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Forty Days of Discipline Update #4

Today marks day 30 of the forty days of discipline. There are ten days left in the challenge.  It is time to refocus on these last days and push through by perhaps considering being even more disciplined.  I know many guys have been pushing to make workouts or hitting workouts at home at a greater rate than is normal for them.  I am seeing some reports of some really impressive weight loss.  That is no accident!

However, maybe you haven’t been as strict on your diet or made some “little” choices that weren’t full cheat meals.  Maybe you had a Twinkie without claiming it.  Jocko calls these “sugar coated lies!”  It is the Jester playing with your cravings.  You know what to do.   Discipline is delaying what you desire now for what you want in the future.

Keep the protein handy.  I have tried drinking a protein shake prior to eating dinner when I felt “starving”.  This has helped me alleviate the craving to eat multiple plates of food at dinner.

I have one cheat meal left.  If you get to 30 workouts you can have another one if you have to have it.    There will be lots of extra cheat meals earned however.  I know the extra credit runs and rucks prior to workouts are adding up!

Keep on keeping on and stay on the path!

40 Days of Discipline checkup #3

So by now hopefully most of you are getting into the groove of eating better and making yourself get more workouts in that you would normally do.  Great work!  I am inspired to hear from some of the PAX on Slack that they are meeting and/or surpassing their goals ahead of schedule.  I hope that these little changes that produce big results become habits.

Just as in the fitness part of F3, modify as needed.  This may mean don’t put sugar on your strawberries.  Add a splash of sweet tea to your unsweet tea if you have to have it.  Get a sweet potato instead of a mashed potato.  Try cinnamon instead of brown sugar in your oatmeal.

Keep up the routine of having that protein shake ready as soon as you finish your workout.  Try to get enough sleep so you can recover more fully and be the best version of yourself.  Don’t compare yourself to another PAX, compare yourself to who you were yesterday.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson has a new book titled “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.”  One of those rules is to make friends with people who want the best for you.  I have seen that in action this past week.  Sargento and Quiche’ are helping me and to that I say, “Dilly Dilly”

Don’t get discouraged if you feel as though you hit a plateau.   Keep up the great work.  We are over halfway there!

40 Days of Discipline 2 week checkup

Today marks the 15th day of the 40 Days of Discipline.  Anecdotally I have heard a great many positive things from the PAX about their efforts at being on the path.  Excellent work!

There are some PAX losing some serious weight each week thus far and changing habits.  Several PAX and probably more are 15 for 15 on the daily workouts.

Some of the PAX are eating some serious power foods that I don’t how to pronounce.  Gastone is eating chicken feet(see pic above).  SLAW is ordering quiooonwaaaah and brussel sprouts.  Stroganoff left fried shrimp and fish on the table and ate a potato and salad instead.  These gents are holding the line!  TimeFrame is getting faster and stronger.  Roady is leading the way!

Tip of the week….The thought goes that you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself.

Each day besides eating right and getting on with your workout, schedule time for yourself to do something just for you.  Meditate on what you are thankful for.  Think about something that brings you joy.  Play the guitar.  Read a book.  Sit in silence.  Enjoy some hot tea (honey and lemon instead of sugar).  Play a board game with your kids.  Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.  Do something for someone else with no expectation for anything in return.

I can predict that many of us will be tempted by superbowl foods and beverages tomorrow.  Sargento has already declared a cheat meal and he has earned it (15 for 15 workouts thus far).  My advice…don’t go to the superbowl party hungry.  If you declare your cheat meal that is no problem.  However, be mindful that you can’t out train a bad diet so don’t let your exercise gains go to waste by eating/drinking your way back to mediocrity!  You versus you!

I am encouraged and inspired by your efforts.  Have a great week and feel free to post tips or encourage others who are taking this seriously to improve on the little things that will add up to big things!


Oh Chute…F3 Dad’s preblast

What:  The Committee of F3 Dad’s at the Gashouse has secured an hour of tubing time at the Chutes of Crowder’s Ridge for only F3.  This is snowless tubing and will be a great event for us.

