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No Weinke? Let’s Mosey

YHC rolled into the gloom at Folsom expecting another big crowd. To my surprise, Roadie was the only PAX present. No doubt Volt and Montross would post, but where is everybody else? Fartsack kept them forming hitting the DRP. 5:30 hits………


SSH, Hillbillies X15 IC



Mosey…….again, No Weinke and YHC noticed 2 PAX had some new pavement buffers. Let’s break them in. Like I said, Mosey. Oh crap, here comes Hank rolling in hot taking our side views off. He caught up. now continue around the park until we hit the lower shelter which was just over 1 mile. Nice work men. Grab a bench for DIPs, then Merkins, step ups, Freddy Mercury’s, x20 IC. Enough of the shelter, let’s mosey again for another mile and end up at the tennis courts. Line up for some Agassi’s.  Run suicides with of each court, but NUR back to start for escalation burpees. Mumble chatter was strong here. YHC hates to NUR, the bumb leg doesn’t care much for it either, but it’s good work. With .5 miles shy of a total of 3.1, Q calls laps til we hit the 5k mark. Fellowship mosey back to start.

Announcements; Snowbird, F3 Dads 2.0  event, Community Foundation run April

prayer lifted up and YHC took us out

thanks again for the opportunity to Q. Folsom has come a long way when it comes to running. Way to keep pushing and get stronger men!

“That’s not a train, it’s a redneck truck horn!”

It seems like only yesterday YHC had the Q at the prison palace called Folsom. A little chilly walking out to crank up the patty wagon to head into the gloom. I’m  sure the PAX will be prepared. As I leave my neighborhood, I get overwhelmed with the smell of a skunk in the air. Not exactly what you want to wake up to. The thing is, today is about the tenth  straight day of that smell. It has been several different dead ones I’ve noticed all along this eighth mile stretch. Is it mating season for these things or is there just a high concentration of them right outside my hood? Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Rolling into Folsom, I see Allen Tate in the patrol car runnng radar, wait no, that’s not Allen Tate, he would’ve been parked at the very back of the park. Roadie then sends a text out to watch out for the PoPo. Ok, park and set the shovel flag. Here come the rest and it’s 5:30.


ssh, toy soldiers, x15 IC

pledge, wait train 5 OYO, ok now pledge

long mosey up and around by the ball field through the lower shelter and up over to the amphitheater. 8 tenths of mile not bad! Ok, grab the short wall for some dips x20 IC, Rocky Balboas x20 IC (this was exciting), rinse and repeat x3. Ok, balls to the wall for some ring of Fire burpees. All on the wall, Q calls go, PAX one drops and hits 5 burpees, resumes position on the wall then repeat til all PAX are finish. Mumble chatter picking up, so let’s hit the wall for some hipslappers x20 IC, donkey kicks 20 OYO, rinse and repeat. That can’t be the same train? Roadie says nah, it’s a redneck truck horn, either way 5 OYO. Hank says I wonder if the run back the same path would be the same distance. Well, physics I believe would say yes, but that was where YHC was headed anyway. Long mosey back making a brief stop by the pond for you guessed it, Route 66 with Bobby hurlys. It’s become a given at that particular lot. Ok, mosey on up to the park entrance flag pole for some LBCs, sandy V, Flutters all x20 IC. Running out of time, lets mosey back to start.

announcements: Snowbird March 16-18,

COT, prayers lifted up

YHC lead us out in prayer

thanks again for the opportunity to Q. You Men and the vision of F3 are why I’m out there. Thanks for the push, accountability and encouragement. Nice work men!

Short And Sweet, not the Q

7 HIMs show up in the Folsom gloom for a little fun.


SSH, Hillbillies, gravel pickers all X15 IC, Morocan Night Clubs til Sparky joins the circle.


long mosey around and up to the park entrance for……..


line up on the curb for some 11 work. Mike Tysons then side steps across to the other curb for little baby dips. side steps back and continue to finish 11’s. Mosey back down to the tennis courts for some Dora. Partner up, PAX 1 AMRAPS while OAX 2 runs the length of the tennis courts and back. Flapjack. 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBCs. with a little time left, YHC calls for some good old Suicides using the widths of each court, total of 7. Mosey back to start. Hit 22 for the Vets. Not a bad day ending with a total of 2.2 miles!

COT, prayer requests for Def Leppard, my brother n law, Easy Riders family, our country and all F3 PAX.

YHC took us out in prayer

Always an honor to Q and thanks for all the encouragement, friendships, and accountability you men put out there.  Nice work men.

Hank’s Revenge

This day was long overdue. After the hard core Panther fan had received a dreadful amount of mockery and abuse from certain Folsom PAX of his teams disappointing playoff loss, Hank had determined punishment was coming his next Q. What sucked, was the fact that the PAX who posted had little to do with that abuse. The main PAX guilty of the continued harassment was too scared to post. Anyway, YHC was ready and even our FNGs from Tuesday we’re back and ready to work the soreness out. Looks like we have 8 total and 5:30 hits. Hank says start your watches.



