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Run/Ruck, your choice

Ok, before YHC forgets, which Folsom won’t allow it, here’s the back blast for Wednesday’s Prison Break. So I roll into the gloom debating wheher or not to run or ruck as usual. To my surprise, there were no PAX on site? Well, guess I’m going solo, wait, here comes some headlights. Ok, well now we have 3. It’s 5:30 so time to roll.

All are going to mosey this time. As we head out from start Sparky rolls in as usual 5 minutes late. Not sure how he can be that consistent? Anyway he will catch up. So, we continue on the normal route around the college and as we are returning by the prison Pastor Clever catches up with Sparky in tow. Today felt lazier than other runs for some reason, but any pace is better than no pace. All return to start with between 3-4 miles of work logged.

COT, Self Family, all requests lifted up

YHC took us out in prayer.

Thank you men for the opportunity to be a part of such a great group. Folsom has really taken off since I started back over 2 years ago. Keep at it and let’s not stop growing. EH every chance you get.

MW ooouuut!

Tha Shartz

Well, knowing that Wednesday’s are just for the option of running or rucking at Folsom, there’s not going to be a real in depth B.B.  That  being said, it was more eventful than expected. YHC rolls into the gloom trying to decide which of the 2 options I was going to participate in.  Roadie was on my heels pulling in and not long after, several more roll in. Lots of random chatter taking place and then the Q calls “it’s 5:30!” Well, that worked. 🙄 YHC calls again at 5:31.

Yeah, whatever. So I take off for a run. The others still jibber jabbering slowly start to roll out behind.  I got up to my normal “non-runner” pace and here comes Sparky rolling in. I put it on myself not to let him catch me, which he never did. Now, that’s not because I was rolling at a high level, there were other circumstances that prohibited it. Sparky had sent this picture to our group text yesterday of this strawberry desert thing he called a “sticky?” It looked rather delicious, but for sure would’ve been a cheat meal. Anyway, I make the loop around the college and still haven’t been caught, but got to chat briefly with the ruckers. I make it to the red light at the college entrance Andy had to stop briefly to massage the bum leg. I look back and Sparky and Pastor Clever are rolling closer. Wait, where’s Sparky going? The hill beside bojangles is not part of the route. So, I take off again then Clever catches me and says that Sparky had to make a toilet stop. Makes sense now. So, I continue to finish my route and as I’m cooling down, here come Sparky. He didn’t stop, but ran to his truck saying “I gotta go so I can get some underwear and socks before work.” Underwear and socks? The Sticky had control of his bowels. After bojangles he ran to one of the park turd sheds and locked. With no other option, he unleashed at the horse stalls where apparently he lost his socks and drawers. Not only was Sparky having issues, but Roadie was too. I’m guessing just looking at the Sticky picture caused his bowels to act up. As far as I know, he didn’t lose any clothing. All finally returned to start.

announcements, The Forge 6:30,Warrior Dash Saturday.

prayer requests, Self Family, Oompa Loompas family(father n law passed)

i know, “show to know”, but this was a story that had to be told.

MW out!

The Possum Has Arrived

Even though Folsom has recently become “The Premier Running AO in Dallas,” some PAX choose to use this time for rucking also. Today marks another successful WO. Dating back several months, the newly awarded Chief Rockpusher, Allen Tate, has proclaimed “there will be an FNG who gets the name Cod Possum.” This has been a bit of an inside joke, but as of today, it is no longer as such. I give the man credit. Allen Tate pushed for the name to be awarded to some 2.0s last week during 2.0 Day at Folsom without success. This morning was different. It was in the air, you could smell it. With the possibility of Roadies brother posting brought new life to Allen Tate’s mission of branding such name.

Enough of the prequel, let’s clock in.



several ran, several rucked. Lots of mumble chatter and high fives during the activities. This is actually a great opportunity to get to know each other and hash out life. Not being a runner, something continues to drive YHC to be better at it; makes no sense really. Anyway, after a few miles of asphalt and sweat, the PAX come back together at the start. Way to push Men!

So, we have an FNG. Many say it was predetermined what this lucky young man would be named, but there were ample opportunities for him to provide info which could deter said determination. After several questions by the PAX, there was only one name that really fit and the timing couldn’t have been better. So, without further ado, Folsom welcomes Cod Possum. Looking forward to seeing you in the gloom brother.

Announcements: Warrior Dash June 2, Vigil at Surf n Turf 8pm tonight, Brody Holloway speaking at Venture about this past weekends event for the youth and families, open worship and prayer Thursday night 6:30 at Venture.

