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PrisonBreak Has A New Site Q

I never thought I’d ever actually be a “runner” much less Site Q a running AO. At the time PrisonBreak started, the Qs at Folsom had been including more running. Sparky was site Q at Folsom when the idea of PrisonBreak emerged. I guess he felt like it was a good time for YHC to step up to a leadership role. I was all for it. The part I wasn’t “all for” was the fact that it was a running AO. I settled in and made the best of it. I honestly gained a lot by having that accountability and responsibility of posting on Wednesday’s. I ran more SFN runs and other 5ks. I guess you can say, my position pushed me to be better at running. I even accomplished something I never dreamed of doing, run 17 miles in the Tuna 200 relay. To be able to run, not walk any, and finish my 3 legs of that relay under my listed pace was unimaginable before I took the reigns of PrisonBreak.

After about a year, I started looking to groom the next PAX into a leadership role. The timing wasn’t the best. A few AOs were also changing site Qs and guys I had in mind were stepping up into those positions. That was awesome. I had asked a couple PAX and some just hadn’t felt like it was their time. I had spoken to Broke about RoundUp. RoundUp is a “runner”, has a great attitude, and was the perfect fit. Broke and myself spoke to him and he was excited to be thought of for Site Q. I know PrisonBreak is in good hands. I’m looking forward to what he brings to the table.

Being a site Q is not a huge task to take on. It requires leadership. It requires being able to communicate. It requires some time and effort in lining up Qs and it takes time to verify that the back lasts are logged in with all PAX accounted for that post. Heck, the best part is the conference calls. I encourage those out there who haven’t stepped up yet, to step up when these opportunities come. A big part of F3 is about building leaders. At some point, we all should step up and take on a leadership role and take on a little responsibility in this organization. That’s the least we can do, considering what we gain from it. I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to my next role.

MW Out

Big crowd out at PrisonBreak to lay rubber. Miles were logged and all got better.


YHC took us out in prayer

PrisonBreak 1/22

Not much really to write up about on this fine cold morning. The Premier Running AO in the region always draws out a great crowd to log miles. That being said, all participants did their thang and ended back at start.


COT: Gumby, Wichita’s dad, MW’s mom

YHC took us out in prayer

A Horny Day

It was a crisp, rather chilly, morning at Folsom this morning. I was confident there’d be a good showing, even though in past years, cold weather kept a lot of PAX in the fartsack. Yes, I’m guilty myself. Moving on, I had heard from Watts Up that he was coming up to visit. There had been chatter on our Folsom GroupMe group last night where Allen Tate confirmed with HIPAA that he’d be there. Well, that didn’t happen, but it was good to see HIPAA come out. As I step out of the Jeep, I hear this annoying car alarm/horn going off over at the animal shelter. So, from then on it was Beep..Beep………Beep..Beep. It’s time, so let’s get at it.


SSH, gravel pickers X15 IC.

Mosey to the tennis courts for…
The Thang;
Variation of Sparky’s 20-1 was called. 3 exercises;merkins, Squats, LBCs. Using the entire court area, corner 1, get 20 of each exercise. Mosey to the next corner for 19 each. Mosey to the next get 18 each. Continue until you finish up back at corner 1 with 1 of each. Quick recover then line up on the first court for some Wojo inspired run training. Start with a nur half the distance then turn and sprint the remaining distance. Turn around and nur then sprint. Round 2, buttkicks all the way down paying attention to form and turn around for the same back. Round 3, high knees all the way down and YHC was asked “we going back, right?” Well, yes. Ok, back at start Q called for some clipboard/screw your buddy/whatever you call it. In a line, PAX 1 calls an exercise and the remaining PAX perform that exercise AMRAP while PAX runs the courts and back. PAX 2 is next. Continue until all has an opportunity to screw the others. Then mosey a full lap around the courts and end back at the flag. 22 merkins for the Vets. And yes, that damn horn is still beeping.


COT Wichita’s dads recovery, Gumby’s recovery, my mothers knee surgery coming up

Announcements there’s a bunch of runs coming up, I should’ve recorded it. Hit up Slack for those details.