WHO:  F3 Gastonia Dad’s and 2.0’s  (M’s and other relatives are welcome as I am sure we will need help with carrying those heavy tubes up the hill after each awesome run)

WHEN:  Sunday, February 18th  1700-1800   (5PM-6PM)

HOW Much?  13 dollars per person.  Order tickets through this link:


WHY:  Because it is good for us to spend time doing cool stuff with our children and to fellowship with our F3 families.  This is a fundraiser for the Crowder’s Ridge Camp so we are definitely supporting a great cause.  There are refreshments for sale for some social time afterwards so bring the 2.0’s and your M’s and let’s race down the hill!

Winter Tubing at Crowders Ridge

40 Days of Discipline weekly checkup

So if you are like me you have had a good start to the challenge but that being said, it isn’t always easy.  I have gone to bed hungry most nights and would have liked another meal or three before bed.  Queachee’ (or however you spell it) offered to bring me a Little Caesar’s pizza last night and it took a lot of discipline to not want to slap him for temping me.  I did learn that a “hot and ready” has over 3000 calories so save that for when you need to carb load for a Heavy Heavy.

I have heard some #mumblechatter on the slack channel that the protein shake requirement is helping out.  Good!

Short Sale, being the Master of the garage workout, shared with me a website that offers free workouts called www.darabee.com.  It may be helpful to you.  I typically make them up if I can’t get to an AO or the gym at work.  I failed last night because I did a bunch of exercises to include a bunch of squats and merkins, and lo and behold EZ Rider had the Q at the Pavilion today and we did a bunch of squats and merkins.  Great Q though.  I remember something about the number 66.

When you lack motivation or don’t feel like working out, try a little Jocko Willink psychology.  He says if you don’t feel like working out, you can take off tomorrow but don’t skip today.  Usually this works wonders by forcing you to keep working out and not skipping.  That being said, remember to plan some rest days or something a little less impactful like yoga.  I checked the #F3-250 rules and Yoga counts as long as it is 30 minutes or more so don’t hate.

Tomorrow, post your progress on twitter or slack.

Make sure to post this weekend if you can and if not, do something!    Remember to take advantage of the Coconut Horse ruck option if the run intimidates you.  We have had some good crowds and you can check the workout box before church.

Keep Def Leppard in your thoughts.  He is on the IR for about 6 weeks.  He was there for his teammates at the Rooster with a sinus infection and a limp but managed to complete the event.  #RESPECT   Now he needs to heal up.  Get better DL!



Convergence & Operation Sweet Tooth

ATTENTION ALL PAX (no grinches)….

Saturday, Dec 2 presents two unique opportunities for the PAX of the Gastonia region to come together for an epic beat-down. Both Folsom and The Fighting Yank will be closed so all able bodied men can attend the workouts to be led by Freight and Tool Time. For those nursing injuries or wanting to take it at a slower pace – Rudolph will have you covered with The Pain Lab. Rest assured you’ll get a good sweat with kettle bells and other core strengthening work.

Beyond the workout is a bigger reason to post: Operation Sweet Tooth. This will be our second year to support the creation of F3 Olive, who lost his daughter to an illness in 2016 but out of the sadness created the campaign that carries on her memory by giving to others. In this season of giving, F3 Gastonia will once again partner with the Gastonia Boys and Girls Club to make this Christmas a little brighter. Below is a list of items recommended to donate. Cash and gift cards are welcomed as well.

We plan to deliver the gifts to the Boys & Girls club in person on Tuesday, December 12 at 4:00 PM.  We will meet in the parking lot at the Gastonia Boys & Girls Club located at 310 S. Boyd Street in Gastonia. We want as many PAX as possible to be present to present presents (wow… did I actually just do that?).

So head over to the Schiele Museum on Garrison Boulevard and get there prior to 0700 to join a large circle of your brothers. Find some time this week to do some shopping and bring you gifts for collection.

Recommended Gifts…

  • Basketball, Football, Soccer Ball, (Sport Balls)
  • Legos
  • Fidget Spinners
  • Scooter
  • Learning Games Ages 1st – 5th
  • Books/Reading 1st – 5th
  • Math Books 1st – 5th Grade
  • Anything About Science
  • Ninja Turtle Toys
  • Baby Dolls and Clothes, Barbie Dolls
  • Nail Sets, Nail Polish, Bead Sets
  • Cooking and Backing Set
  • Mine Craft
  • Remote Control Car
  • Thomas Train
  • Walkie Talkie
  • Arts and Craft Sets
  • Board Games
  • Stuffed Animals

Contact Bandit with any questions.

