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CSAUP day Afterburn

8 HIM’s showed up to the Coconut Horse to run and ruck their way to morning bliss. 4 ran, 3 rucked and 1 ran/walked. 6 for coffeerama. Great time, great conversation. Thank you men!

I want to encourage others to join us if you can. This AO has been one that I look forward to. There is a lot of 2nd F time here.

Another sucky ghost Q

15 men showed for a beautiful day at  the big M. Being that our brother Slaw has been cooped up at work, I reached out to him for some added help in guiding our group to be better men. While the varsity boys were changing their depends, the jv guys got after it in the crowded park. With a lot of EC going on, time was up and so we began the ghost Q beat down.


We mosey straight into the first set. No time for a warm up.

To get ready for the memorial day merk coming up, we start with a 1/2 Merk

1/2 mile run

50 pull-ups

100 merkins

150 squats.

On the last 1/2 mile mosey we stopped at the volleyball court for Burpees in the sand.

Mosey from the sand box back to the stop sign at tower road. From there we mosey to the light pole and complete 10 burpees. Next light pole we do 9 and then 8 then 7 and stop at the light pole at the flag and do 6.

With time almost done we rotated and did some exercises of choice. Time up.


Community fun run on April 14     sign up

Prayer request, COT



In a book that Stroganoff gave us ( The Travelers Gift ) one of the 7 decisions is an undecided heart. ” Most people fail because of an undecided heart, When challenged, a committed heart will search for a solution. The undecided heart searches for an escape. “

Fruitfulness at the Forge

10 Men came to the Forge at Grits and Greens in Lowell for some spiritual fulfillment on Holy week.  This week we concentrated on FRUITFULNESS.


Producing good fruit, Producing good or helpful results.

Old Testament.

Proverbs 11:30

1 Kings 3:16-28

Proverbs is a book written by Soloman to his people. Here is an example of how baring good fruit will live forever. Being fruitful is a wise.

1 Kings 3:16-28 is an example of Soloman showing us his wise judgement given to him by God. Soloman was trying to do what he could to be fair and honest with the people.

New Testament

Galations 5:16-26

Galations is a letter written by Paul to deal with the relationship between Christian jews and Christian gentiles. The Galations were starting to manipulate the Christian faith. In Galations, Paul tells us how to live in the faith and be fruitful. Christians need to unit in Christ.

We had a great discussion. As always we discussed many ways fruitfulness has affected us all, some negative and some positive. Sometimes you will see the fruit and sometimes you will not. Do not be discouraged if you do not see the fruit of some hard prayer or witnessing to/for others. The main outcome we came to is that fruitfulness needs to happen organically, the way God intended. Not by, trying to hard or by ignoring when the opportunity arises.  Live your life the way God has shown you, the fruit will come.

God bless you men.


Fake News

Nice temps bring out a great group on Tuesday. Pulling up I found many PAX out getting some EC in. As we gather there was a guy named Quincy out doing some running on his own. So after talking with him, Canteen and a few others convinced him to stay and workout with us. So he decided to do part of the workout since he had to head home soon to his family. Hopefully he will return on Thursday. With that I explained to him that we are all idiots. He said OK. no problem. with that we started.

Warmup in cadence

10x Goofballs or until the shovel flag was in the ground

10x Merkins

10x Moroccan night clubs

10x Hillbillies

Lets Mosey to the big park map by the path leading down to the docks.

Run down the hill to the volleyball net and do Burpees. Leave there and do WW1 sit-ups at the docks, mosey back to the top and do Merkins. Start with 5 reps each then 4 then 3 then 2 then 1. Plank for the six then do a count off.

So I had put a tweet out about off road shoes and dirty clothes. Freight was calling me out on it and that is when I looked at the time and realized I had an over exaggerated wenkie. I promised him next time I wouldnt disappoint.  After catching our breath we moseyed on over to the gravel road, down to the side of the lake. This is where our FNG had to leave us.

On top of the earth dam we did some core work, all in cadence. But first we did 5 Burpees for the train whistle we heard.

