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Florence Flutters

Thankful that the creek didn’t rise and that 10 HIMS came out and posted post-Florence.



Side Straddle Hops

Two Amigos

Crunchy Frogs (at least that’s what I meant to say;)


Mosey to gazebo for Batwings:

  • Forward Arm Circles; Backward Arm Circles; Seal Jacks; Overhead Claps- 20 IC, Mosey; 15 IC, Mosey; 10 IC, Mosey

Mosey to parking lot for:  Hurricane Hoedown (or Florence Flutters, as I renamed them for this workout):

  • Seated Flutter Kicks; Reclined Flutter Kicks, Normal Flutter Kicks, LBC Flutter Kicks- oyo in descending order 7,6,5,4,3,2,1

Following that, we chose a step for: 20 Johnny Dramas.

Mosey to bridge:

  •  Duck Walk across,
  •  Clowneys -oyo- 7 reps of 4 Jump Lunges + 4 Merkins

Mosey to hill for:

  • THE W.A.S.H: 1Pax Nur up hill and run down while partner performed the exercise, then flapjack.

50 Wide Arm Merkins

100 American Hammers

150 Step ups

200 High Knees

Announcements: JJ5K; Stop Soldier Suicide Speed for Need/5, 10 K; Burpeethon; Mcadenville Christmas 5K

Word: From Is. 41 The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint or grow weary, His understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might, He increases strength. (Note: God never suffers setbacks and He helps those who do).

Prayer Requests


Anchorman prayed us out.

As always, an honor and privilege to lead and serve!!

Dr. Seuss

Special Olympics – Burpees by the Lake (AKA Burpeethon)

This is an intensive 2 person team workout for the burpee enthusiast!

There will be adults only heats and adult/child heats

Added bonus: $2.00 “How many can you do in a minute?” competitions for prizes! (Burpees, push-ups, sit-ups, hip slappers)


October 6th, 2018      9:00 am– 11:00 am

Rankin Lake Park, 1750 Rankin Lake Rd, Gastonia




COST: $25.00 paid day of event.  Cotton adult sized Guardian of Flames t-shirt for all participants if registered by 9/18/18 – 100% of all proceeds go to Special Olympics NC

Waiver: Please print and sign the waiver – 2018 General Waiver for SONC-Burpeethon.  Remember to bring with you day of the event.

REGISTRATION: Rankin Lake Park Waterfront Shelter  8:00am-9:00 am the day of the event


Pre-Register below by September18th to reserve your T-SHIRT!!!!!

No “Time” to Waste

11 HIM’s posted on a much less humid morning at the Goat.  The cool weather was invigorating and we got right to it.


Warm Up:

Moroccan Nightclubs

Hands of Time: Pax on six, all heads toward center, legs at 90 degrees. Each Pax counts off, lowering legs to 10 degrees and holding. Went “around the clock” three times.


Mosey to Gazebo for partner activities.

Partners do “Two Amigos” : Pax stand back to back, squat and hold; lower squat and hold IC.

5 Big Boy Sit Up-ups each

5 Booyah Merkins

Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to the Bridge for “SheHateMe: 10 Lunges/10 Plank Jacks to the end of the bridge.

At picnic tables, partners get back together for Dips, Step ups, Incline Merkins. One Pax performs the exercise while the other Pax runs a lap and flapjack.

Mosey to church parking lot for Ring of Fire:

Each Pax performs an exercise then moves clockwise until all routines are completed. The plan was to spend one minute on each exercise, but time got the best of us, so we spent thirty seconds on each. (I think we were happy about that when we got to the Side Straddle Squats):

Wide Arm Merkins, Toy Soldiers, LBC’s, Alternating Shoulder Taps, Sweat Angels, Dying Cockroaches, CDD’s, Side Straddle Squats (aka Little Gumby in the Woods, Hippa reminded me), American Hammers, High Knees

Mosey back to flag.


CSAUP this Saturday at 4 a.m.; Picnic at Sargento’s this Saturday at 5 p.m.; September 22: Stop Soldier Suicide Speed for Need 5K also JJ5K.


2 Cor. 5:21 For our sake, He made Him to be sin who knew no sin, so that, in Him, we might become the righteousness of God.

-God treated our sin-the sin of all who would believe in Christ-as if our sin belonged not to us, but to Christ Himself. He took our sin upon Himself.

-God also imputes the righteousness of Christ-a righteousness not our own-to all who believe in Christ. So, His righteousness is our righteousness.


Slim Shady and brother as they travel to Connecticut for funeral of his grandma.

Kids and teachers returning to school.