Prayers continued for the Self, George, and Burns families. Prayers especially for Roger Self(he needs them now more than ever)

Bedpan took us out

Men, this has been a rough past few days for the Dallas community. We have witnessed a man of God, a true leader and believer in Christ do something imaginable. Myself, struggling with anxiety and depression for over 20 years, can understand that this is a Disease! It’s something to never take lightly. It’s an illness that no one should ever have to battle. I’m here to tell you that if you do battle it, these F3 guys are going to come up to you, grab hold of that burden, and walk with you every step of the way! When things like this happen, it’s not time to ask why or how could this happen. It’s time to pray, reach out to those involved, and continue to be a strong spiritual presence when needed. You men have helped teach me what love and brotherhood is really about. Life is going to be hard, but always remember you will not have to walk it alone. Honored to be a part of this group!

“No boot camp this AM?”

With all the rain and storms in the forecast, YHC wasn’t exactly optimistic about the turn out for the third week of Prison Break at Folsom. As you know, the PAX at Folsom have opened up Wednesday mornings for a Run/Ruck WO. This morning was a lighter crowd, but some are healing from injuries. Good to see Sargento roll in with 2.0, Queso. He was ready to roll with gloves in hand. I comment that he didn’t need his gloves today. Sargento says “what? What do you mean?” Apparently he had missed the memo that Wednesday’s has been declared Run/Ruck. Slightly disappointed there wasn’t gonna be a beatdown WO, he was up for a cool mosey. Clock in at 5:33.

6 men ran and 2 men rucked. Sparky and Clever were setting the pace while YHC just tried to breathe. Sargento hung back to chat with me while pushing myself and Queso to the next level. Hank and Roadie set out from start on a record pace with 30 pounds on their backs. The Rucker’s posted about 2.5 miles at 15:13 pace I believe! Nice work. I held back Sargento along with Queso for 3.4 miles. I’m sure sparky and Clever posted a bit more.  We did learn that Sargento was actually 54? Who knew? #Respect

Announcements: Warrior dash June 2.

Prayer requests: ourselves, our families. Wisdom from Sparky to love our wives, pray over them daily, lead them as Christ teaches us to.

Sparky took us out in prayer.

I just want to say, this F3 thing is the real deal! These men are real men! The fellowship within this group is real. I can, without a doubt, say that these men will have your back no matter what. I’m blessed to be a part of it and look forward to what’s to come. Keep pushing the rock men and thank you for pushing me.

You Can Always Smoke Crack

YHC had posted somewhat of a pre-blast for my Folsom Q yesterday. It was to have a history theme. I probably should’ve clarified what I meant by “history lesson.” PAX were quick to criticize what my lesson consisted of. Anyway, 10 HIMs post on a possible rainy morning at the prison. Site Q, after being ran over by a few busses on our groupme text, was actually on time. Montross with the only tardy.(Which threw off my Q.)

Brief history lesson was given before warmup. Q mentions 2018 being the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1. This is when the mumblechatter/criticism started. There were 8.5 million soldiers world wide who lost their lives in the war. I mentioned a couple other aspects of the war, but quickly decided to scratch the lesson due to said criticism. 9 men ready at clock in.

warmarama………..nope, let’s mosey, well well well, finally Montross pulls in. YHC gets to the first area of exercise. PAX yelling, yet Montross doesn’t hear where to go. Q says, “let’s go pick up the six.” This jacked up the initial plan, but we got to mosey some more, which everyone appreciated.

Stop at the flag for the Pledge

Mosey again, mumblechatter has started kicking in at this point. Let’s get the running in before the bottom drops. We finally settle in the lower parking lot.


After the history lesson, the only thing the PAX had to remember was the number, 100. Partner up, different exercises with 1 PAX running to the opposite end of the lot and back while PAX 2 performs said exercise.

All x100

Angle grinders(much mumblechatter was stirred by this call)


Burpees(option to modify to squats after 50)

American Hammers( this was a math disaster that made Midoryama look good)

22 merkins for the Vets

During this spectacular event, many were discussing the new 40 day diet challenge that was brought up yesterday. “No soft drinks, fine. No beer.”……questionable by a few, etc, etc. Awesome to see the accountability and effort amongst PAX to become stronger and healthier!

Lets mosey back to start. At this point I hear Allen Tate expressing how much he loved the hill back to start and that his heart would stop on the trip, but he made it without such difficulties. Men pushed it the whole time.  Once all were finished QIC calls 5 burpees OYO, once those were completed, I remembered “Train” on Slack meant 5 DQs, so those were also performed. All said and did, PAX logged in over 2 miles of mosey! AYE!

Prayer requests: each other, our families, Allen Tate’s mom n law, Sparkys boys.

With more chatter about the 40 day challenge and time up, I bring the men in for prayer. We can talk afterward. Just before I begin, Bedpan had some great advice as he was closing out his prior conversation. “You can always smoke crack to lose weight if the diets don’t work!” This broke most into laughter, then I had to real ya all back in.