YHC took us out in Prayer

What a crowd?!!

This morning started out like usual, but as time drew closer to start, it was noticeably different. Well, different as of lately. 16 men tore up the PrisonBreak route on this occasion. I’m used to seeing 6-8 on a regular basis. Of course, it is time to get your P200 training in. Many of the guys who have signed up were getting their work in. There was no sign of Allen Tate, who claimed to be ready to “Werk” to be ready for the relay. We will see his effort in time. Anyway, good to see all you guys this morning.


Announcements: P200 sign ups(see Montross), Sparky has started a little bible study Monday mornings(get a run in and be in Ingles by 0600 for discussion)

COT Wichita’s father, Montross, Gumby recovery

YHC took us out in prayer


With the launch of a soon to be named AO on the other end of town, PrisonBreak was a little lighter than usual. That’s ok, cause we were able to welcome an FNG, Evinrude, to the scene. He works with Wichita as a lineman, but his hobby is building outboard race motors for boats, along with many other hobbies. Anyway, there were six total; 2 ruckers and 4 runners. When all made it back to start, we got the pledge in.

COT; Wichita’s dad, Gumby, Volts 2.0

YHC took us out in prayer

Wisdom for the New Year

Being that YHC had the Q for the last day of the year, I had to plan something a little bit different than what I’m used to calling. I Q a good beat down, but I’m definitely not the most creative in doing so. That being said, what is the most discussed topic when the new year is approaching? Resolutions, kicking bad habits, finishing that project you’ve been working on for three years; Typical stuff. With that in mind, something else came to light. What is F3 about anyway? Leadership and building leaders within our communities. So when I combined the two, I came up with the idea to share some words of wisdom and tie them into what this F3 thing is about. Q Source had a large impact in my thinking. So let’s get at it.

Time hits and a brief disclaimer, get 5 burpees OYO.

Mosey up to the tennis courts for the first lesson.

“For last years words belong to last years language and next years words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.” T.S. Eliot

Maybe your legacy hasn’t been what it could’ve been or you dropped the hat. That’s last years language, end it and begin this years voice!

Now 4 corner escalator; 10 Merkins, 20 lunges, 30 LBCS, then add 40 SSH at the last corner. Mosey to the new parking lot by the soccer field for the next lesson.

“Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.” Ben Franklin

Love your neighbor no matter how hard it might be. Trust me, it can be a struggle. Let that love generate a better man in yourself each year.

Line up for Route 66 Bobby Hurleys. Mosey to the flag for the pledge. Short mosey across to the adjacent lot for the next lesson.

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” C.S. Lewis

In scripture, God expresses often that nothing here compares to what lies ahead. Forget about what you don’t have on Earth because nothing can compare to eternity in Heaven.

Triple nickel up the hill with burpees and squats. Mosey back to start for the last lesson.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”

Learn from our mistakes and live today in a way that is correcting those mistakes and we will have hope for tomorrow to be better person.

5 minutes of Mary and we are out of time.

Prayer requests were lifted.

YHC took us out in prayer.

Again, these words are truly wisdom. They are very simple to understand and follow. Take a look at where you are and work to be even better in the days ahead.

“Yeah, I’m gonna need better shoes.”

Palmetto 200 training is kicking into high gear. There was a nice crowd out there on this fine morning. All runners this time, no ruckers. Today even brought out Kingpin for his first PrisonBreak post. He logged in about 3.5 miles and all in basketball sneakers. That’s real rock pushing! He did determine there will be a shoe purchase very soon though. Nice work by all.