Tesla’s relative


YHC took us out.

Thanks so much for coming out and for working so hard! Thankful for you all; constantly praying for you all! So excited for some upcoming VQ’s.




Choose Your Partner



Mountain Climbers-10 IC;

Imperial Squats-10 IC;

Goofballs-10 IC;

Moroccan Nightclubs-10 IC


Mosey to bridge

Dan Taylor across the bridge ( 1 Squat/4 Lunge, 2 Squats/8 Lunges, etc)

Forties: Choose a partner

30 Dips/10 Pattycake Merkins; Take a lap

25 Dips/15 Pattycake Merkins; Lap

20 Dips/20 Patttycake Merkins: Lap

15 Dips/25 Pattycake Merkins: Lap

Pax lined up for Plank Jacks and Dominoes: Left hand high, first pax gets into plank and does 5 merkins until each pax has completed a set; Right hand high, rinse and repeat with 4 merkins.

Mosey to street for Captain Thors: 1 Big Boy sit up/4 American Hammers, etc.

Choose a partner for Dwight Howards:

Round 1: Pax 1 Jumps, both hands to wall, as high as possible; Pax 2 runs around the building, and switch

Round 2: Pax 1 Wall Sit/Air Presses; Pax 2 runs around the building, and switch

Round 1: Pax 1 Donkey Kicks; Pax 2 runs around the building, and switch

Choose a different partner

Round 1: Pax 1 LBC’s/Pax 2 Nur up hill, 5 burpees, runs back, and switch

Round 2: Pax 1 Flutter Kicks/Pax 2 Nur, 5 Jump squats, and switch

Round 3: PAx 1 Dying cockroaches/Pax 2 Nur, 5 SSH, and switch

Mosey to flag.

Prayer Requests:

Slim Shady-grandma

Anchorman-colleague’s son facing brain surgery


Mt Hollywood-next Monday, August 6, 5:30 at Mount Holly Middle School

Forge-Grits and Greens, Wednesday’s at 6:30

Word: 1 Peter 5:7 Casting all your anxieties on Him because He cares for you. Throw them all on Him; He does care for you


YHC took us out in prayer.

I almost titled this Backblast “Q Can’t Count” as I lost track a few times; but my goals were to give a full body workout and to encouragement fellowship in partners. This was my first Q as Site Q at The Goat, and I am thankful to God daily for f3 and all of you guys. You’re in my prayers constantly! Thankful that the weather held out and for the men that came out today! I’m honored, as always, to lead. Thanks, Dolph, for all your support and for taking the lead as site Q this past year!!

Over and out,




Jesus’ Brother

The Thang:


Study of James; Jesus earthly brother.

In our continuing study of men of the Bible, we looked at James. He went from an unbelieving sibling  to a model pastor to the church in Jerusalem and the author of the book of James.

Food and more fellowship.

If you’ve not been to the Forge, I would encourage you to come out.

Grits and Greens in Lowell; Wednesday’s at 6:30.

Dr. Seuss

Pre-Blast: Tronmoss Legacy 5k

Wednesday, July 18th will be the Tronmoss Legacy 5k. For those of you that don’t know, our brother is on crutches for a minimum of 8 weeks.   Despite the bad news, Montross has been in good spirits.  In typical F3 fashion, we will rally around our brother this coming Wednesday for a 5k. Montross will join us at the COT.

Montross began his F3 journey in January of this year.  Since that time he has been a model of consistency.  He has been in skillet contention every month.  While not in terrible shape when he started, he has pushed himself daily.  Not only has he been as consistent as anyone since he started, he’s also a natural motivator.  While unconventional, he has his own way to offer encouragement.  He’s as dedicated as he is tall.   He is a true HIM.

Folsom hopes you can make time this Wednesday to lift up our wounded brother.

June 28…Goat Island

It was a fine Thursday morning at the Goat as YHC arrived.  9 HIM’s + me showed in the soupy June air for the regular morning beatdown.  Here’s what this edition featured.

5:30 and lets go!



SSH x 20

Goofballs x 15

Mosey to bottom of stairs behind post office for Burpees x 10

Climb stairs toe risers x 5 each stair

Plank at top for 6

Mosey to gazebo for mary:

A little foggy as to what exactly we did here but it involved Captain Thors (picked this one up off of Billy Madison), LBC’s, Leg Raises, and Heel Touches.

Mosey across bridge to park..Omaha!  Park was full of ladies pushing the rock.  Didn’t want to interfere so back across bridge to field for some 11’s.