Kings to Crowders pre-blast

So we are going to have church on the mountain this week so get your hiking boots on and come clear your mind on the mountain.  We will hike from Kings Mountain to Crowder’s Mountain.  Everyone has their own pace so you should plan on getting a partner or group of partners who will walk your pace. You will need a partner to carpool back and forth from the parking areas.  It should also be someone who will walk your pace.  This is cafeteria style so you can choose what you want.

Menu:  Optional start for breakfast- meet at Trackside Grill located at 109 E Hudson Blvd, Gastonia, NC at 0600 for a hearty breakfast.  From Trackside we will leave at 0645 to get to the parking lots.  If you don’t want breakfast, be at your State Park parking area at 0700 when the park opens.

Parking:  .  Head to Linwood Parking area.  Be there at 0700 when park opens and leave cars and then proceed to the Boulder access area.

***If you want to cut your hike short, you should drop your car Sparrow Springs access at 522 Park Office Ln, Kings Mountain, NC area with your wingman.  This will cut the hike basically in half (approximately 6 miles or 3 hours)

No matter where you park, you should clown car over to the Boulder’s Access Area at 108 Van Dyke Road.  When you get there, fill out the required forms for the Ridgeline Trail hike and grab a park map.  I have found decent cell coverage at Crowder’s to include MapMyRun.  You may consider a mobile charger since cooler weather may drain your cell batteries.

0730:  Operations/Safety Briefing by Roscoe and quick 3rd F.  Prep your gear and get ready.

Begin the hike before or no later than 0800.


Begin on Ridgeline Trail

Merge with Pinnacle Trail

Merge with Crowder’s Trail (This is near the Sparrow Springs access so for those that choose the shorter route you can head to your cars here)

Decision Point…  Choose either Rocktop Trail or Crowder’s Trail.

Rocktop is shorter but more strenuous and Crowder’s Trail is longer and less strenuous.

The Rocktop trail takes you to the Overlook at Crowder’s near the Radio Towers.  The Crowder’s Trail connects you to the Backside trail which ends at the Linwood Parking area.

End at Linwood Parking area and clown car back to Boulders Access at 108 Van Dyke Road.

What to bring:  Comfortable shoes or boots with good traction in wet weather.  It appears that we will get rain Saturday night.  The rocks are slippery.  Bring water and quality snacks or lunch.  Charging device for phone if you wish.  If you want to add difficulty to the hike, put a sandbag or weight in your pack.  Bring a first aid kit.  Bring a shovel flag.  Bring a change of socks.  Dress in layers with a waterproof outer layer.  Sleeves are optional.  HAVE YOUR CAR KEYS AT ALL TIMES.  We don’t want PAX stranded because they can’t find their keys.  Wear F3 gear.  You never know how many people we can EH on the trail.

They say you can average 2 mph and we are looking to cover about 12-13 miles.  We should be done by 2 or 3pm but it depends on your pace.  Plan accordingly.

I am sure I left something out so DM me or comment with your suggestions.


F3 Dads at Martha’s House Pre-Blast


Update:  So the temperatures should be in the high 40’s so make sure you bring an extra sweatshirt for your 2.0’s and M’s for after the workout.  The planning committee has also updated the menu for the after workout replenishment since only the truly hardcore PAX will eat ice cream when it is cold outside.  (If you still want to bring it, I will help eat it)

Here is what is being provided thus far….

Guts and I are providing the hot water for a hot chocolate bar.  I am also bringing some green tea for your hauty tauty types that drink with your pinky raised (you know who you are).  I am bringing about 30 coffee cups, spoons, waters.

Hush Puppy is bringing the charcoal for a smores bar.  If you want smores, bring the requisite ingredients.

What is still needed?  We need cookies, waters, hot chocolate packets, smores, granola bars, and anything else you want to eat and share with the PAX.