Mosey, and I mean mosey. Stop at the first street light for 5 burpees OYO. Mumble chatter had picked up from a couple veteran Folsom HIMs about what Hank had in mind. I knew it what was coming. So in short. Mosey every street light throughout the whole park, YHC counted 22 in all, and perform 5 burpees OYO at each one. Somewhere in the midst of all that;


By my math and watch, that was 1.7 miles and 110 burpees. Q being surprised that after 30 minutes, his Q was complete. Not hardly, mosey to tennis courts for suicide merkins, 1-7 moseying each court and back. Still not happy, Q says on your six, YHC counted out 25 American hammers IC. Swimmer calls for 22 for the vets and Oompa counted, well kinda.( Midoryama must count different out there?) Q being pleased with his leadership, asks for announcements.

Prayers were lifted up and YHC took us out in prayer.

Note to Self; never mock or trash talk the Panthers especially after losing a game knowing Hank has a Q shortly after.

nice work men and what a horribly stupid Q Hank! Well done. Aye!

Folsom Recruit Day

After some rain last night, YHC was not very optimistic about how many Post at Folsom. Seems like cold and rain together keeps them in the fartsack. I had an obligation knowing there was a possibility of 2 FNGs so I hit the road and rolled into the gloom. There’s Roadie waiting. Oh yeah here come the headlights. Sparky, Volt, Hank and 2 unknown vehicles roll in. Q calls Moroccan Night Clubs TIL PAX are all circled up. 5:30 hits, let’s roll.

Disclaimer; YHC was reminded to announce it. Been a while since we’ve had an FNG. After the to-the-point disclaimer, FNGs we’re looking a little nervous.


SSH, Hillbillies, Toy Soldiers X15 IC

Mosey to the park entrance, taking a detour around the old shelters. It was more like slip n slide to the park entrance. Black ice was all over, and The Q was very cautious not to break another leg and warned the PAX the same.

Pledge; even though there was a Shovel Flag at start!


LBCs x20 IC, big boys x 20 OYO. Mosey down around to the pond parking lot for some Route 66. FNGs “this ain’t so bad.” Line up, Bobby Hurley’s lung walk each line to 11. Mumble chatter got pretty heavy after about 4, which included some of the normal PAX. Mosey on around the walking track to the lower shelter. Grab a bench for step ups x15 IC, Arm Squats c15 IC, rinse repeat. Slow mosey out to the lot. Four corners. Merkins here x10, corner 2 merkins x10-mountainclimbers x20, corner 3 merkins x10-cclimbers x20-squats x30, corner 4 merkins x10-climbers x20-squats x30-LBCs x40. Plank for the six. Time running out and 2 FNGs to name, mosey back to start.


cot, prayers for Huss Family, PAX families

namorama, Welcome Montross and Jorge

YHC took us out in prayer

always an honor to Q men. Great work and thanks for your encouragement and fellowship.

5K Folsom Style

OWaking up to a good rain shower, YHC remained optimistic of the turnout at Folsom. I rolled in early for a quick jog to get the heart and lungs woke up. Ahhh, here come the headlights. No rain while chit chatting but when 6:30 hit, here the rain came. Well it was short lived. Looks like we have an FNG (Gumby’s 2.0 Pokey)


SSH, toy soldiers, gravel pockets all x10 IC



mosey the long way around the park by the ballfield and ponds. Stop at the lower lot. Line up for Triple Nickel

5 Burpees, run to the other end of the parking lot for 5 jump squats, rinse repeat x5

I took a moment to quote Eisenhower. “Leadership is the art of getting someone to do something you want done because he wants to do it.”  That’s how we build up Qs and good kids. When you make the task at hand something those around you want to do or enjoy doing, they become leaders as well.

mosey up around the amphitheater then over to the pond parking lot. YHC couldn’t just run by this famous lot without some Route 66. Train? 5 burpees OYO.

line up, 1 Bobby hurly, lunge walk to next line for 2, so on to 11, mumble chatter was getting pretty heavy here, especially with Pokey, who called out the Q later on!

Mosey back around to start to grab jump ropes, then mosey to the tennis courts. Partner up; partner 1 jump ropes AMRAP while part 2 runs to the other end of the courts and back, switch. At this point Gumby’s 2.0 yells at Q(Gumby’s partner) to “hurry up!” Q calls for 5 burpees in response . Ha! Rinse and repeat x3. Next, squats x3. Last, goofballs x3. Again lots of mumble chatter throughout. Let’s mosey one last lap around the courts to get in the final tenth of a 5k total.

Announcements Joe Davis Run, Christmas!

YHC took us out in prayer

Honor to Q men! Nice work and ice up those legs. Have a great Christmas and remember why we celebrate it. The birth of the Sky Q. Aye!

Bojangles’ Bisquits?

YHC rolled into the gloom looking for a nice showing of PAX……….. to my surprise, no one. While I sit in my truck thinking over the thang to come, 5:28 hits. Is gonna be a solo?… wait, no here strolls in the dependable Volt. Ok clock in.