Honored to Q! Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing group of men. There’s always a challenge, yet there’s always encouragement. Glad to see Huck and Allen Tate back at it. Way to push the rock men!



I know, Finally

YHC was asked at the last minute to trade Q days with ole Montross. I abliged yet didn’t prepare too well. No problem, Folsom is full of possible Q ideas. So I’ll wing it. Still toasted from CSAUP, I thought to incorporate some useful leg exercises to break the soreness. To start, the gloom was dead when I pulled into the parking lot. There were no PAX waiting. As I park the beast, here comes Hank. Alright now Volt and Bedpan arrive. It’s time to clock in, plus there’s plenty of time left for the Site Q to show.


SSH, Shoulder Taps, Hillbillies All x15 IC

pledge: yes there’s a perfectly good shovel flag at start; no need to have to mosey to the park entrance just for that.


mosey to park entrance via the long loop around the lower lake. Stop by the flag for a little work on the 6. And on the way, Sparky pulls in. QIC yelled “flagpole” to guide the late PAX to the rest of the group. On our 6 for LBCS and American Hammers x29 IC. YHC had a stretch in mind and practically screwed it all up. After a few adjustments, I finally figure out what I’m doing. On your back, cross one leg over the opposite knee. Loop arms through that knee and pull the torso toward that knee. Hold for said time. Switch and repeat. Ok, up and mosey over to adjacent lot. Line up on the curb for 11’s. Mike Tyson’s then sprint across the lot for jump squats. Continue to complete a round of 11’s. Mosey on over to the horse arena. Triple nickel time. 5 lunges each leg jump ups to the top for 5 burpees. Rinse and repeat x5. Now burpee jump ups. Perform burpee and for the finish jump up onto the first level. Do 20 OYO. Position for derkins. Do 15 IC, stay in position and YHC calls for more shoulder taps x15 IC in decline. Mosey on back toward the side pond lot for Route 66. Bobby Hurleys at each line walking in between up to 11. Alright, now mosey across back to start.

Announcements: Community Foundation Run, 3rd F Event Friday at Parkwood

prayers for our families, our country, and requests for a friend of mine who had a death in the family.

YHC took us out.

Always an honor to Q! Thank you for letting me be s part of such an impactful movement. I’ll do better to post my BBs in a more timely manner. #ForgetfulADHD



YHC has felt horrible about having the Q at Folsom last Thursday and fartsacking leaving the PAX hanging. In all honesty, I’ve been in a funk lately due to some personal mess and stress. After missing Thursday and Pizza Mans Q at Folsom Saturday, YHC started chiseling at this thing called life a little harder. By praying and taking some steps to change how I’m dealing with these issues, I’m starting to feel new life stirring. So, to move on, I roll into Folsom looking forward to making up for my slackness of last Thursday. To my surprise, there wer NO PAX waiting. I’m usually one of the early birds, but today I was only about 7 minutes early. While I sit in my truck, I’m going over in my head what my weinke is going to be and here comes Bedpan. Just a couple seconds later, Volt. Plenty of time for Sparky to roll in but it’s time to go to work.


SSH, Hillbillies, Merkins x10 IC



Still no Sparky, so we mosey on up towards the park entrance. On your six for LBCs, flutters, Sandy V all x20 IC

alright mosey across the highway to Walmart and “Train” yep, that’ll be 5 burpees OYO. Continue to mosey around behind Walmart headed towards the dreadful hills, which by the way, need to mowed soon! Time for some 11’s mike Tyson’s at the bottom, fast bear crawl to the top for squat jumps, then crab walk back down. I must admit, it was a wonderful idea on paper. Ok, grab some wall for some Hipslappers x10 IC and then get personal with the wall with 50 calf raises facing the wall. There’s a nice little curb at the bottom of the wall and yes, it looks pretty awkward doing the raises, I saw bedpan using a little circular motion and a lot of hand moving on the wall. Time to break up the romance. Mosey back across the road and behind the civic center to the horse arena. Line up for Triple Nickel.  5 DIPs, step ups or jump ups to the top for 5 burpees. Rinse repeat times 5. YHC notices the time is running thin. Omaha after the third round. Let’s mosey the long route back to start. Not bad, ending up with 1.9 Miles.

Announcements: The Forge Wednesdays in Lowell, CSAUP Saturday, Community Foundation Run next Saturday.

prayer requests lifted and YHC took us out

Men, it’s a blessing to be a part of something so special. I’m thankful for all the relationships I’ve built and looking forward to more. Thank you for all the encouragement and drive you men bring to the table, even the trash talk is encouraging. Let’s continue to push this rock together and build a stronger, more godly community. AYE!


It was nice to show up in the gloom with the temperature at 56 degrees. Unlike the past few mornings posting. Anyway, Hank don’t do backblasts so Sparky and I take up his slack to write up a backblast for him.