What else do I need?  I need a few 1st F Q’s to help lead the workout.  YHC torqued his Achilles running with Rob Jones in Charlotte Thursday.  When something hurts when you are running with Rob Jones, you keep running.  It is just the way it is.

So….be prepared to help Q the workout Mary style and remember who the audience is.  Whoopy reminded me the last time we did F3 Dads I may have been a little too “default aggressive” in pushing the young PAX.  We will be better this time!  See you tomorrow!

Without reading the rest of the original post, here is the most relevant information cut and pasted for your simplicity.

Bring volleyballs, frisbees, footballs, soccer balls, boomerangs,  but no My Little Ponies, or Teletubbies.  There is no power at the shelter so someone bring an old school boombox so we can jam out.

If someone wants to prepare an age appropriate lesson or two along the way, let me know and we will make time for that too.




My six year old has been wanting to attend an F3 workout for the last few months and I can’t let him down.  So….back by popular demand, we return to Martha’s House for another rendition of F3 Dads.

Here is what you need to know.

Where:  Martha Rivers Park  I have picnic shelter #1 reserved from 1500-1900.  This is the one beside the sand volleyball  area and first one on your left as you enter the park.

When:  Next Sunday, November 12th.  The kid and family friendly beat down begins at 1430 hours.  To be clear, sons and daughters are welcome as well as spouses.  All ages, all inclusive, pets on a leash, etc.  Bring a friend….everyone gets a nickname.

What:  The workout will start at 1430 hours.  I will have a weinke but if anyone wants to Q some of the workout that is fine with me.  In fact, I am on call next weekend so please have some ideas in case YHC uses Q privilege and calls on you to lead.  This will  be a fun filled event for all ages.  The workout will end at 1515 for a COT and BOK.  (Ball of kids)

After the workout we will have an ice cream social.  All family members are welcome!

What to bring:  We need a few coolers with water.  We need bowls, spoons, ice cream, and ice.  I will bring some but we will need more.  Bring friends who need F3.

Bring volleyballs, frisbees, footballs, soccer balls, boomerangs,  but no My Little Ponies, or Teletubbies.  There is no power at the shelter so someone bring an old school boombox so we can jam out.

If someone wants to prepare an age appropriate lesson or two along the way, let me know and we will make time for that too.

Wear your F3 swag and represent and maybe we can EH some bystanders during the workout.

Remember that the next Sunday the 19th we will hike Kings to Crowders Mountain.  That pre-blast is yet to come so be on the lookout.


Christmas Party 2017 (#2)

It’s time for the 2017 Christmas Party! I know what you’re thinking-didn’t we just have the Christmas party? Well yes but that was the 2016 party. We are going to do the 2017 party in 2017 and it will even be in the month of December!

Date and Time: Friday 12/1/17 at 7:00 pm

Where: Lotus Bar and Eatery 1941 Hoffman RD Gastonia

Cost: $30 per person

I have the upstairs balcony reserved for us. This is an evening to get together outside of a workout and break bread with your brothers. You can come solo or get a sitter and bring your M or Girlfriend(not both) and have a nice evening out.

I need to have the final numbers turned into the restaurant by 11/18 so a HC is cash in my hand. I will be circulating the various workouts over the next few weeks so squirrel your money away just in case we cross paths. I will be at The Yank this Saturday 11/4 and Gashouse(Schielle) on 11/11. Please share this info in the COT’s and plan to come out!

What’s My Shape? at Goat Island

Dr. Seuss’ VQ co-Q with Slim Shady

Warm Up:

Toy Soldiers

Side Straddle Hops


Moroccan Nightclubs


Workout Q:

Triangle-15 of each; 2 rounds

Imperial Walkers

Russian Dips


Square-10 of each; 2 rounds

Mountain Climbers

Dying Cockroaches


Flutter Kicks

Pentagon- Triple Nickle

Big Boy Sit-ups

Run over bridge

Jump Squats

Message by Slim Shady: God has given us each: Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, Experiences to fulfill our unique purpose

Thanks very much for all those who came out for my VQ! If you’ve not been to f3 for awhile, please come back. We miss you.

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