11’s were Merkins bottom sidewalk and Squats top sidewalk.  This hurt quite a bit (at least for me).  These awesome HIM’s made it look easy.

Back across bridge to empty park and to picnic tables.

3 sets of:

Step ups x 20, 15, 10

Derkins x 15, 10, 5

Dips x 20, 15, 10

Back to gazebo for more Mary:

Yet again a little foggy but this included:

More LBC’s, Captain Thors, LBC’S, Heels Touches, Box Cutters with reach up (picked this one up off of Short Sale who is always good for a new ab exercise), and Merkins.

My watch said we put in 3.28 miles.  Not bad!

And time!

Great group as always this am.  It is truly my honor to be whatever small part of such a great organization with such a valid mission.  The guys were inspirational and uplifting as always and I am humbled by all of you.

Prayers for a Dr. procedure for Tesla.

I just want to give a shout out to Billy Madison.  Thank you for being such a great HIM and an inspirational figure to me since my joining F3.  Our loss is truly Jacksonville’s gain.  Brother, we hope to see you when you are back around these parts in the gloom.  If and when we make it to Jacksonville we will give you a shout.  Peace, blessings, good health, and our love and prayers be with you and your family in your new endeavors.   Keep pushing the rock brother.

Until next time, humbled and honored,





4 men at Grits and Greens last night for The Forge. We’ve been focusing on “Men of the Bible”.

Last night, we studied about Barnabas. He was nicknamed “Son of Encouragement”. Although he was a leader, Barnabas was more known for the support he gave to the church, to other believers, and to the sharing of the gospel.

This study made me think of Whetstone, a mentor/mentee program which was presented at the convergence on Saturday. If you have not heard of Whetstone, look into it on the June 8 Preblast: F3 Gastonia Whetstone Launch. Please sign up if you haven’t.

Good fellowship and some great American history stories from Freight ended the evening.

If you’ve not attended Forge, come join us at Grits and Greens in Lowell on Wednesday’s at 6:30.


Sound the A.L.A.R.M.s

As Summer vacation gets semi underway, it was a privilege to Q at the Goat.



Warm Up: First round of ALARMs (Arms, Legs, Abs, R exercise, M exercise)

A- Burpees  5 oyo

L-Lunges 10 oyo

A-Peter Parkers 15 oyo

R-Rocky Balboas 20 oyo

M-Merkins 25 oyo



Second round of ALARMs: with a partner, Pax 1 performs the exercise, Pax 2 runs a lap; flapjack

A-Dips   100

L-Squats   150

A-LBC’s   200

R-Russian Twists   250 (You really feel it round about number 100)

M-Mt Climbers   300

Third Round of ALARMs: alongside partner-accumulated

A-Alternating Shoulder Taps   25

L-Jump Squats   50

A-Flutter Kicks   75

R-Reverse Crunch 100

M-Moroccan Nightclubs 150 (just for you, Tophat;)


Friendship Mosey to street for:

Nerd up the hill/Zombie Walk

Nerd up/Nerd down

Nerd up/Duck walk down


Round of Mary back in parking lot. 

Announcements: Convergence on Saturday at 7:00 am at Midoriyama

Prayer Requests


Remember, in our words, actions..who we are in Christ if we know Him. We are now new creations, and that by His grace alone, we don’t have to-and can’t-work for our salvation. If we have a relationship with Him, God sees us as righteous-not my righteousness, He sees the righteousness of Christ.

Is. 41:13 For I, The Lord your God, hold your right hand. It is I who say to you, Fear not, I am the One who helps you.

Always a blessing and honor to lead!

YHC took us out in prayer



PreBlast–40 Day Mountain Challenge

I posted this challenge on twitter, so here is the PreBlast…To end the 40 Day Challenge that Roscoe gave, we will climb, hike, crawl, run, and possibly fall down Grandfather Mountain on June 23rd. We’ll leave the Schiele Museum at 6:30 am, arriving at the Boone Fork Creek around 8:00. Then we will hike 3+ miles to top of Calloway Peak. After a few moments to take in God’s glory (there is no place like this on Earth), I’ll provide a Bible lesson. Then we’ll hike back to the Boone Fork trail head. The hike should take us about 4.5 hours round trip so long as we have no injuries! We did this with the Scouts from Troop 11 about 2 weeks ago and it’s a challenge…but if I bunch of knucklehead Scouts can do it, you can too…MAYBE. After the hike we’ll break cornbread at Woodlands BBQ and Picking Parlor (once again, no place like it on Earth!) We should be back in G-Town by 3:00.

Alright…who’s up for it? Let me know, I can go solo if so…

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