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Some Tired Puppies Done Escaped the Animal Shelter!

Rolled into CR a few minutes early for my VQ and thought everyone must have gotten the word that I was QIC!  But I was soon joined by a trickle of PAX that all seemed to have one thing in common… they were BEAT.  The heat during the prior day’s V2V really took its toll on ALL.  Still, the troops headed out in true F3 style.  Broke claimed his usual “9+ take-it-easy” pace but this time actually held true to his word!  In fact, after a nice mosey to the Square then on to the track along w/ Loveboat & YHC we slowed it down to a walk.  Enjoyed the time spent in the 2nd F!  SA said he still had to put the reigns on Seuss and Round UP and Tyson ran like it was any other day but we all eventually made it back to the parking lot.  Even got to see Round UP break out a pretty snazzy muscle roller.

Announcements: None since the V2V was over!

Prayer Requests:  James Goudelock (thyroid cancer diagnosis), GD’s family, SA’s family, calm for the riots, and I’m sure I’m missing some…

YHC prayed us out.

Hot and humid

18 PAX put in work either running,biking, etc. this morning at Crossroads.  It was hot and humid!!!  Strong work by all!!

Adventures at Crossroads

14 HIMS ran, biked, or rucked Crossroads today! Tour Guide Freight lead his bikers around town; Hacksaw rucked; many ran(some from the neighborhood dog) and trained for the upcoming Ville to Ville. Great to see all of you guys!!

8 at Sparky’s for Q Source on IMPACT.  Remember, reach out to other guys you hadn’t seen since we started back. It’s great to see some FNGs this week, as well as some Kotters..come back..stick with it!

Thankful for all of you,


Titus 3:14..And let our people learn to devote themselves to good works, so as to help cases of urgent need, and not to be unfruitful.

Verse at Q Source today..again, in Christ’s power and for His glory.

Crossroads 5-10-2020

There were a lot of runners, ruckers and bikers on the streets of Dallas on Sunday. The turnout for the run Pizza Man organized in memory of his niece was awesome and a few that didn’t want to run quite that far posted around the corner at Crossroads. 3 ran 5 miles and 4 rode bikes and harassed the runners. Strong work by all.



-All AO’s are open and back on their regular schedules

-Keep checking Slack and Twitter for updates on future events

-Virtual Ville to Ville relay end of May, get a team together and sign up


Prayer Request

-Hick’s Family

-Sister Act’s daughter

-Def Leppard’s son


YHC took us out.


I’m Broke

Allen Tate’s Missing Crossroads Backblast – 08-Mar

Its Crossroads, so they ran, rucked, etc.

3/15 at crossroads

3/15 at crossroads

14 men decided to push today

2 Rucked

12 ran

It was a great morning to get some miles in today .

Thanks for the push men 💪



Furlough, and Loveboat

oversleep much

they ran and rucked

Outrun the Queen

12 PAX came to Crossroads to outrun their Queen.  A wide range of mileage was done but everyone that posted got better.

My verse of the week: Proverbs 16:3 – Commit to the Lord in everything you do and he will establish your paths/plans.


3/21 – 5 year convergence at Martha Rivers

4/4 – Speed For Need Community Foundation 5k http://www.cfgaston.org/Learn/CommunityFoundationRun.aspx


Until next time Pizza Man is OOOOOUUUUUUTTTTT!!!!

Daily Red Pill at Crossroads

Crossroads had several running EC. Broke and Seuss ran 12! Slaw ran 9. Gumby got in 5 as he recovers from surgery. Stogie was rucking. Volt did a Murph!Mayor was running intervals and the speed must have broken his earphones. Purple Haze and I discussed the problems the world throws at us. Most stayed for Q Source (Roadie and 2.0 came) about DRP Daily Red Pill. This continues our discussion in the Get Right quadrant. Tater Hole was supposed to have it but he is sick so I volunteered. I had notes and everything except they were on my iPhone 1 (the original) which doesn’t have good battery life and decided to die taking away all of my notes. I borrowed Mayor’s phone and proceeded without my notes and the guys helped me through the discussion about building the guardrails in our lives to help us accelerate. Take the Daily Red Pill and build those guardrails, brick by brick. F3 Gastonia is doing that everyday, somewhere in the region.

Getting Right at Crossroads

11 PAX resisted the temptation to fartsack and posted at Crossroads to continue to “Get Right”.  Some ran 5, some ran more, some ran less but we all got better!!  Welcome FNG “Elmer Fudd”!!

Mayor joined us for QSource, where 12 of us had great discussions on “Get Right”(Q1).  Thanks to everyone that attends QSource…we are all continuing to grow!!

Until next time Pizza Man is OOUUTTTT!!!


Axe throwing 2nd F – 2/21
5 year convergence – 3/21 at Martha’s
Shooting guns – 3/21 afternoon



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