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Man, it was tough walking out of the warm house into 19-20 degree chill this morning. On top of that, to run. Anyway, more than expected posted to get some miles in. Not a lot to really speak of happened, but a discussion about sciatica nerves came up. Hacksaw had been fighting a nerve issue in his lower back, hip, leg, and I found myself in the same boat a couple weeks ago. We both are mending pretty well, but something funny did come out of this discussion. “Wait til you’re running stiff legged because of the pain,” says Hacksaw. Montross was quick to respond, “yeah, looking like you gotta poop.” I know, maybe it wasn’t all that funny, but it made for an original BB name.

prayer requests; Rockabilly G-Ma, praise Bedpan’s M

YHC took us out in prayer.

way to work, glad to be a part of this F3 thing, and a part of this group of men.


Scratch that Weinke

Ahh yes, another brisk below freezing morning for a downtown beatdown. Not to worry, YHC planned to keep the PAX moving to stay warm. I had drawn up a fairly nice Weinke, but after further review, I set aside that idea. Not that it wasn’t a good solid JV Q, but something wasn’t right. Some of you know that I struggle with anxiety, ADD, and OCD, that being said, my mind pretty much never stops churning. After a Roscoe Q downtown a couple weeks ago, I generated another idea for a Q.  I know sometimes it’s hard for me to speak out what I’m thinking, but I feel like today all worked out pretty well. Yes, it’s below freezing and Turtleman is here!

No FNGs, Short disclaimer


SSH, Merkins, Toy Soldiers all X 10 IC


I count off for 7 teams of partners. If you don’t do that, then you’ll have teams like Sister Act and Slaw together which in itself is pretty creepy. Let’s mosey to 321 south and hit Main St. Leapfrog time; partner 1 performs burpees while P2 runs to the next traffic light, they start up burpees, soon as you see you partner start burpees, you run to tag them and drop to burpees. You get the point, but I believe there were 6 traffic lights total, but we end up at Broad street. Pick up the six, turn around and head back to 321. Same deal but with squats this go around. The idea of “seeing your partner starting their exercise then take off to tag” really didn’t go well. After all, the traffic lights were further away than I remembered so we improvised. About this time, Slaw was practically in my face just grinning and giggling for some reason. I believe he mumbled “train”. QIC claimed not to hear said train. All worked out and we turn around for what’s next.

From Roscoe’s Q, we use street lights this time. Lounge walk to the next street light, then nur to the next, then mosey to the next, repeating the rotation til we get close to the parking deck. I couldn’t help myself, so YHC calls for 5 burpees OYO to make up for the train. Slaw was beside himself. Mosey on over to the parking deck.(did I ever mention I love this place?)

This is where Dora came to play. Still with your partner, 100 Merkins, 200 squats, 300 lbcs while one partner climbs the stairs runs across the top deck and back down the stairs to trade off. PAX would plank with a little Pilates until all were finished, which wasn’t long. Men were getting it done this AM! Mosey back to start.

while I run to the car for my phone, Sister Act decided to keep the PAX moving calling 20 burpees OYO. Not to my surprise did anyone acknowledge him, asking “where’s the Q anyway?” Once back at the circle, I had to call it, but only 10. Turtleman throws in Moroccan Night Clubs for the remaining  30 seconds. Time!

Announcements: CSAUP relay(sign up by 16th) Rooster Signups, Q Source Sunday Mornings at a Crossroads and Coconut Horse, Gastones Hike

COT Antrax friend’s son(tumor), EZ rider’s Son and a friend passed away 32 years old, Pockets friend Jason Evans at the burn hospital

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this fine AO. F3’s mission and you men are the reasons I get out of bed at 4:30 to do this crazy mess. Great to see us all working hard to push and help each other not only to get physically stronger, but spiritually and relationally stronger. Way to push men! Thanks again!

MW out

Coupons N JumpRopes

It had been a few weeks since YHC got another turn at leading the Q at a Folsom boot camp. I had looked back through some old weinkes and tried to put together something that’s a bit different than we’ve seen in a while. I added some stuff I witnessed out at Cape Fear. So, let’s just see how it works out.

a great crowd was on time. Even Sparky, who I was counting on for coupons arrived only a minute late. It’s 5:30, so let’s do it.


