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Was it as good for you as it was for me?

Ok, so most of you know that I’m not exactly “creative” when it comes to my Qs, but most of the time they deliver. That being said, after learning about the sweet hill over at the Walmart annex of Folsom, I’ve come to love the triple nickel! Where’s the hill downtown? You might ask. Well, there’s not really one. YHC made one. Before I get down to the details, I just want to say, thank you men for coming out to support not only me, but the great AO of Downtown!


SSH, Toy Soldiers x10 IC…….mosey


YHC took the long route to the infamous parking deck. Once we arrive, I call what’s about to take place. I ask if all were familiar with the triple nickel, most understood and the rest figured it out quick because QIC is on the clock. Not having a hill, I’ll use the parking deck. Triple nickel is called. 5 jump lunges(each leg) sprint the flats and nur the ramps of the parking deck to the top. Plenty of mumblechatter was heard, but all complied. Once at the top, do 5 jump squats. No, you’re not using the steps, you’re gonna mosey back down to start the long way. Repeat 4 more times to complete the nickel. YHC not ready to chill calls a mosey about 2 blocks to the next round of entertainment. Partner up, P1 performs exercise AMRAP while P2 performs said exercise. Round 1, high knees run a distance and back and partner  amraps Imperial Squats. Flap jack, round 2 buttkicks and low slow squats, round 3 high knees and calf raises, round 4 buttkicks and Toy Soldiers, round 4 nur and monkey Humpers. (Downtown favorite when backed up to Franklin BLVD) Plank for the six, 3 second recover. Let’s mosey. Mumblechatter, “we just did that). No time for it, we Headed back to start, we halt at a wall for some wall sits adding a March IC for who knows how many reps, too much mumblechatter to concentrate. Mosey back to start. Q asks Island to call an exercise while the Q’s phone was retrieved from his truck. I could hear “thank goodnesss” when LBCs were called. Finally, I call Sister Act to count off 22 Merkins for the Vets.



Announcements; Mt Mitch Hike Sunday 0530 at GSM. SFN Belmont 5k Nect Saturday, Memorial Day Murph at Martha Rivers(other AOs closed

COT; Gastone’s family, Pizza Mans family, Watts Up, Turtlemans friend, each other.

YHC took us out in prayer.

Just want to say that you men and the relationships and fellowship experienced in this group have been extremely appreciated! All men need this type of environment to coincide with life to make it not only easier, but to also feel like they’re not going through life alone. The mumblechatter and trash talk doesn’t cost anymore and it’s beneficial to get up before daylight and become a better Man. Thank you for what F3 and especially the Gastonia region has done being a part of my life.

MW Out


What a douchebag!

As usual, PAX gather at the premier run/ruck AO in Dallas in this rather cool brisk morning. On this particular day, we had a variety of preferred methods of logging some miles in. There were walkers, runners, ruckers, and even a mall walker(Oompa). Anyway, we normally park in the same area of the Ingles parking lot leaving a couple spaces open to gather where we place the shovel flag. This has never happened before that I know of, but a random Douchebag in a Jeep just wanted to squeeze his doucheness between my truck door, the curb where the flag was, and within arms reach of the PAX. This maneuver was not only rude, but rather bold to have been performed in such close proximity to us Real HIM. Why he felt the need to do so, who knows, but for his sake he’s glad he didn’t stop. Several years ago, YHC wouldn’t have just watched such ignorance take place without a confrontation. That being said, thank the Lord I’m not how I used to be.

Announcements: SFN Belmont 5k, Mt. Mitchell Hike Sunday, Memorial Day Murph at Martha Rivers(no other AOs open)

prayer requests: Gastone, Pizza Man, each other

YHC took us out in prayer

The Piano Derby………?

So, YHC has never been very creative at a “themed” type Q. That being said, and the fact that I’m a bit ADD, this Q came out around more than a single theme.  The Q was under fire much of the WO, but mumblechatter is always a boost of moral. Enough with the introduction, this is how it went down.

On this day, Billy Joel/The piano Man just happens to turn 70 years old. I’m not a big fan, but after hearing his birthday announced on the radio, I thought I could honor it. Again, ADD.


Seven Exercises, 10 reps each IC for a total of 70, hence Billy Joel. I know pretty dumb, but hey, it was a good warmup. Exercises were, Merkins, plank jacks, Goof Balls(not used much at Folsom), Imperial Walkers, Flutter kicks, mike Tyson’s, Freddie Mercury’s.


mosey to tennis courts.