20x CDD

20x Flutter Kicks

20x LBC

10x Pretzel Crunches 10 each side

10 Crunchy Frogs OYO

With time running out we moseyed back to the shovel flag for some 11’s in the parking lot. Starting at the mid point of the parking lot, we did merkins there and Tiger Squats at the curb. We didn’t quite finish before time was up.

COT, Announcements

Speed for need race 1. Sign up men. Lets support each other and lets help the community. Also there are speed for need patches.

Wednesday nights.  The Forge. At Grits and greens in Lowell. We need Speakers. Step up please.

Canteen is looking for someone to do the Savage race with. And the Warrior Dash as well. Several guys from the Folsom AO are going to the Warrior Dash.

Mud run in Columbia coming up. Its a big F3 event. Check out the preblast.

Prayer request.

High school students that were in a car accident. They are in school with Stroganoff’s daughter.

All PAX.



At the time of finishing this I learned of the passing of the great evangelist Billy Graham. It is said that he has brought over a billion people to learn of Christ Jesus. If every person who has heard the gospel through him would share with just one other person. WOW.   It is said that he has this verse in bold letters in his home.

Galatians 6:14

but God forbid that I should boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world has been crucified to me , and I to the world.


15 for 22

22 HIMs showed on a great afternoon as daylight is starting to return to our afternoon workouts.  As PAX were still pulling in and everyone ready to go we went ahead and started with the Pledge. With that we got straight to work with 15 for 15.  15 exercise for 15 reps each in cadence. Your Q was winded from all the counting.

Don Quiotes


Cotton Pickers

Toy Soldiers

Hill Billies

Shoulder Taps

Merkins  Single count

Mountain Climbers


Flutter Kicks

Freddie Mercury

American Hammer

WW1 Sit Ups single count

Step Ups

Dips aka Arm Squat

Mosey to the parking lot at the last baseball field. 8 exercises wrote in parking spaces. Complete 15 reps of an exercise then run a lap around the outside of the ball field. Move on to another exercise after the lap is completed. Keep working for 15min or till the Q says stop. Exercises were,

Crunchy Frogs

American Hammers

Flutter Kicks

Seal Jacks




Mountain Climbers


Time running out and plenty to do we then line up across the parking lot for some Route 66 work heading back toward the playground. We did



WW1 Sit Ups

With time out we finished up together and headed back to the flag.  22 for the vets led by Slaw.

Annoucenments and prayer request.

Try and come out to the Forge on Wednesdays at Grit and Greens in Lowell.

Please keep our many PAX in your prayers that are on the IR. Keep our many brothers and their friends and families in your prayers as well. With many prayers needed please don’t forget to PRAISE our Lord and Savior!!!

Good Job  brothers by all. Till next time. Aye!!

What a day for his glory!!

11 Pax came out on a cool afternoon day after celebrating our saviors birth. We had a rough go at this workout a few weeks back so I reran it with a few tweaks. With that in mind we start.


Warm up all in cadence

10 x Don Quiotes

10 x SSH

10 x Cherry Pickers

With that we are off. Mosey to the trail across the road, stop at the entrance and do 5 Burpees. Mosey through the trail and do 5 more Burpees back at the end of the trail. Mosey back across the road. Start at the beginning of Tower road and mosey to the first light pole, do one squat. Mosey down Tower Rd adding one more squat at each light pole until we reach the big track. 14 light poles I think. 285 Squats.

For all the Carolina fans we started a Bobby Hurley Mile. 12 Bobby Hurleys and one lap around the big track. Rinse and repeat until time.

Mosey back to the start doing descending Hillbillies (since Def Leppard couldn’t make it out) at each light pole starting with 20 at the first.  With some time left Freight called out 100 LBCs for the monthly challenge. Then Slaw called out 22 for the Vets. The mumble chatter was great as always. Thank you guys for pushing me.

Announcements and prayers request. BOM


I shared with everyone how I’ve been trying to hold on to past traditions. I’ve learned through this last year that its ok to let go of people who have passed on and old tradition. We need to keep our eyes focused on the God and Jesus’s teachings. When he has other plans for us, we sometimes try to fight those plans. We just need to pray about it; most of all listen to those prayers. Love you guys. Be safe out there in the gloom.


