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Author: Oompa Loompa

Haterade was served

It was dark. Misting rain. It was daggone wet. Extremely wet. But, unlike Shelby it wasn’t freezing arse cold.

Time to start. Sometime today Sister Act.

We pledged. We did side straddle hops in cadence with full claps on top and hips.

Mosey to tennis court to play in the puddles. On your six 50 LBC in cadence.  Since your bottom is soaked flip flop for hand release merkins. Who hates Tom Brady? 12 something’s were called. Who hates the Buckeyes? Something else was called. 50 Moroccan Nightclubs in cadence. Who hates the tarheels? 23 burpees for MJ. Who hates the Yankees? 28 SSH. Bear crawl and crab walk. Dang Q is pitifully slow and really bad form at crabwalk. Mosey back to line. Plank for Q to finish thanks Sparky. 50 Flutters in cadence. Squats. Hand release burpees. Zombie walk halfway across courts. Mosey to far end.

Somewhere around this time daybreak came and the drizzle began. Gomer appeared.

Every pax took 2 turns at calling out exercises in cadence.  Or not. MNC, suicides, Hillbilly squats, Imperial walker squats, 8 count body builders, merkins, LBC, SSH, karaoke, laps, burpees, stupid crap from Broke, calf raises, shoulder taps, BTTW, hipslappers, stupid crap from HIPAA, crab walk, and I have forgotten the others. Q fail.

Mosey back to flag, finish with monkey humpers and mercifully time expires. No that is not my prescription list Sister Act.

Prayers for Sparky family members, HIPAA mom, each other,  surely there were other requests spoken or unspoken.

Announcements SFN Christmastown 5k, Operation Sweet Tooth,  Santa Hustle,  and Christmas party.

YHC took us out in prayer. Thanks for the opportunity to Q.

No velcro shoes were harmed while performing these activities.

A walk in the dark

It was a dark, cool, but, not stormy night. Poor old Oompa Loompa moseyed a total of three miles all by his lonesome at San Quentin.

Just like old times.

As usual, we know who didn’t post.

No announcements because I knew it all.

Prayers for Clavin and M.

Oompa’s out.


A Flock of Seagulls

“And I ran
I ran so far away
I just ran
I ran all night and day.”


Run to Martha Rivers.

Some ran 4, some ran 5, some ran 6.

We came back to the flag in the twilight of dawn.

40/50 Challenge. Speed for Need at Christmastown 5K. Santa Hustle 5K or Half Marathon.  Christmas party January 4th, 2020.

No one got injured or lost, so no silver alerts were invoked.

Thanks for letting the old man Q.

Bottom Ten Football

Tired of all the horrendous beat downs, Iron PAX challenges, and general elder abuse inflicted upon the PAX and YHC by our F3 brethen, YHC decided to schedule a fun day as my Q. In honor of the local kitty kat’s win yesterday, which saw passes actually completed downfield, YHC borrowed an authentic Jake Delhomme signed junior pigskin and away we went.

No FNG’s present, so no disclaimer.

11 SSH (IC). Mosey. 22 for the vets. (FYI-Never, ever, ever google merkin). Mosey. 33 Squats (count right leg only). Mosey. 44 Lunges (count each leg). Mosey to soccer field. 55 Moroccan Night Clubs (IC).

We split into two teams of 5 to play frisbee rules football. One team’s talent level, to be polite, was historically unevenly matched. Think Buffalo Bills in their four Super Bowls versus the NFC East.  Clemson versus Alabama last year. App State versus UNC Saturday.  It got ugly. Quickly. Passes were completed. Whose guy was that? Passes were dropped. Sorry, my bad. Sun got in my eyes. Balls hit the ground. However, the valiant underdogs rallied to within respectability and by scoring last, kept Def Leppard’s winning streak intact. Best yet, no one went to the ER or IR.

Mosey back to shovel flag. Wait, after booth review, there was no flag. Penalty free game. Q fail no flag. Face an imaginary flag and pledge.

Prayer requests for Def Leppard’s wife and pretty sure there were unspoken ones in the group.

Upcoming races: JJ5K, Ragnar, Christmastown, Santa Hustle.

YHC took us out in prayer.

Today was my F3 three year anniversary. Man, oh man. Where did the time go? Posts. Q’s. CSAUP’s. Convergences. Roosters.  Burpeethons. 50 mile relays. 200 mile relays. Warrior Dashes. Spartan. Ragnars. Christmas parties. 5K’s. 10K’s. Speed for Need.  Wouldn’t of done any of these without the love and support from my F3 brothers. Truly humbled and honored to be a part of this group.

It’s a drinking thang

It’s always a beautiful morning when at the PUB.  Especially for my VQ. As always, there were rumors of trash talking from an unnamed certain someone down the street.

Has anyone from the PUB even seen a Diablo Sammich? Is it just an urban legend?  YHC has never seen a Diablo Sammich on Thursday morning.  I think it’s a sheeeet sandwich on stale moldy bread.

Allegedly you can live up to three weeks without eating. However, you definitely die in three or four days without drinking.  Ergo, drinking at the PUB is better than eating.


Route chosen was towards Martha Rivers to see if a certain someone actually posted. No confirmation either way.

One ran three,

One ran four.

Most ran five,

One ran more.

Meanwhile, back at the flag, we realized we were missing a runner, (almost sent out a silver alert for Lep—–) no wait, that’s Gump as the six.

Prayer Requests: Sargento’s uncle, the Hamms, Breaker Breaker’s M, Breaker Breaker’s mom praise report, various kids away at college

Announcements: Murph Monday Martha Rivers 0700, Mt Hollywood open, Stop Soldier Suicide 5K, JJ5K, BRR Ruckers, West Virginia Marathoners, Ragnar.

