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Stepped up

12 Strong for a Gastone Q.

The Thing:

SSH 25

Imperial Walker 25

Mosey down the road to the bottom of Gastone’s Hill

10 Burpee’s

Head fake at the hill and mosey to Robinson School. 40 LBC’s while we recover.

Around to the back of the school for sidewalk railing planks while one person bear crawls under. 2 Rounds.

Mosey to the front of the school for the wall work.

2 Rounds (20 Dips, 10 Derkins, 10 Incline Merkins)

Mosey to steps behind school

21’s, 20 Monkey humper’s at the bottom and 1 squat at the top until we reverse the numbers for 20 at the top and 1 at the bottom. (Everyone’s favorite)

Mosey to Food Loin parking lot.

40 Flutter’s on your own.

Mosey to the start. Shortsale strong on the way back.

The Moleskin:

Great push out of everyone for this 2.6 mile beatdown. We kept a strong pace and lots of people pushing hard.

Pray for all the pax and family going through stuff,


Gastone Out, and as always it is an honor.



Respect the run

8 gathered at Coconut for many guys with respect and Stroganoff’s approach to respect.

The Thing:
We ran 5 miles

The Moleskin:


Circle of trust and prayer

Strabucks for Fellowship

Gastone Out!

Dorothy had a little dog…

That little dogs name was Toto. But, don’t be fooled when looking at the little dog because it had great strength. The strength of a lion.

The Thang:

We warmed up.

He killed our arms, we tried a few new things.

We did pull ups.

Overall pretty nasty Q but I don’t remember all.

The Moleskin:

Toto has jumped in and is learning the whole thing around taking on a Q.  He will learn to write BB’s soon but for now I have him covered.

Pledge and the Prayers,

Toto Signing Off for today.

Total Body by Gastone

19 For a Hippa then supposed to be Toto and then it was a Gastone Q. Prayers for Hippa with a death in the family and for Toto who had a hospital visit and should be back to us in a couple days.

Now that it is Gastone of course all were excited about all the possibilities. I pulled from my Wienke brain and made up a workout real fast.

The Thang:

SSH 20

Merkins 10

Imperial Walker 20

Diamond Merkins 10

Mosey to middle of the soccer fields.

100 yard Lunges

Mosey to bottom of the hill at the back of the soccer fields.

30 Monkey Humpers, Backwards up the hill, 30 Squats, then back down.

30 Monkey Humpers, 20 Lunges each leg, Backwards up the hill, 30 Squats, Then back down.

30 Monkey Humpers, 20 Lunges each leg, 30 Gorilla Humpers, Backwards up the hill, 30 Squats, Then back down.

Mosey to the back of the park to exit.

Plank on your elbows as we gather the 6.

Mosey out of the park the back way and to Riverwood PLWY.


Mosey to the bottom of Gastone’s Hill

Every mailbox on the right 5 Merkins all the way to the top.

40 LBC’s, 40 American Hammers, 40 Flutter’s count the right foot

Back down the hill, every mailbox on the left do 5 Merkins. Seemed more like Derkins.

40 LBC’s

Mosey the way back and stop for…

Jack Webb’s to 7 and back down.

Jail break to the starting line.

The Moleskin:

Great work and a new guy that says he will be back on Wednesday. Strong group of men making each other stronger and not just with the workout.

Prayer requests for you brother’s and family members,

Gastone Out



Jaunt around the Coconut

11 Him’s showed for the Coconut Run.

Some did extra credit.

Monk has found the speed and drove the bus.

5 Miles was complete.

Great morning with the group with a little coffee afterwards.

Thanks for the opportunity,


It’s raining sweat

Gastone was out for extra credit and almost made it back to the start before the group left. But, I was in front of Heatherloch when I noticed the pax which I tried to catch but just to far to reach.

But, everyone ran 5 miles some ran more.

Then some stayed for coffee and Whoopee bought Popsicle but only 6 and left one person out.

Gastone Out!



A stroll in the park…

22 came out for a Gastone inspired beat down. T-Bone and Bandit joined the mix for some unfamiliar faces that we are glad to have back (Cotter’s).

The Thang:

FNG present Ryan Morrow so gave him a quick disclaimer that he heard but everyone else was talking.


Start off with Mosey down Riverwood Pkwy

Stop at first light pole and do 1 Burpee

Mosey to next and do 2 Burpee all the way to 7 Burpees at the last pole before taking a right on Plantation Trail.

Mosey down to the back entrance of Martha’s Park and do 40 LBC’s while collecting the 6.

Mosey into the park and then to the middle of the soccer fields.

Lunge walk the long straight away.

Then back we did Lunge with each foot then a Burpee then repeat all the way to the other side.

Mosey to the far end of the soccer field onto the grass.

Partner Up, Size Matters.

Partner Carry to the other side of the field if you both on the ground you cannot advance.

Wheelbarrow back down 75% of the field with partner.

Plank on elbows for 6.

Plank from elbow that your raise up with your right and then left and then back down, on a 3 count. 25 done.

Mosey to the bottom of the hill looking at Picnic area.

Backwards to the Picnic area.

11’s, 1 Dip at the top then 10 Merkin’s at the bottom. Rinse and repeat until you flip the numbers.

