21 Pax heard the call of the Shiele Museum AND Planetarium (yes, 2 in 1!), knew it was Go Time, and laced up for Day 2 of GasHouse. And this is what they did:

The Thang

Pre-launch music from the #SwaggerWagon to get your head on straight: 2Pac’s Hit ‘Em Up (clean version); The Hold Steady’s The Swish; Jay Z’s Big Pimpin’ (also the clean version, for those keeping score); and Jane’s Addiction’s Mountain Song. Ready to roll.

Warm-up lap through the parking lot, along the trails, until we found a nice spot for COP:

  • SSH x20, IW x15, Mountain Climbers x15, Squats X10, Merkins x10, hold position for Plank Jacks X15, Carolina Dry Docks x10

Mosey out to the road, toward the middle school track…plank along the way to regroup.

Keep going….wait a minute…what are those 10 cinderblocks doing in such nice rows along the sidewalk? And who would have wondered by and vandalized school property by spraying F3 logos on each one? No time to ponder, just grab one and follow the Q down the path.

Line up at the far end of the Knights Courtyard, and partner up for Brickwork:

  • Partner 1 runs to the end and back while Partner 2 does Cinder Block curls, and Partner 3 (where applicable) does normal squats. Repeato x3
  • Same thing, but with Goblet Squats with the cinder block, and regular ones if you’re the third. Repeato x3.
  • Bunny hop up the stairs, run down, x2
  • Take the blocks back to the track entrance, and head to the track for 1 lap, stopping at each corner for: 1) Merkins x15, then LBCs (so much drama), 2) 5 burpees, then 5 more, 3) 10 Crossfit Merkins, then plank, 4) 10 Larry Craigs (wide-arm merkins) in cadence, then plank.

Head down the hill to the baseball field for Six Minutes of Mary: Dolly x15, Rosalita x12, Heels to Heaven x12, Michael Phelps x15, LBCs x20

Re-partner up for 20 partner handshake merkins, 10 partner donkey kicks each, and 20 seconds each – in plank position – to tell your partner who inspired you to post at your first F3 workout (2nd F interlude; thanks Chum for the influence).

2 AYG sprints to the left-field fence, and mosey back. Head off the field, bear crawl up the hill. Head back to home base, picking up the cinder blocks along the way.

Museum picnic benches for 15 dips, run over near the dumpster (use all available terrain) for 5 burpees, repeato x3.

Circle up in the main lot for 2 MOM, led on the fly by TML (T-claps, brother): Low flutters x12, Russian Twist x12, High Flutters x10


  • When Ann & Hope and I first rolled into the lot around 0635, there was just TML sitting in his car, getting pumped up to the latest Hall & Oats album. We left to do a little recon and drop off the coupons. When we returned around 0650, the lot was full, and all YHC could say was “What the heck just happened?”
  • What happened was, Day 2 of GasHouse. About a dozen Pax returned from week 1, 3 more rolled out for their first installment, and 6 seasoned vets came in from the Queen City and elsewhere to help out.
  • Triple-Claps to everyone for pushing through cold air, heavy blocks and frozen grass this morning (and a little Dumpster aroma at the end – my bad on that one). You guys proved that you’re in it for the long haul, and it’s an awesome thing to see.
  • Checkers shot out of the initial gates like a rocket. Give the guy about 3 weeks to build up some cardio, and he’s going to crush the First Annual Gastonia Memorial 5K and Chess Championship.
  • Linus and DaVinci pushed it hard all morning – t-claps for the effort, boys. Each time we finished an exercise, Special Sauce was looking right at YHC, ready for the next thing. Yogi’s 20-gallon lunch pail is going to feel like a feather on Monday, in comparison to that 30-pound cinder block he lugged around. Strong work, fellas.
  • T-Claps also to the veteran guys for coming out and helping the GasHouse get off to such a great start. Really appreciate the support from A&H, TML, WantAd, Seacrest, T-Bone, and anyone I missed from the list.
  • Day 3 is next Saturday, with OBT at the controls. #metronome Be there!