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We Covered Dallas

Medicine Woman wasn’t feeling well so I hijacked the Q for the premier Dallas Wednesday running AO. Arriving a few minutes before 5:30 am and Sparky and Seuss were on their way towards uptown Dallas. Me, Broke and Oompa took off toward the college where we saw Hacksaw going towards Folsom. We crossed paths with Roundup and then Doodles. Tater Hole was rolling through the college somewhere. Broke, as he is famous for, pulled me to my fastest pace in a while. I almost didn’t show but I am always glad when I do.

Announcements: Bring toys for Boys and Girls Club to all Saturday AO’s this week, Convergence at Gashouse (Schiele Museum) on Dec. 28th at 7 am, After-Christmas F3 Gastonia Party at Lewis Farms on January 4th.

Remember Broke’s M, Tiger’s Dad, Dry Rub’s M, Freight’s grandfather and family.

COT: Doodles took us out!

Early Birds

It’s not unusual to see PAX getting in some EC before a workout, but it was unusual to see so many of them doing it today. Not sure how many miles everyone put in, but there were quite a few that definitely logged more than 5. With all the races coming up and cooler weather ahead, take advantage of this mid-week running AO to get yourself ready.



BRR Ruck – they are on the course as I write this. Good luck guys and stay safe!

Stop Soldier Suicide 5k/10k in Belmont on Sept. 21st – SFN event

JJ 5k in Stanley on Sept. 28th

Site Q’s are collecting money for Rotary Club project to install bathrooms at Downtown Pavilion

Tiger is looking for golfers to participate in Shocker’s charity tournament on Sept. 26th


Prayer Request

Huck and family

Def Leppard’s M

Slaw’s father

Dr. Feelgood and family after passing of mother


Out with prayer.


I’m Broke


Pavilion Chili Cookoff Pre-Blast

Bathrooms coming soon to the Pavilion!

The Rotary Centennial Pavilion has been home to the F3 Downtown workout since July of 2015, a few short months after the F3 Gastonia launch.  E4 was the original site Q before he handed it off to the elusive Spiderman who then turned over the reins to Bedpan.  By my calculations, F3 has posted over 200 Friday workouts at the Pavilion besides running through the site during our three 50 mile relays.

The big cheese, Sargento, happens to be the Nantan of the Gastonia Rotary Club this year.  Both Gastonia Rotary Clubs are raising money to install public bathrooms at the Pavilion soon.  Bathrooms would be a great thing for downtown as well as for any F3 PAX who routinely run late to the workout due to those “emergencies”.  (you know who you are)

To raise money for the bathrooms, the Gastonia Rotary Club is hosting a Chili Cook Off on November 2nd of this year.  I am aware that you should probably have bathrooms installed before eating chili but I am not in charge.  There are four levels of sponsorships, with $1000.00 being the “Four Alarm” sponsor.  I propose giving back to the Pavilion and raising money for this cause.  F3 Gastonia can assist in raising money for the bathrooms and if we meet our goal sooner rather than later we will be recognized in all advertisements and social media, leading to more exposure for F3 and hopefully draw in some FNG’s.

I am calling on all site Q’s to collect donations from PAX throughout the month of September until we reach our goal of $1000.00.  PAX may contribute cash or checks (made payable to the Rotary Club of Gastonia).  The good news is Diablo Sammich has already said they were going to raise $100, and that was immediately countered with a $150 pledge from the PUB.  The Coconut Horse then said they would raise $151.

The purpose will be to raise awareness of F3Gastonia and support the community through adding an amenity to the premier Friday AO in our region.

This initiative is “Nantan approved” as well as “Site Q approved”.  If each PAX that posts contributes something we should reach our goal in short order.  F3 is free so there is no obligation to give but Site Q’s please take up the collections and let’s hit this goal and put F3Gastonia on more men’s radars in our region.



Q fail at PrisonBreak

I did not show this morning at PrisonBreak, I was the Q! I’m truly sorry men! 3 men put in some miles!

Prison Break

6 men at Prison Break.  5 ran, jogged or moseyed and Big Pappy put in almost 5 miles rucking.  Great job.


Annoucements: Speed for Need race on Saturday, Memorial Day Murph.

Prayer requests: each other, our children, those hurting and in need.

BOM: Sparky closed us in prayer.

Philippians 4:13


Prison Break

Seven showed to run or ruck at PrisonBreak this morning! 3 rucked  4 ran!

Announcements— Hike this Sunday, speed for need run in May!

Prayer request- Students and staff at UNCC, stroganoffs M N law, each other, family!




Running and Such

Runners ran.

Prayer requests: Lion King’s friend Jadey, Rockabilly’s back, Sparky’s M

K9 Veterans Day

Some Ran, Some Rucked, Some Walked. We did it all in honor of National K9 Veterans Day. Thank you for your service puppers!



Prayers requests

Thank you Folsom PAX for allowing me to lead. I have yet another AO I can check off of places I’ve Q’d. Only one more remains!




Pre-Valentines Day Prison Break

Prison Break was the place to be this morning. Unfortunately, many of you slackers didn’t get the memo. Kotters like Medicine Woman, Roadie, Ratchet, Rockabilly, etc were nowhere to be found. However, the running continues! All 7 HIM ram today. Shoutout to Roundup putting in 12 miles this morning. 12 miles on a Wednesday.
That dude gets it done. Don’t believe me, you should have come to his Q with Hacksaw Saturday (it was incredible). Bedpan hit the route early as he prepares for the P200, but he was gone before YHC returned, so I assume he got about 3 miles in. Barrel Racer put in some miles as well as Broke. Sparky put in about 3 miles after arriving fashionably late, as usual. Montross and Allen Tate did #ChiefThangs and got in some P200 training.

Prayer requests: Gumby’s family, Pizza Wife, Slaw’s foot, Ratchet’s wife, guys dealing with personal issues. YHC took us out in prayer.

Who me?

Talking with Montross last night, I said “hopefully I’ll see you in the morning, im gonna try to run “ he said, “I hope so, you the Q”.

With that being said, I rolled into ingles a couple minutes before start, 530 hits and we get started! WE RAN!

CSAUP February 23! Sign up!

Pray for one another, those with sickness, those with family issues!

God is good! Have a good day!

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