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Oh crap

Oh crap…….cause ShortSale just called me out on missing back blasts. So here it is.

Prison Break had some out of town visitors this fine morning. Good to finally meet 4-Leaf. Montross has been hard at it in the EH department. We welcomed Donut. 4 ran and 6 toured the park ruck style.


Prayer requests lifted and YHC took us out.

C’mon Folsom

Ok, so here we are heading into winter where the temperatures are not going to be favorable for most to be outside. Well, tough crap, “outside” just happens to be one of the F3 core principles. That being said, Folsom was really lite this morning. Yes it was cold and yes it was slightly rainy. This shouldn’t affect a real HIM from posting. Alright, enough complaining. We have 3 so let’s do this.


SSH, Toy Soldiers x15 IC

mosey to the park entrance for the pledge. “Someone” didn’t bother getting out the fartsack to bring the site shovel flag. That’s cool, we wanted to run a little anyway. Now, mosey back past start to the lower parking lot turd shed.


All PAX balls to the wall. When Q calls, the first PAX bear crawls around the building. Back on the wall then P2 goes, then P3. This wouldve been even better with more participants, but gotta do with what you got. Next, wall seats in the same manner as before as we take turns lunge walking around the building. On our 6 for a little core. LBCs x20 IC, plank jacks x20 IC, Merkins x20 IC. Recover and mosey out to the parking lot. Line up for some triple nickel. 5 burpees sprint half the parking lot for 5 squats, sprint back. Rinse and repeat 5 times. Now turn and line up for Route 66 the rest of the lot with Bobby Hurley’s. Brief recovery then nur up the road until the we get to the turn. Turn around and finish running back to start. 22 for the vets.

Announcements: Christmas Town 5k November 24, Christmas Party at Quiche’s Dec. 15

prayer requests lifted up

YHC took us out

always an honor to Q the legendary Folsom crowd. I just hope the fartsack isn’t quite as strong next time. See you soon in the gloom.

The Number 7

Once Bedpan had reached out for volunteers to Q Downtown a few weeks ago, I was ready to give it a try. Being my VQ there, I wanted to make sure it was worthy of the regular PAX’s approval. There’s a Q that had been used out at Folsom a few times that YHC really liked. I made my own little variation of it to use in the parking deck. I love the parking deck. Folsom needs one, but twice as many levels. Anyway, this particular Q was derived from a story in the Bible. The walls of Jericho. Ok, more of the story will come. It’s 5:30 and a brisk 31 degrees.


SSH, Imperial Walkers, Gravel Pickers: all x 7 IC


Mosey to the parking deck. On the way, PAX discuss the significance of the number 7. Some said, “how many days of the week” some said some unmentionable things, and Clavin says “hey, a Q a while back referenced the number 7 to the Bible.” Yes, ok, God rested on the seventh day of creation. Joshua marched around Jericho once a day for seven days and then 7 times on the seventh day when the walls fell. The number 7 is referenced 735 times in the Bible. Gaston’s says, “hey that’s the number we should use.” Uhmmm, nah, 7 is good. 7 represents physical and spiritual perfection in the Bible. God rested on the seventh day, creation “then” was perfect. There are many other references that would take me way to long to cover, but you guys get the point. Folsom’s Walls of Jericho was performed in the Walmart parking lot, the run part representing the march around Jericho, but around Walmart. Of course Walmart’s walls never fell. Anyway, let’s do it.


7 exercises performed 7 reps each then mosey to the top of the parking deck. Down the stairs and rinse and repeat 7 times. Again, this is a variation using the parking deck. I love this place. Ok, exercises were Burpees, CDDs, Plank Jack Merkins, Hipslappers, Big boys, Mountain Climbers, Squats. Perform 7 reps of each then mosey to the top, down the stairs and repeat 7 times. I’m glad this didn’t cause the parking deck to fall because I love this place. QIC called for all to stay together as best as possible. After all, what good is the army not working as a unit? After 7 rounds were finished, PAX moseyed back to start. With a few minutes left, finish up with some Mary. Bedpan calls Freddie Mercs, Clavin calls Flutters, Gastone calls crunchy frogs, Island wanted some more Flutters, Breaker called American Hammers, Anthrax calls out windshield wipers, YHC finished out with 22 for the vets.