This past weekend was the running of the 145th Kentucky Derby. Again, not a big fan or anything, but the number 145 stood out to me. So, line up on the first court. This routine will be called “9-1.” Three exercises will be performed. Start with 9 reps each then run the total distance of the courts and back. Then perform 8  reps each, run and back for 7, etc. etc. Down to 1 rep each and finish with another run down and back. Exercises were Burpees, LBCs, Squats. 9-1 with 3 exercises happen to equal 145 reps. Next up, another routine Oompa had called “screw your brothers” or something, but I heard it called “Clipboard” out at Blackbeard’s AO.  Line up and each PAX will call an exercise of his choice then run to the end of the courts and back while his brothers perform said exercise AMRAP. Once he returns the next calls and runs, etc. we had time for 2 complete rounds of this before time was called. There were 16 different exercises, but I honestly couldn’t tell you what all they were. Time:

Announcements: SFN Belmont(sign up, PAX needed), F3 Dads Camp

COT; Roadies Family, Gastone’s family, Wheezy, The Champion Family,  each other

YHC took us out in prayer

Always an honor to lead you men! It’s exciting to witness new PAX staying committed, getting stronger, and becoming HIM! The accountability, support, and encouragement in our region has been the definition of what F3 stands for. Let’s continue to stay strong and build each other to be the Men that God called us to be for our families and communities.


There was an usually light crowd at Folsom on this comfortable spring morning.  With no one else in sight, we clock in with 5.


SSH, Toy Soldiers, Merkins x10 IC

Mosey to the park entrance.


Mosey back to where the road forks and stop at the hill. I’ve heard this called different names, but I’m going with Stackers after witnessing this during a Cape Fear WO last summer. Yes, I still post when on vacation. Anyway……..


7 exercises, 7 reps each, some of which are in cadence. Mosey down the hill, nur back up and perform exercise 1. Mosey down, nur up the perform exercise 1 and add exercise 2. Continue adding the next exercise until you’ve completed all 7 exercises. Exercises were; burpees, Merkins, Mt. Climbers IC, Squats, LBCs IC, lunges each leg, big boy sit-ups. Once all were finished, mosey back to the upper lot at the entrance. Line up for Route 66 with Bobby Hurley’s. Mosey back to start.

COT and YHC took us out in prayer

PrisonBreak BB is Live

After several hours of the Weasel Shaker busting my chops about this mornings backblast, I figured I’d go ahead and help calm his nerves.

It was a cool morning in the gloom of Ingles parking lot. As usual I had passed Volt already on the road. There were a couple other PAX ready to roll, one being Gumby who is on a mission to break YHC’s posting record,  so when 0530 hit, we went on our ways. We had some P200 guys come out to ruck and Allen Tate did some running. Barrel Racer was out on his own since I couldn’t keep up. Allen Tate returned to start early with some soreness and by 0615 all had safely returned.


prayer requests; ATs M and mom, an unspoken

YHC took us out in prayer

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this fine AO. You men are what keeps me coming out.

Folsom Favorite…..Downtown

YHC has been recovering from yet another leg injury. This time being the ankle, but same dang leg. Anyway, I had signed up to Q and was going to make it happen someway, somehow. A thought came to me about a Q that has been used quite a few times at Folsom and at the same time a Q that was low impact. I didn’t want to Q it if I couldn’t do it. So, for the Folsom guys, you’ll know what this Q consists of.


Don Qs, Toy Soldiers, Merkins, Moroccan night Clubs all x10 IC


short slow mosey to pick up Big Pappy who came in hot a minute late.


grab a coupon from the truck. Circle up for 20-1. Yes, Sparkys infamous block workout. So, we have 4 exercises; Overhead press, Curl, Tricep extensions, Squats. YHC started at 20 each exercise for round 1 on my call then allowed the rest of the PAX to participate all the way down to 1 rep per exercise. After each set of 5 rounds we took a short recovery mosey around the parking lot. After we hit 1, we load up the blocks and take a bit longer mosey up Main Street. We stop briefly at a ref light where Slaw tried to hijack the Q and hit our six for some flutters and LBCs until Gastone has picked up the six. Mosey to start for 4 minutes of Mary. Random PAX chose different exercises. Time.

Announcements; Gastone’s Hike May 5, Community Run

Prayer requests; Gastone’s Family, My nephew, other spoken requests

YHC took us out in prayer

We Already Have A Peffercorn

Just when we start getting used to the warmer morning weather, nature hits us with a surprise mid 20 degrees. That’s cool cause I know real HIM will post no matter what. Time to clock in.

There were 6 runners and 2 for a ruck. Miles were logged and our FNG seems like he’s gonna fit in with the “Runners.”

All return to start at 6:15.

Pledge, wait, no shovel flag, but no worries, Sparky just happened to have a Flag patch on his boggin. He hangs it on a vehicle and we get it done.

Naming the FNG wasn’t too hard. After learning he grew up playing baseball, played college ball at Limestone and he’s on the Parks And Rec art in Dallas. Smalls was the first thought, but we already have a Smalls. Then Wendy Peffercorn was announced. That had to be it. So, YHC being the Q confirms it. Well, little did I know, but later on was told, that F3 Gastonia already has a Peffercorn. A rename will take place his next post. #QFail

YHC took us out in prayer

There’s a new Chief in town

  1. This morning had to be one of the gloomiest yet most exciting mornings Folsom has witnessed in a good while. As far as gloom, the fog was thick rolling into Folsom and it was a damp 40*. You’ll understand here shortly that there was more “gloom” and a lot of excitement as stated.