SSH, Toy Soldiers, Merkins, Low Slow Squats all x10 IC  Montross comes rolling in hot, so Moroccan NightClubs TIL he joins the party.


grab a coupon and head to the tennis courts


11’s by way of Sprints across 2 courts using 8 Count body builders on one end and on the other, broad jump over your block, turn, grab your block for squat thrusts. After a couple rounds, the mumblechatter picked up. Definitely easier on paper, except for Buckeye, he was in beast mode. Now, partner up with a jump rope and coupon. Partner 1 jump rope AMRAP while partner 2 performs 50LBCs, flapjack, next jump ropes and 50 SSH, then ropes and 25 Block curls, ropes and 25 Tricep extensions, ropes and 25 squat thrusts. With a couple minutes left, line up for a nice Indian run a few laps around the tennis court. Rockabilly turned on the gas at that point. That dude is getting it done! Grab your block and return to start. 22 for the vets rounded up our time.

COT Prayers for Ratchets Son(MRI Friday) YHC Son(anxiety and adhd issues), our youth andcehst they are seeing and hearing in our society and schools. Prayers for each other

YHC took us out in prayer.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this great AO! You men make it what it is.

A New Year at PrisonBreak

7 were able to overcome the desire to lay in the sack this morning to run a few miles. All were runners on this cool brisk event. We missed the presence of the BC Ruck Club.


COT. sparky’s 2.0, Bedpan’s M

YHC took us out in prayer

It’s an honor to continue leading this fine AO. Sorry I blinded you guys in the namorama. Not sure what that was all about.

The Move

This was the first day of a PrisonBreak working from the Ingles parking lot. It has been determined that a stretch of main road used from the previous location was dangerous. The move was accentuated by a recent incident where a FiA PAX was struck and killed by a vehicle while on a run with an AO.  I will work on mapping the route, but most who post at Crossroads know the gist of it.

6 men fought the fartsack to run some miles and 1 for a solo ruck. BC ruck Club was very light. Swanson plans to address his other members as of why. YHC was a bit late due to stopping by Folsom to direct any incoming PAX to Ingles.

Prayer requests. Crawford family, FiA Lexington(Digits’ family), our M’s and families

YHC took us out in prayer

We all heat of accidents such as Digits’ everyday. It hits home when it’s closer to our family and our F3 family.  At 5:30 AM it’s dark and can be dangerous out in the gloom. Let’s work to stay together, look out for each other, and continue to be as safe as possible out there.

BC Ruck Club Returns

Ole Montross has been hard at it EHing lately. He’s brought out some Bessemer City boys who are getting into this Ruck thing. Today was about pace for the 4 man ruck group while 3 ran some miles.  Volt clocked in early due to having to bust out a little early to make it to work. The rest of us finished up as usual right about 0615. Good work for the new guys keeping the ruck pace at just under 15:00/mile. Good to see Allen Tate, AKA Chief, out there putting some miles in.


COT. Prayers for my father n law having heart surgery.   A couple of unspoken. Prayers for our 2.0s in school.

YHC took us out in prayer


Oh crap

Oh crap…….cause ShortSale just called me out on missing back blasts. So here it is.

Prison Break had some out of town visitors this fine morning. Good to finally meet 4-Leaf. Montross has been hard at it in the EH department. We welcomed Donut. 4 ran and 6 toured the park ruck style.


Prayer requests lifted and YHC took us out.

C’mon Folsom

Ok, so here we are heading into winter where the temperatures are not going to be favorable for most to be outside. Well, tough crap, “outside” just happens to be one of the F3 core principles. That being said, Folsom was really lite this morning. Yes it was cold and yes it was slightly rainy. This shouldn’t affect a real HIM from posting. Alright, enough complaining. We have 3 so let’s do this.


SSH, Toy Soldiers x15 IC

mosey to the park entrance for the pledge. “Someone” didn’t bother getting out the fartsack to bring the site shovel flag. That’s cool, we wanted to run a little anyway. Now, mosey back past start to the lower parking lot turd shed.