YHC took us out.

Words for the day:

“If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water” (John 4:10)

But he answered, “It is written, “‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” (Matt 4:4)

Thanks for opportunity to push the rock!

National Purple Heart Day

Five at Prison Break for National Purple Heart Day.

Some ran, some moseyed. Sparky didn’t even make to 321 and U-turned back to Ingles (no, wasn’t what you think)


Announcements: Pizza Man’s 5K Walk/Fun Run August 17, Stop Soldier Suicide 5K/10K September 21, JJ5K September 28

Prayers: Rockabilly’s job search, Bedpan’s job search, Big Pappy’s adoption, kids off to college


Thanks guys.


A Tradition Like No Other

Six runners, 2 ruckers, one drive by, and Roadie showed up at Crossroads to celebrate Oompa’s second birthday Q, and yes, I am nearly as old as Methuselah, if you care.

YHC drove into Ingle’s parking lot and found Freight and the wise OLD man Def Leppard left to run at 0615 with no Sister Act or Dr. Seuss in sight. Almost immediately thereafter, the two showed up, with Sister Act whining about something hurts. Blart rolls in hot, and at 0630 off we go. Sister Act and Dr Seuss in the lead with Blart on right their heels taking the long route around Folsom via the Prison. YHC took a short cut.

Eventually, all returned safely for the pledge and prayer requests. Thanks to Montross for starting the serenade of Happy Birthday to Oompa. Good to see ya Roadie!

Announcements: Green River Tubing July 20 details to follow;  2.0 Workout July 20 also; Murph July 4th at Martha Rivers; Yank open for business the 4th; not sure about the others – updates coming from site Q’s.

Prayers: Montross’ Mom; others unspoken; missing PAX.

Next year’s Q will be at Martha Rivers.



Bang, bang, I am the Warrior

Six Hims, couple M’s, all played in the mud, ran, climbed things, crawled through things, and best of all, no one got hurt at the NC Warrior Dash 2019.


If this isn’t permitted, please delete.

3 Miles (one step at a time)

It was a hot Thursday at the premier afternoon gathering. Oompa was measuring parking stalls when Broke hollered 9 feet!! Gomer stopped by to say hi prior to the workout. No shovel flag, but, we had one tied to the fence anyway.



Warm up: SSH x 10 IC; Abe Vigoda x 10 IC; Monkey Humpers x 10 IC; LBCs X 10 IC; Cherry Pickers x 10 IC; Mountain Climbers x 10 IC; Dips x 10 IC

Mosey to Markers (Approximately .1 mile apart) with most exercises in cadence

20 LBC RALK                  run                         20 Merkins                      run

20 LBC LARK                  run                         20 Shoulder Taps           run

20 LBC                            run                         20 Maktar Jys                 run

20 Leglifts                       run                         20 Declines                     run

20 Dollys                          run                         20 Inclines                      run

We rinse and repeated until time ran out. My Ionic said we had 3.2 miles.

Substituted high and low planks, hip slappers, hold crunches, and other stuff I totally forgot. Some karoke, some nurs. Tried out a new exercise with knees on curb and lower face to pavement. That looked really stupid  said the bike rider (Swimmer) who pedaled through our group and told us so.

Announcements: SFN & Murph, Monks going away party.

Prayers: Praise for the good news on Broke’s 2.0 (Gold Digger’s M). Other requests I forgot, sorry guys.

Moleskin: No major words of wisdom to share, just asked that we all pray for each other.

Thanks for supporting!

Oompa OUT.




This workout is a S.O.B


S. O. B.

Sprints Other Burpees

YHC showed up at Midoriyama on an 80 degree Thursday afternoon for Gashouse’s only and best afternoon workout. Sister Act was running 4 miles EC as usual. Some mumblechatter and hellos as PAX rolled in.

1730 Let’s get it on!


SSH x 10 IC
Abe Vigoda x 10 IC
Monkey Humpers x 10 IC
LBCs X 10 IC
Back Extensions Dorsal Lifts x 10 IC
Mountain Climbers x 10 IC
Hand Release Merkins x 10 IC

YHC brought a 4″ diameter red painted 1/4″ thick metal plate disc, bummed a F3 sticker from Hipaa and affixed to one side to make it a challenge coin.

Simple rule each PAX flips the challenge coin in the air, call Sprints Or Burpee. F3 sticker meant burpee. If called it correctly, you could substitute another exercise or do exercise designated. If wrong do the other. For sprints pick a landmark 50-100 meters away and run there. If burpee do a burpee. Simple yet stupid.

And away we go. After two rounds of flipping coin, we must’ve done 50 flipping burpees and ran a 5K. Just a little hyperbole there.

To catch our breath, 20 LBC’s IC, 20 alternating leg LBCs and something else I forgot.

Back to two more rounds of flipping coin, another 100 burpees and another 5K ran.

Another stop to catch our breath, both legs on bleachers 25 crunches, hold crunch at top 30 secs. Back on feet 50 Moroccan nightclubs, hold arms out at 90 degrees, 50 more MCs, hold arms our straight in front of body, 50 more MC’s.

Mosey back to flag for COT & Announcements.

Words of Wisdom: We all make time to strengthen our physical bodies by posting multiple times a week. While listening to Kingdom Man was convicted of the need to make time to strengthen ourselves spiritually. Where would we be if we spent 45 minutes a day in prayer and the Word?

Easter AO’s schedule change for Q Source
Dirt’s friend bitten by copperhead and other prayer requests


Mount Mitchell 05MAY19 0530 GSM parking lot

2nd F Lewis Farms 27APR19 BYOB/BYO smores

Thanks for letting me lead.

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