Announcements; Christmas Town 5k Nov. 24, Christmas Party at The Quiches Dec. 15(rsvp on slack)

Prayer requests: Allen Tate’s Mom n Law, Breaker’s Mom, BedPan M, each other and our families

YHC took us out in prayer

It was an honor to Q downtown this AM. This AO is awesome due to all the options available. Especially the parking deck,  I love that place. I encourage all to branch out and grab a Q somewhere different on occasion. Like myself, I know it can be difficult due to personal schedules. Anyway, as far as the number 7, the reason it’s used so many times is because it represents what is perfect! The Word of God is Perfect. None of us are perfect or ever will be, but thanks to our Perfect God, we don’t have to be. Thanks to God, he sent His Perfect Son as a sacrifice to save us. Let that sink in, A Perfect God, A Perfect Son sacrificed for a non deserving world. Now that is Love. Perfect Love. (Coincidence that there were 7 PAX this AM?)

Half a dozen

After a solo PrisonBreak last week, I was optimistic about the turnout this week. Pulling into Folsom, I see Volt already on his run. After some chatter and stretching the others filed out at their own paces. There were no ruckers on this episode of PrisonBreak. Seems like running is all that’s happening lately, but hey, nothing wrong with that.


announcements: Convergence at the yank Saturday. Christmas Town 5K

YHC took us out in prayer

Where is everybody?

Well, being Halloween and the fact that HIPAA had pre-blasted his Halloween Q extravaganza, YHC didn’t expect a large turnout for PrisonBreak. The fact that no one showed up obviously meant they all must have posted at SnoBalls for Hipaa’s Q. After further investigation, it was concluded that only 1 of our PrisonBreak regulars actually posted there. That being said, as Site Q, I posted for my AO.


I ran some 1 mile intervals. I’d mosey a mile then mall walk about 30 seconds controlling breathing,  then run again. YHC has been trying to get his 5k time under 27 minutes. Not being a runner per say, I’ve put that goal out there to work towards. Baby steps as I see it.


I prayed for all the fartsackers to post Folsom Thursday.

Defining EH

This was a rough morning for YHC to head out to Folsom for the infamous PrisonBreak session. The new blood pressure med has me feeling a little more tired than usual. Anyway, no better way to beat it is to go push tha rock. I roll into the AO to see Hacksaw truck parked next to another unknown truck. Apparently the owner is Folsom material, showing up day one in a truck. Looks like those 2 were off early. Just to throw this in, Hacksaw is the Wrestling coach at WC Friday Middle School. This PAX has down something unheard of around Folsom. He EH’d his wrestlers to start posting on Saturdays with him. He has already incorporated exercises learned from his time in F3. These guys came out in a crowd last week and worked their butts off. So, whether he knew it or not, he was EHing the boys fathers vicariously through them. In response, the unknown truck belonged to a dad of one of Hacksaws wrestlers. Amazing how simple. There’s the background, now here’s the BB.



All OYO take off on a run. There were no ruckers this morning, even though a few Folsom regulars has commuted to the night before on our GroupText. That being said, all put in a few miles and returned to start. The FNG has took off for work prior to a naming ceremony, but he will post Saturday for the special event.

announcements: Xmas Town 5k(if not registered come out and help out and support Speed For Need), Convergence Nov 11 at the Yank, look on Twitter for Charlotte Marathon to sign up and volunteer at the F3 tent during packet pick ups on Nov 2. There are many time slots available so come out and lend a hand.

Prayer requests lifted up

Thanks for the opportunity to Q, and especially the same for being Site Q for PrisonBreak. Not being a big time runner, when I was asked if I was interested, I was hesitant. I’m glad I took it because it has pushed me to get out there and work at getting better at it. Thanks for all the sarcasm Folsom brings. It wouldn’t be Folsom without all you douchebags. I’m driven by you guys daily to push myself and to build stronger relationships.(not what you think)

MW out

“ Weeeaasselllll!”