All PAX balls to the wall. When Q calls, the first PAX bear crawls around the building. Back on the wall then P2 goes, then P3. This wouldve been even better with more participants, but gotta do with what you got. Next, wall seats in the same manner as before as we take turns lunge walking around the building. On our 6 for a little core. LBCs x20 IC, plank jacks x20 IC, Merkins x20 IC. Recover and mosey out to the parking lot. Line up for some triple nickel. 5 burpees sprint half the parking lot for 5 squats, sprint back. Rinse and repeat 5 times. Now turn and line up for Route 66 the rest of the lot with Bobby Hurley’s. Brief recovery then nur up the road until the we get to the turn. Turn around and finish running back to start. 22 for the vets.

Announcements: Christmas Town 5k November 24, Christmas Party at Quiche’s Dec. 15

prayer requests lifted up

YHC took us out

always an honor to Q the legendary Folsom crowd. I just hope the fartsack isn’t quite as strong next time. See you soon in the gloom.

The Number 7

Once Bedpan had reached out for volunteers to Q Downtown a few weeks ago, I was ready to give it a try. Being my VQ there, I wanted to make sure it was worthy of the regular PAX’s approval. There’s a Q that had been used out at Folsom a few times that YHC really liked. I made my own little variation of it to use in the parking deck. I love the parking deck. Folsom needs one, but twice as many levels. Anyway, this particular Q was derived from a story in the Bible. The walls of Jericho. Ok, more of the story will come. It’s 5:30 and a brisk 31 degrees.


SSH, Imperial Walkers, Gravel Pickers: all x 7 IC


Mosey to the parking deck. On the way, PAX discuss the significance of the number 7. Some said, “how many days of the week” some said some unmentionable things, and Clavin says “hey, a Q a while back referenced the number 7 to the Bible.” Yes, ok, God rested on the seventh day of creation. Joshua marched around Jericho once a day for seven days and then 7 times on the seventh day when the walls fell. The number 7 is referenced 735 times in the Bible. Gaston’s says, “hey that’s the number we should use.” Uhmmm, nah, 7 is good. 7 represents physical and spiritual perfection in the Bible. God rested on the seventh day, creation “then” was perfect. There are many other references that would take me way to long to cover, but you guys get the point. Folsom’s Walls of Jericho was performed in the Walmart parking lot, the run part representing the march around Jericho, but around Walmart. Of course Walmart’s walls never fell. Anyway, let’s do it.


7 exercises performed 7 reps each then mosey to the top of the parking deck. Down the stairs and rinse and repeat 7 times. Again, this is a variation using the parking deck. I love this place. Ok, exercises were Burpees, CDDs, Plank Jack Merkins, Hipslappers, Big boys, Mountain Climbers, Squats. Perform 7 reps of each then mosey to the top, down the stairs and repeat 7 times. I’m glad this didn’t cause the parking deck to fall because I love this place. QIC called for all to stay together as best as possible. After all, what good is the army not working as a unit? After 7 rounds were finished, PAX moseyed back to start. With a few minutes left, finish up with some Mary. Bedpan calls Freddie Mercs, Clavin calls Flutters, Gastone calls crunchy frogs, Island wanted some more Flutters, Breaker called American Hammers, Anthrax calls out windshield wipers, YHC finished out with 22 for the vets.

Announcements; Christmas Town 5k Nov. 24, Christmas Party at The Quiches Dec. 15(rsvp on slack)

Prayer requests: Allen Tate’s Mom n Law, Breaker’s Mom, BedPan M, each other and our families

YHC took us out in prayer

It was an honor to Q downtown this AM. This AO is awesome due to all the options available. Especially the parking deck,  I love that place. I encourage all to branch out and grab a Q somewhere different on occasion. Like myself, I know it can be difficult due to personal schedules. Anyway, as far as the number 7, the reason it’s used so many times is because it represents what is perfect! The Word of God is Perfect. None of us are perfect or ever will be, but thanks to our Perfect God, we don’t have to be. Thanks to God, he sent His Perfect Son as a sacrifice to save us. Let that sink in, A Perfect God, A Perfect Son sacrificed for a non deserving world. Now that is Love. Perfect Love. (Coincidence that there were 7 PAX this AM?)

Half a dozen

After a solo PrisonBreak last week, I was optimistic about the turnout this week. Pulling into Folsom, I see Volt already on his run. After some chatter and stretching the others filed out at their own paces. There were no ruckers on this episode of PrisonBreak. Seems like running is all that’s happening lately, but hey, nothing wrong with that.


announcements: Convergence at the yank Saturday. Christmas Town 5K

YHC took us out in prayer

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