YHC has come up with a pretty good weinke for this morning. I borrowed some of a Q that our own Gastone had laid out Downtown a little while back. Word on our Folsom GroupMe chat yesterday was that there would be an FNG. Not to my surprise, he showed. I’ve gotta hand it to Folsom, there’s been some EHing going on lately and a lot of the new guys are sticking around! Ok, so, several PAX roll in at time so we start.



SSH, Low Slow Squats x10 IC



Indian run from start to the far parking lot by the ball fields. Stop at about the half way point of the lot. Partner up for some Dirty 11’s. This is basically individual Dirty 11’s but at the mid way point you’ll perform 5 BooYa merkins with your partner. The other 2 exercises were burpees and Mike Tyson’s. This took a bit longer than planned so once we hit 0610, we lined up to Indian run back to start. While the 6 were being picked up, PAX did some Mary with 10 burpees, 20 LBCs, 20 Flutter Kicks.


announcements- Rooster CSAUP, P200

COT- Allen Tate’s Mom, Rockabillys Mother had surgery today

YHC took us out in Prayer

Its an honor to lead you men. We all are getting stronger everyday. Also, if you didn’t know already, Allen Tate had been labeled Chief RockPusher by Montross a while back. Some approved and actually started referring him as such. He had tried his best to have his F3 name changed, but that wasn’t going to happen. Rules say you can’t name yourself and if you ask for a different one, it’s going to be more harsh than the first. So, anyway, Folsom has an FNG to name this AM. Allen Tate nor his side kick SiteQ Montross were present. That being said after getting to know this FNG, it was determined his name would be Chief. After all, he mentioned that he had a “lot of kids, a tribe of them.” Some say it was spiteful, but I say it was destiny. It seems today that there are some hurt feelings due to said events of the naming, but I’m sure they shall heal over time. There’s was also excitement in the disbelief of what had happened. Anyway, Welcome Chief.

“Thankful to get hard”

We call it “the gloom,” this this morning at PrisonBreak, it really didn’t feel gloomy. Yes, it was still 0530, but it seemed that the air quality and temperature were above the classification of gloom. Anyway, as always I arrive a little early and Volt is headed out for his run. Shortly  after, several roll in. It looked like we were going to do more rucking than running by the show of packs being unloaded. Tater Hole hops out and is looking for Sparky. Apparently they made arrangements at Folsom yesterday for Tayer Hole to borrow Sparkys ruck pack. Needless to say, he was left hanging. Sparky was a no show. That didn’t stop Tater though. He partnered up with Meatsuit and put in some co-ruck mileage. The group was pretty diverse with  ruckers, mall walkers, runners, joggers, and walkers. Some PRs were made.

All arrived safely back at start.

Announcements; Rooster CSAUP, P200, Lincolnton Middle School 5k(get with Sparky)

COT- prayer requests lifted

BedPan took us out in prayer

We all have our moments when we pray out loud. Sometimes what you really mean to say just doesn’t come off the tongue quite right. Remember, that’s OK, we all do it. During his prayer, Bedpan was thankful “to get out here and get hard with the guys.” Needless to say, Folsom found it pretty good time with it.

Thanks for coming out to the premier running AO in all of Dallas.

MW out


After a night full of excitement and bull crap talk on our infamous GroupMe text group, YHC was convinced that there would only be a few real HIM show at PrisonBreak this AM. Mostly due to the alleged rain in the forecast, but I honestly believe some PAX were set on Waffle House from the start. That being said, Allen Tate, AKA Self-Proclaimed Chief of Folsom, called out several who were discussing such alternate activities. “Tomorrow will be a show of HIMS vs HERS,” he posted.

So I arrive at the AO about 15 minutes early and see that Sister Act is already off and I was visited by Tyson who was out running with a couple dudes. Trustworthy Blart pulled up then shortly after, Barrel Racer. Needless to say, I expected that to be the extent of it. I assumed Waffle House was starting to get a bit crowded. After some chit chat and stretching, Allen Tate comes in hot, jumping out the truck before it came to a stop, followed by Sparky and Round Up. Good deal, it’s time so all take off for some miles. There were no ruckers this fabulous day, only Runners, joggers, and PAX who weren’t afraid of the rain. The ironic part of the whole event, was that the rain was absent during the activities.


COT; Big Pappy’s family, Pizza Man’s M

YHC took us out in Prayer

Its an honor to Q this fine AO. It has pushed me to get my butt out the sack another day during the week. Running is not my forte, but it’s something I push to get through because it’s making me a little better/stronger each time. See ya in the gloom.


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