YHC took us out in prayer

ChristmasTown ‘19 SpeedForNeed

Man, this year has flown by. Seems like it was just a few months ago when Speed For Need rocked the Christmas Town 5k. I’ve been a part of several SFN events, but there’s just something special about this one. It’s under the lights of the famous Christmas Town spectacle shown every year for well…..every since I can remember. Not is it that, but being the season it is and the environment it’s held, provides F3 PAX the opportunity to give a gift to those with special needs. That gift isn’t just rolling through a town showing the largest Christmas light display around on the coolest wheelchairs ever made, but it’s the gift of love, support, and encouragement to those and their families. Millions of children experience and live with some type of special need. These children truly are special. They deserve awareness, attention, and support everyday. This is where Speed For Need steps in. To be able to see the joy, excitement, and hope in these kiddos’ eyes is what drives the program.

Leading up to this years event, Pizza Man had reached out to the region asking for  Qs to help lead and organize the run. YHC knew I’d be participating in the run and hadn’t heard if anyone had spoken up so I offered. Pizza Man in turn said Dr. Seuss has also offered and that we would plan a co-Q with some guidance and assistance from Pizza himself. Little did I know there was so much to do and organize for such an event. Thanks to Pizza Man for all the preparatory work which left Seuss and I the responsibility of getting our track commanders fitted and buckled in their chairs. We were to make sure our pushers were assisted and of course make sure all have fun.

At around 5:30 pm, we all gather up to lay hands on one another, the track commanders and families for a word prayer for safety and enlightenment during the race. The track commanders were all saying how they were going to win and how we better push them fast as we can push across that line. With a lot of mumblechatter and fellowship, we mosey the group up to the starting line. While waiting for the signal, we all feel a couple rain drops. This rain was supposed to hold off. It’s just 25-30 minutes we are asking for. Anyway, the bottom dropped and it left us asking whether or not to call it for the track commanders. After speaking with the parents and the kiddos themselves, it was confirmed to proceed with the race. So, here we go, drenched by the rain, but filled by the spirits of these guys in the chairs. As usual, Evan is the talkative one and declares he will never be beaten in a race. He is off almost at a sprint and leaving the rest of us to make up some ground. It wasn’t long for Owen, Colton, Megan, Sarah,  and Nathan are hot on his heels. Nehemiah, close behind, is settling in on a good pace. The first mile was over just like that and the track commanders were locking in their paces. No need for water at the half way point for these guys. Let’s keep at it. I must admit, out of every 5k run I’ve ran, this one is the toughest due to the all the hills. This wasn’t an issue for our racers though. They plowed right through it like a jog on a flat track. The neighborhood citizens were cheering them on from every house on the track. This was boosting them into that second wind and  boom, we are at the home stretch. At this point, I wasn’t sure who was leading, but I know everyone of them were winning! As the racers cross the finish line, victory was being proclaimed. Each track commander put it on the line and conquered the mission. Great work guys. Evan, Colton, Nathan, Owen, Sarah, Megan, and Nehemiah were all awarded their Speed For Need medals and the victory party began.

I believe I speak for all of the Gastonia Region PAX who participated in this event when I say, these experiences are a blessing to be a part of. There’s nothing more fulfilling than being able to bring joy to the track commanders in these races. Many of the PAX who participate are actual runners. Some are not, but when it comes down to “Who Pushes Who” in a race, I believe the track commanders are the ones pushing. I know they push me and it’s why I continue to participate. Thank you to all who came out to run, push, setup, or just hang out.

MW and Dr. Seuss out!


Bets were made

It seemed to be just another day at PrisonBreak, but the faces seen on this particular day was anything but. Folsom seems unique in that the group of PAX who mostly make up the AO are on a GroupMe text group and if you thought the mumblechatter at a boot camp was enough, this group puts that to shame. Anyway, bets are made regularly to encourage or trash talk fellow Folsomites into posting.  Roadie was a face rarely seen on this AO day and yes it was part of a bet. The bet was and many times is the purchase of breakfast. Roadie is quick to jump in on these and rarely loses. Sparky owes Roadie breakfast due to the fact Allen Tate, actually posted, to, how he says it, werk. Allen Tate has been providing breakfast for Roadie rather regularly. I’m not sure if there’s some back channel betting, but Anyway, that being said, there was a nice crowd out to actually WORK. Miles were logged.


YHC took us out in prayer

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