After a week and a half off from the gloom, YHC finally has his blood pressure under control and chest tightness to a minimum. For you younger folks out there, it sucks getting old. Ok, back to the real literature. I show up at Folsom all alone. My guess was that the regulars may be fartsack one due to how brutal my Q might just be. Negative, here come some headlights. Alright, 5:30 hits.


SSH, Toy Soldiers, Hillbillies all x10 IC



Mosey to the flag pole for a little core work. Thought I’d save the legs for what was about to come. On the 6. LBCs, Flutter Kicks, American Hammers, Sandy Vs all x10 IC. Recover…..mosey on across the road to Walmart. Not sure if a few PAX even looked both ways before crossing, but one driver passing seemed a little upset due to the pack lazily running across. We hit the parking lot entrance and here comes a freakin coyote…….wait, no it’s just a stray dog. It must not have been interested cause it kept on its path. Continue around the back to end up st “The Hill.” Yes, it’s been a while. Q calls Triple Nickel. Mike Tyson’s x5 on the curb, Nur up the hill, 5 burpees at the top. Rinse and repeat 5 times. Before finishing, we hear a voice in a distance, “Weasel!” We look up and see a fella with a flashlight yelling for his dog. Our guess was the dog we saw was the fugitive. We nicely holler, “we saw it on the other side of the lot!” Quickly and harshly, he yells back, “WHAT OTHER SIDE? “HELP ME OUT!” We not so politely responded. I mean damn, even an ole Lowell boy knew what that statement had meant. Ok, that dude continued looking for Weasel while we finished the nickel. Crap, here he comes again, “YOU SEEN HER?” We say no. He continues to walk forward. He quickly realizes that he’s walking up on some HIMS. He quickly changed tone. “My dog for 11 years, I gotta find her. Sorry for being so rude earlier. I just want to find her.” Ok, drama over, PAX get on the wall for a wave of hip slappers. All BTTW while each PAX perform 5. Recover, plank it up facing the wall for Dirty HangUps x10 IC. Fellowship mosey a little then head to cross the road again. We hear the poor guy yelling still for the dog so we run up towards him and again he asked if we’ve seen it. Again, we say no and continue our mosey back toward start. Stop at random street light for 10 Merkins IC. Mosey back to start and finishing up with Route 66 with Bobby Hurley’s back to the flag. 22 for the vets. Time is up.

ChristmasTown 5k(full now)

prayer requests lifted up.

Honor to Q and be a part of this AO and Region. I’ve visited other regions, but haven’t really witnessed the bonds that Gastonia seems to have. Of course, a couple posts may not be enough to observe. Anyway, I appreciate you Men and the trash talk helps keep me out there.

MW’s Jacked up Tag

Well, as you all may know, YHC broke his leg about a year and a half ago. Since then, I’ve had some minor setbacks and complications. That being said, Folsom being relentless as they are, had a Twitter account setup for “MW’s Jacked Up Leg.” Moving along, i sold my F350 truck since I no longer needed it and bought my dads company truck. My dad has some medical issues which validate the need for a Handycap License plate. Now that the back drop has been set, let’s move along to the WO……….I roll into Folsom running a little behind which is not normal of myself. Rather than backing into a spot, I pulled straight in.(this is where I messed up). So, looks like we have a great group, so let’s get it started.


13 PAX total on this episode of PrisonBreak. 12 ran while 1 mall walked. Montross is back at it slowly and on the mend. After a few miles and a bathroom break(myself), we finish up at start.

so…….as we circle up for some COT, Roadie feels the need to point out my afformentioned license plate. Which escalated into yet another continuation of the Leg saga. Therefore, that was the topic of discussion on GroupMe for quite a while.

Prayer requests lifted

YHC took us out in prayer.

Its an honor to be asked to be the Site Q of PrisonBreak. It has truly motivated me to get out there at least 1 more day to workout. Thanks to y’all Folsom PAX who continue to bust balls that pushes us to post and be accountable.


Folsom JJ5K Warmup

YHC seems to sign up to Q on days that fall on big event days F3 PAX are participating in. Remind you, I am terrible with remembering dates to begin with. Anyway, I remained optimistic on the showing even though most Folsom PAX were running the JJ5K or the Stop Soldier Suicide Runs. That being said, I really hadn’t come up with a weinke for the Q, but I knew I’d come up with something. 5:30 hits.