Doing more Running

13 Pax and 1 FNG came out on a cool afternoon at Midoriyama. Since I am trying to become a better runner I am trying to increase the mileage at each workout. With that in mind we start.


Warm up all in cadence

10 x Don Quiotes

10 x SSH

10 x Cherry Pickers

With that we are off. Mosey to the trail across the road, stop at the entrance and do 5 Burpees. Mosey through the trail and do 5 more Burpees back at the start. Mosey back across the road. Start at the beginning of Tower road and mosey to the first light pole, do one squat. Mosey down Tower Rd adding one more squat at each light pole until we reach the big track. 14 light poles I think. 285 Squats.

For all the Carolina fans we started a Bobby Hurley Mile. 12 Bobby Hurleys and one lap around the half track (if you are a FIA member) Full track if you are a F3 Man. Rinse and repeat until time. Mosey back to the start doing descending Squats at each light pole starting with 20 at the first. 105 Squats. The mumble chatter was great as always. Thank you guys for pushing me.

22 for the VETS and BOM.


I want everyone to keep our new FNG Devin in your prayers. He came out through the efforts of Swimmer. He hasn’t worked out in a while. He used to run half marathons. His Asthma flared up and had to leave early.  Pray that he can come back and be a part of the awesome HIM’s of  Gaston County.

As we go through the day to day routines of life I would like you all to remember to keep your eye on God and his will. The Lord has a plan for you. Listen when he speaks, keep your eyes open and don’t turn your back when you know that the Lord is leading you. Thank you men for becoming a part of my life and Merry Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Christ!!!!


Getting those legs warmed up!!

7 HIM blew back the covers of the fartsack to show on a cold brisk morning at the Yank. Our resident mumble chatter (Tool Time) getting over his sickness, I was sure to get a laugh or two. Orangeman showed with a surprise FNG, his twin brother, up from the Atlanta area. The morning was sure to be fun! With Broke, Slim Shady and DR Seuss ready to go as well we started.

Warm up. All in cadence

10 x goofballs

10 x SSH

10 x Cherry Pickers

10 x Flutter Kicks

10 x WW1 Sit-Ups which I found that our PAX didn’t want to help with my in cadence count

Mosey to the corner of Woodrow and North Main and stop. I found myself telling the PAX that the next few exercises would sequential.  starting with the honor of the 12 disciples.

12 x Hillbillies

Mosey to the corner of Woodrow and North Central and stop. In honor of our veterans we did

22 x Merkins

Mosey to the corner North Central and West Myrtle in front the school and stop. In honor of my favorite book. The Bible. Which is made of 66 small books.

66 x LBC’s

Now that my sequential part had taken a hit by our shy PAX we moseyed down to the ball field behind Belmont Middle School for some ab work. Robbing some moves from Tool Time’s back blast we completed

10 x Oblique V-ups each side

10 x American Hammers

10 x WW1 Sit-Ups

10 x Crunchy Frogs

10 x Freddy Mercury

10 x Dying Cockroaches

Rinse and repeat. After more sarcasm about my sequential remark I asked for anyone to guide us on some yoga to help stretch us for the 5K. Slim Shady stepped up and guided us through some yoga plank moves. Being halfway through the workout we devided into teams and played some Frisbee rules football. Not keeping score we had a blast chasing a slippery and hard football around. 15 Min. to go, we mosey to the picnic shelter for some merry. Everyone took a turn calling out an exercise. A few Burpees, Al Gore, Step-ups, Derkins, Diamond Merkins, Cherry Pickers, and some Dips, we mosey to the statue for the COT and naming our FNG.


Speed for Need tonight 5K if you are not running, please come support

Christmas party Dec 1st

Convergence at the Shield Dec 2nd. Bring toys for Operation Sweet tooth

Pizzaman is collecting shoes


Prayer request

Slim Shady and M on new baby

All our PAX and traveling family members.

That we can spread the message of God’s will. That we can impact more men in our area.


Thank you brothers for helping me everyday and for letting me spend time with you for an hour of your day. Aye!!



What’s That Smell?

20 brave souls showed for a cold beat down that was promised to warm them up. With lots of chatter and everyone feeling perky  we started.