SSH, hillbillies x15 IC



mosey to lower parking lot for some leg work. Line up for zombies. Lunge walk every other space then 10 squats. Repeat up the lot. Turn around and high knee walk every other line for 10 Merkins. Repeat to start.  Short mosey to the shelter. Step ups, Arm squats, LBCs, all x15 IC, lap around the parking lot. Rinse and repeat x3. Mosey the long way back toward start stopping at the lot by the pond for mountain climbers, toy shoulders, x20 IC. I see headlights, looks like Sparky. Guess he just wanted to say hello. Time running out, mosey toward the park entrance then back down to start. Ended up with 1.5, a little less mileage than usual, but it happens. Sparky is awaiting patiently at start. Before YHC got a chance to bust his balls, he offers us a bojangels biscuit. Forgiven!

Sparky took us out in prayer.

always an honor to lead, but come on Folsom, let’s get back at it!! EH each other back. Looking forward to next time.

Nothing Fancy

4 loyal Pax posted in the Folsom gloom for another MW WO. YHC wasn’t very optimistic on a big crowd, but I knew there’d be a handful. Seems like the colder it gets, the smaller the showing, but it’s all good. With the temperature reading 27* , the clock hits 5:30.


SSH, Gravel pickers, toy soldiers x15 IC


mosey to the park entrance to the flag for the pledge. Yes, we Had to hit the Big Flag even if there’s a shovel flag right there. Ok, mosey again down to the pond parking lot for a little Route 66, but first let’s do some LBCs x20 IC. Line up for 66 with Bobby Hurley’s each line. Aight, mosey around the back of the lower pond to the shelter for some arm squats, flutter kicks x15 IC. Recover, 10 burpees OYO. Short mosey to the turd house for some wall work(Huck would be proud) hip slappers x10 IC, 20 donkey kicks OYO. Mosey back up the the tennis court for some dreaded 11’s. This time it’s suicides using each out of bounds line of each court starting with 1 Merlin up to 11. Mosey to start.

Announcements: Pre-Christmas Christmas Party Friday, G-House Convergence Sat at Sheille.

YHC took us out in Prayer

Always an honor to Q. Nice work men. Thanks for the encouragement and accountability that keeps me getting up at the butt crack of dawn to work out. Continue to push tha rock and be the men the Sky Q calls us to be!

Walmart Annex 11’s

YHC was optimistic about the turnout for a turkey day serving of breakfast in the gloom. A few loyal Folsom PAX had already claimed their deer stand as preference over the AO…….which may have been a better idea. Rolling in, I see Pizza Man in stride doing some EC prior to the Q. Not long after PAX start rolling in. The Twitter message about Midoriyama not meeting brought out a handful their finest and even Nantan himself. After some good ole fashioned fellowship and how-do-ya-dos, it’s time to go to work.


SSH, monkey humpers, all x12 IC, with all the mumble chatter and sarcasm it was hard to focus on the non existent weinke. So, let’s just do this.


mosey to the park entrance for the pledge, wait, not so fast Pizza Man, on our six for LBCs x20 IC. Ok now, the pledge, haha. Ok, mosey across death highway to our local neighborhood Walmart. While in pace, much chatter about going in where it’s warm to workout, cabbage curls, laps around the store, etc. Although it was very tempting, YHC had a limited time and what was not sure about what was about to go down. Continue to mosey around the back of the store and finish up by this nice looking hill. Ok, not that hill, but the one next to it, which kookier a fair bit safer. Ok, 11’s. Mike tysons on the curb, up the hill for burpees. Yes, much mumble chatter, this idea seemed great on paper, which it never made it to paper. Finally, recover. Mosey on up to the front of the parking lot for some calve raises, or calf birthing, a PAX commented. 20 IC. Mosey on back over to the Folsom horse track for step ups and arm squats x15 IC rinse and repeat. Let’s take the long route and mosey back to start. 22 Merkins for the Vets.

announcements, Xmas party Dec. 1, Xmas town 5k Saturday(be there early to help setup), Convergence at Gashouse Dec 2.

quick around the horn to mention what you’re thankful for, then YHC lead in prayer

nice work men, honor to Q and to have you guys out there encouraging me to push harder. Freight seemed to be very excited this AM, very talkative, at some points QIC lost train of thought. Made for some good laughs. Pizza Man learned that train horns are not a sound wave very familiar to Folsom. YHC learned Blart skipped a 30 year tradition of hunting Thanksgiving morning just for my Q. Thanks bro, and PAX also learned much about moist Stroganoff, which is where the train of thought left. There were many topics of discussion that were on the way downhill or already there when the Q had to ring us all back in, but again, good times. Have a great Thanksgiving men and thank God for the precious gift of His son, Jesus. Aye!

Smothered, covered, with ketchup

4 brave PAX arrive in the gloom for yet another MW show. YHC was sceptic that any would ost in the cold, nasty rain. 5:30 hits so let’s clock in!


some good breathing exercises

tha thang

bunch of mumble chatter, something about wet clothes, something about smothered, covered. More mumble chatter……..so much happened, So little memory……….show to know!

Nice work men, way to push……………..

YHC is always honored to Q and my next one will be even more Epic!

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