SSH, Toy Soldiers x15IC, Moroccan NightClubs waiting on Roadie to join the circle. Mosey to the park entrance Flag pole.


10 burpees OYO, on our 6 for some LBCs, Sandy Vs, and Flutter kicks x15IC, mosey an alternate route back to the tennis courts. YHC stopped by the truck to grab the highly anticipated, Newly Delivered F3 Deck of Workout cards. Head to the courts.


The thang is rather simple here. The deck of cards have been shuffled and placed in the center of the group of PAX. Rotating clockwise, each flip a card to present the rest with said exercise and rep amount shown. This actually wasn’t as simple as it should have been. There were questions. There were exercises printed that didn’t coincide with Lexicon Folsom were familiar with, but I believe we did a fair job at manufacturing an exercise that seemed to match. With 3 minutes still to work, a Joker was finally pulled, which was a fast mosey around the entire tennis court area. Times up.

Announcements: JJ5k and Soldier Runs

Prayer requests; may God shine through all those who were participating in the benefit runs and may He keep us all safe.

Honor to Q this fine AO. All but 1 PAX who posted also ran the JJ5K. Way to push men! YHC is proud of the involvement of our region. Let’s continue to push hard and show our community how much we care and are willing to work. Til next time,

MW out

“Get better at it”

Yes, Folsom, I know. I’m 2 days late getting my BB posted. At least it hasn’t taken 2 weeks like it did Sister Act. Ok, enough apologizing. I roll into Folsom with a weinke in mind. I’m optimistic for a good turn out considering some of the Folsom regulars have been too weak to fight the fartsack lately. Pulling into the park, I notice Hacksaw getting some EC running in. That HIM has been killin it.  As I pass Hacksaw, I see yet another PAX getting it did, this time it’s Volt. So, I’m feeling rather good about the showing so far. As I go over a few changes of the weinke, others start rolling in. As I’m waiting, I continue to run a saying through my head, “this sucks, but I want to get better at it.” I think that’s what many of say at 5AM, but we continue to do it over and over. Enough of that mess, it’s time to get to work.  5:30 hits

Warmorama SSH, Toy Soldiers x15 IC

here comes Sparky, fashionably late as usual. Moroccan night clubs till he joins the group.

Since YHC forgot to transfer the shovel flag from one vehicle to the other, we took a mosey to the Flag poll. That was most likely going to happen anyway.


Mosey a little detour then back to start, stopping at the tennis courts.


Four corners/four exercises; Corner 4 will be known as corner 4 and Start. Corner 1=10 burpees, corner 2=20 merkins, corner 3=30 LBCs, corner 4=40 American hammers. This isn’t your typical four corners though. From start, mosey to corner 1 perform said exercise. Mosey back to start. Mosey to corner 2 to perform said exercise, stopping to also include corner 1 work. Mosey back to start. Mosey to corner 3 to perform said exercise, also stopping to include corners 1 and 2 on the way. Continue to corner 4 as mentioned. Now mosey back around again to start. Now partner up for some Dora. Partner 1 runs to opposite end of courts while partner 2 performs exercise AMRAP. Exercises were 100 Squats, 150 Big boys, 200 overhead claps. After all had finished, we still had a few minutes to burn. Circle up for some Mary. All PAX got a chance to call their own exercise which were; Merkins, Freddy Merc, Mountain Climbers, American Hammers, LBCs, there were a few more, but YHC can’t remember. I know, it’d help if I posted the B.B. the day of the WO.

Announcements JJ5K, Soldier suicide run

Prayer requests lifted

YHC took us out in prayer

Nice work men! I know a while back a lot of us wouldn’t have finished this weinke as quick as we did. Goes to show we all are getting stronger. Keep up the good work. Thanks again for the Q. Thanks to all you guys who continue to push me and each other through the exhaustion. You Mennare what motivates me to keep at it. Two and a half years ago I was saying “I hate running.” Today, I still say it, but I add a little more to the expression with “but I do want to be better at it.”

MW out

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