Warmarama; nothing, mosey

mosey to the park entrance for….



Mosey, for like forever around the park. Stop randomly for 20 burpees OYO. Wait there’s a train add 5 more. Mosey, like forever again. Stop for 50 plank jacks. Again mosey forever, then stop for 100 Good Mornings. Mosey, stop again for 150 monkey jumpers. This was awesome timing for Roadie to be humping as a County Police Car pulls in and parks. Weird that he lined up directly behind Roadie? Anyway, mosey again then stop. Realizing time is coming to an end, Q asks what mileage we were at, so we continue to mosey. At each stop, PAX were to plank, SSH, or other exercise waiting for the 6. After it was all said and done. Men hit 3.3 miles and got sore lower backs. Hank never calls anything outrageous, but it is always stupid.

Anouncements; CSAUP, Community Run….dates??? YHC not very good with that part.

Prayer: Sparky took us out.

nice work men. No, Folsom is not a running AO

Cold Hands Redemption Day

It was a little bit chilly rolling into the Folsom gloom. YHC was anxiously awaiting what mumblechatter might be continuing from last Thursday’s episode. YHC was prepared for such scorning. ShowToKnow!!  Roadie is already present and after the Big White Truck was parked, the headlights start pouring in. Looks like the fartsack was weak on this particular day! Let’s get to work.


Gravel pickers, toy soldiers, Don Q, x15 IC; well here comes the site Q on time as usual. NightClubs til Sparky joins the group.

Pledge the shovel flag(I believe many have forgotten that there’s a shovel flag present and mosey to the parks flag instead?)


Mosey………….For a solid mile before a break. Hey, there’s Oompa rolling in. He can catch up, and did rather quickly. These Folsom PAX are really getting the hang of this running thing. Finish up at the top of the lower parking lot. Triple Nickel time, 5 Burpees run up the hill to designated light pole for 5 squats, repeato X5. Mosey back to start to grab a jump rope then run up to the tennis courts. Line up, 25 jump ropes drop for 10 burpees then run to the other end of the courts and back, rinse-repeat. 20 jump rope, drop for 15 plank jacks run to the end and back, rinse repeat. 15 jump rope, drop for 10 Merkins, run across the courts and back, rinse-repeat. Oops, Q went over time a couple minutes, but no mumbelchatter heard!

Announcements: Convergence Saturday At Folsom! 0700. Sign up for CSAUP by the 17th.

Prayer requests lifted

YHC took us out!

nice work men! Awesome to see the energy and encouragement that is surrounding the Folsom AO! It really makes it easier to fight the fartsack to get out there and hang out and sweat with you guys!


No Waffle House for You

With the rain coming down pretty good, YHC was not expecting a mass to be posting at Folsom this AM. So, I roll into Folsom and there’s ole Roadie parked at start. I continue to wait in the truck until closer to start time and finally I see headlights over the hill. Alright, it’s gonna be a good time. There was mumberchatter heardamongst the men. Faintly I hear “Waffle House, This is stupid, It’s wet.” YHC remained focused with the plan ahead. With 5 PAX present, we clock in at 5:30.


SSH, PLANK JACKS, DON QUIOTES ALL X15 IC and there’s the site Q rolling in hot, so Moroccan Nightclubs TIL sparky joins. Great timing, Train, 5 OYO. This got some chatter going again. Alright, let’s mosey.


mosey to the park entrance flag for


on your six for a little an work. LBC, AMERICAN HAMMERS X15 IC. Off the 6 and mosey the long way around the park to the lower shelter. I must say, the Folsom PAX are getting the hang of this running stuff. Nope not the shelter, hit the parking lot. Partner up for some leap frog. Idea by Squirt downtown, thank you sir. PAX 1 plank while P 2 bear crawls to the first line and performs 5 burpees. Drop into plank while P 1 bear crawls 2 lines for 5 burpees. Continue rotation and every other line until we hit 50 burpees each. Now, let’s do the same thing but instead we use a low squat hold for plank, lung walk instead of bear crawl, and 10 squats instead of burpees. Once we hit the end of the lot, each PAX totaled 100 squats. Ok, let’s mosey around the parking lot for some shelter work. Freddie Mercuries, Merkins, Dips all x15 IC, then 10 big boys on my count x 10. Q calls for some step ups but quickly canceled seeing the clock was at 6:13. Let’s quick mosey back to start. That hill climb back is horrible but Roadie and I pushed each other to finish it out strong! Nice hustle Roadie!

Announcements; SWO March 16-18, AO relay

Prayer requests lifted, Praying for Def Leppard’s Testing

YHC took us out in prayer

nice work men! And as always, thanks for the opportunity to lead. Folsom is getting stronger! Aye,

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