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Q fail at PrisonBreak

I did not show this morning at PrisonBreak, I was the Q! I’m truly sorry men! 3 men put in some miles!

Prison Break

6 men at Prison Break.  5 ran, jogged or moseyed and Big Pappy put in almost 5 miles rucking.  Great job.


Annoucements: Speed for Need race on Saturday, Memorial Day Murph.

Prayer requests: each other, our children, those hurting and in need.

BOM: Sparky closed us in prayer.

Philippians 4:13


Prison Break

Seven showed to run or ruck at PrisonBreak this morning! 3 rucked  4 ran!

Announcements— Hike this Sunday, speed for need run in May!

Prayer request- Students and staff at UNCC, stroganoffs M N law, each other, family!




Running and Such

Runners ran.

Prayer requests: Lion King’s friend Jadey, Rockabilly’s back, Sparky’s M

K9 Veterans Day

Some Ran, Some Rucked, Some Walked. We did it all in honor of National K9 Veterans Day. Thank you for your service puppers!



Prayers requests

Thank you Folsom PAX for allowing me to lead. I have yet another AO I can check off of places I’ve Q’d. Only one more remains!




Pre-Valentines Day Prison Break

Prison Break was the place to be this morning. Unfortunately, many of you slackers didn’t get the memo. Kotters like Medicine Woman, Roadie, Ratchet, Rockabilly, etc were nowhere to be found. However, the running continues! All 7 HIM ram today. Shoutout to Roundup putting in 12 miles this morning. 12 miles on a Wednesday.
That dude gets it done. Don’t believe me, you should have come to his Q with Hacksaw Saturday (it was incredible). Bedpan hit the route early as he prepares for the P200, but he was gone before YHC returned, so I assume he got about 3 miles in. Barrel Racer put in some miles as well as Broke. Sparky put in about 3 miles after arriving fashionably late, as usual. Montross and Allen Tate did #ChiefThangs and got in some P200 training.

Prayer requests: Gumby’s family, Pizza Wife, Slaw’s foot, Ratchet’s wife, guys dealing with personal issues. YHC took us out in prayer.

Who me?

Talking with Montross last night, I said “hopefully I’ll see you in the morning, im gonna try to run “ he said, “I hope so, you the Q”.

With that being said, I rolled into ingles a couple minutes before start, 530 hits and we get started! WE RAN!

CSAUP February 23! Sign up!

Pray for one another, those with sickness, those with family issues!

God is good! Have a good day!

12/12 Prison Break

4 men ran various distances


Run/Ruck, your choice

Ok, before YHC forgets, which Folsom won’t allow it, here’s the back blast for Wednesday’s Prison Break. So I roll into the gloom debating wheher or not to run or ruck as usual. To my surprise, there were no PAX on site? Well, guess I’m going solo, wait, here comes some headlights. Ok, well now we have 3. It’s 5:30 so time to roll.

All are going to mosey this time. As we head out from start Sparky rolls in as usual 5 minutes late. Not sure how he can be that consistent? Anyway he will catch up. So, we continue on the normal route around the college and as we are returning by the prison Pastor Clever catches up with Sparky in tow. Today felt lazier than other runs for some reason, but any pace is better than no pace. All return to start with between 3-4 miles of work logged.

COT, Self Family, all requests lifted up

YHC took us out in prayer.

Thank you men for the opportunity to be a part of such a great group. Folsom has really taken off since I started back over 2 years ago. Keep at it and let’s not stop growing. EH every chance you get.

MW ooouuut!

Tha Shartz

Well, knowing that Wednesday’s are just for the option of running or rucking at Folsom, there’s not going to be a real in depth B.B.  That  being said, it was more eventful than expected. YHC rolls into the gloom trying to decide which of the 2 options I was going to participate in.  Roadie was on my heels pulling in and not long after, several more roll in. Lots of random chatter taking place and then the Q calls “it’s 5:30!” Well, that worked. 🙄 YHC calls again at 5:31.

Yeah, whatever. So I take off for a run. The others still jibber jabbering slowly start to roll out behind.  I got up to my normal “non-runner” pace and here comes Sparky rolling in. I put it on myself not to let him catch me, which he never did. Now, that’s not because I was rolling at a high level, there were other circumstances that prohibited it. Sparky had sent this picture to our group text yesterday of this strawberry desert thing he called a “sticky?” It looked rather delicious, but for sure would’ve been a cheat meal. Anyway, I make the loop around the college and still haven’t been caught, but got to chat briefly with the ruckers. I make it to the red light at the college entrance Andy had to stop briefly to massage the bum leg. I look back and Sparky and Pastor Clever are rolling closer. Wait, where’s Sparky going? The hill beside bojangles is not part of the route. So, I take off again then Clever catches me and says that Sparky had to make a toilet stop. Makes sense now. So, I continue to finish my route and as I’m cooling down, here come Sparky. He didn’t stop, but ran to his truck saying “I gotta go so I can get some underwear and socks before work.” Underwear and socks? The Sticky had control of his bowels. After bojangles he ran to one of the park turd sheds and locked. With no other option, he unleashed at the horse stalls where apparently he lost his socks and drawers. Not only was Sparky having issues, but Roadie was too. I’m guessing just looking at the Sticky picture caused his bowels to act up. As far as I know, he didn’t lose any clothing. All finally returned to start.

announcements, The Forge 6:30,Warrior Dash Saturday.

prayer requests, Self Family, Oompa Loompas family(father n law passed)

i know, “show to know”, but this was a story that had to be told.

MW out!

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