Warm up

10- Goofballs

10-SSH or until the late PAX join us about 20

10-Flutter kicks

Lets Mosey to the short soccer field.

We ran the four corners of the field. Each round done 5 times.

Round 1

Sprint to corner 1

10- V-up, Roll up

Nure to corner 2

10- Crunchy Frogs

Sprint to corner 3

10- WW1

Nure to corner 4

10- American hammer


Round 2

Nure to corner 1

10- Flutter kicks

Sprint to corner 2

10- Squats

Nure to corner 3

10- LBC

Sprint to corner 4

10- Nolan Ryan  10 each arm

Mosey back to the parking lot by the turd shack (which was extra smelly). Since asked for on twitter, Burpee Dan was brought back for some kick in the gut for the end of our workout.

1 Burpee then lunge to the other side of the parking lot and do 2 Burpees. Lunge back for 3, continue up to 10 and then back down to 1. We made it to about 8-10 before the dropout rate begin to climb. With a minute to spare we circled up for the closure.



Christmas Town 5K, Speed For Need. Check your group and be ready! Lets make an impact on the community!! Thank you Tool Time for the push and leadership with this!!

Christmas party. Dec 1, Get with Freight.

Convergence, Dec 2,

Operation Sweet Tooth, Bring toys to convergence.


Prayer request

Pizzaman and family.


Great job by all PAX. Great to see everyone. Some I haven’t seen lately. Its been a year for me since joining F3. It has been the most impactful thing that I have done in my life in a while. You all have truly become brothers and mentors for me. Thank you!! I briefly shared that this week I heard a short story that has summed things up for me over the past couple of years. To make it simple for you, Why can’t we crave every hour, every thought, every action to be closer to God and his son Jesus Christ. He loves you and we should show him our love for him! So be kind to each other and let God shine through you!!

Thank you guys! Pockets

Beating the heat.

With a few minutes till start I got a text that a couple of FNGs that Edison had EH’d were running behind so with another FNG already there and time to go we started. Disclaimer for our first FNG that Tool Time has been EH’ing. I’m an idiot (some of the PAX reminded me), These are recommended exercises, go at your own pace. Lets start.

SSH x 20

Cherry Pickers x 15

Moroccan Nightclubs till the new PAX arrive.

Disclaimer again for the new PAX

5 Burpees OYO

Mosey to the stop light at the corner of Myrtle and Main. We will start there with an exercise and then mosey to the next corner at Myrtle and Central perform another exercise, then go to Central and Woodrow for another stop and then on to the corner of Woodrow and Main and then back to the start. Rinse and repeat. This is a 1 mile loop

Corner 1


Corner 2


Corner 3


Corner 4

Toy Soldiers

Round 1 is 10 reps

Round 2 is 20 reps

With plans of a 3rd round we omaha’d so that everyone could stay together. Mosey back to the front of the school. I asked everyone for their favorite exercise. We performed 6 exercises around the front loop for 20 minutes. Do each exercise 20 times single count. I believe we got about three maybe four trips in.

Wee Wee said pull ups but he changed to Merkins since we had no pull up bar.

Slim Shady says Mountain Climbers

Tool Time gave us oblique V-ups

Edison gave us Flutter Kicks

The Q gave everyone Monkey Humpers with your backside to the road and Dips

With time running out we moseyed back only stopping first at the wall behind the school for some Hip Slappers only the Q calls when to slap your hip.

Mosey on back with a minute to spare. Good job everyone. Way to push!!



Christmas town 5k. Get signed up and lets support Speed For Need. When you sign up let Tool Time know. Remember there are a limited number of slots for this event. If you can not run or walk in the event then plan on helping at the tent. Please try to come out and help support each other as well as the community.

Prayer Request:

There are many spoken and unspoken request. Please keep each other in your prayers. Remember God is in control!! If you need to talk I’m always available and I’m sure there are other PAX willing to lend an ear.

Praise report:

SPEED FOR NEED. I am thankful that God has given our PAX a new avenue in which to reach out and spread his love in our community.

Thank you brothers for your support. Till next time!!

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