40 LBC’s while we wait.

Walk up the path then Mosey to the bathroom wall.

25 Marching soldier with our hands in the air while enjoying the Sunrise.

30 Second Balls to the Wall

Mosey up the hill to a grassy patch.

Jack Webb up to 7 and then back down.

Jailbreak to base. Defib took off fast and Island floated to catch up. Some serious speed starting to show.

The Moleskin:

FNG Ryan Morrow works in the Cath Lab and came out for his first. While doing dips he made the comment “I thought I was in shape”. Many of us have had that experience that we thought we were to a level and then we get that wake up call. He has now been named “Peffercorn” which is the lifeguard in Sandlot which came to him for 2 reasons. 1st he played baseball and 2nd he used to be a Lifeguard. Welcome Peffercorn to F3 and we all look forward to you being out the next time.

Kiwi, welcome back. You pushed hard and we look forward to having you back out regularly. Just keep on doing what you can do it will take some time but it will happen.

Bandit, its about time.

Great numbers today and all put in a great effort. Keep pushing each other and stay with it and you will all be beasts.

Prayers for anybody traveling, prayers for Toto’s Mother in law who lost her life, and for Breaker Breakers person that seems to be getting some good news on a cancer battle.

Gastone Out!

Surprise Q

12 showed up wondering who the Q at Downtown was but did not know that a middle of the night call from Turtle-man put me in the driver seat because he  is dealing with a family member in the Hospital. But, once I told everyone the excitement and cheering settled down after a couple of minutes.


The Thang:

SSH 20

CCD 20

Imperial Walker 15

Wide Arm Merkins 20

Mountain Climbers 15

Diamond Merkins 10

Mosey to York Street ( Lunge walk across the Bridge) and all the way down to W. Ranking Avenue. Take a right, Left on North York Steet, Right on West Walnut Avenue, and left in to large perfect parking lot. Location is everything.

While waiting on 6 we did something at this point.

Then we did Catch me if you Can. Partner A runs the perimeter of the parking lot which is big while Partner B does 5 Burpees. Then B runs after A and once he catches Partner A does 5 Burpees. Rinse and repeat until one big lap was complete.

Next, 1 Parnter Merkin, Run opposite directions until you meet then do 2 Partner Merkins and so on. We made it to 7.

20 Flutter Kicks

20 Merkins

20 Flutter Kicks

20 Wide Arms

20 Slow to fast Flutter Kicks

10 Diamonds OYO

Meander 50 yards and then mosey to York street at the bottom of hill.

50 I said 50, Sumo Squats.

Run backwards on the sidewalk up the hill to the light. (A little mumble chatter about this due to cars on the road but everyone was ok once we got going) Do what you can do and feel comfortable with that. I am not judging you.

Plank to wait on the light to cross the road and then Mosey around the buildings and back to the start for a finish.

The Moleskin:

Great morning that started out with Whoopee and Roscoe nailing some extra credit. I would have but went to bed early last night and did not read the pre blast. We made a little over 3 miles in this Bootcamp which for some of the guys this is an accomplishment in itself.

Toto, this guy has brought it this week with his 3rd workout in his first week. He plans on attending Pain Lab tomorrow morning. Kudos to Toto.

Captain Stubbing, has been much more that present lately as well. Kudos to all the hard work.

I am only highlighting a few and many others have been working hard, keep it going. Sometimes the results are hard to see and then you look back and don’t know how you got to the front of the Pax.

Prayers for several of the pax going through or family that is going through something. I would notate these people but I don’t want to mess up all the relationships so just give a good prayer for the pax.

Gastone Out!



The Folsom Triangle of leg pain

12 Men came out as Gastone to the reins of Folsom for the morning.

The Thang:


(On my count)

40 SSH, 20 Carolina Dry Dock, 30 Imperial Walkers, 20 Wide Arm Merkins, 20 Mountain Climbers, 10 Diamonds.

Mosey up the road to the split in the road or what I will call is a road Triangle.

Position A, Everyone plank and once all were down we began. 20, 3 count to elbows and back up. (This is the exact location that we first might have hear a whimper of arm pain) 50 Monkey Humper’s, Backwards down the hill to location B of the triangle. 50 Squats. Lunge up the hill to Location C for 30 Mountain Climbers on count. Karaoke back to Location A.

A, 50 Monkey Humper’s. Backwards down the hill. B. 50 Squats. Lunge to C for 30 Sumo Squats. Karaoke to A.

A, 50 Gorilla Humper’s, Backwards down the hill. B 50 Squats. Lunge Backwards up the hill. 30 Sumo Squats I think. (Someone mentioned that this was a leg day, but we are just getting started)

Mosey towards the Tennis courts but stop at sidewalk on the way.

Jack Webb’s up to 7 and then back down.

Mosey on to the Tennis Courts.

Balls to the wall with a tiny speech before hand. We held it for 45 seconds.

Back up on the wall but this time we did shoulder taps to 20, on my count.

20 CCD’s on my count

20 Wide Arm’s on my count.

10 Diamonds on my count.

6 Minutes of Mary.

40 Flutters on my count

50 LBC’s

30 Flutters

30 American Hammer’s.

Mosey back tot he start.

40 SSH

The Moleskin:

Folsom, keep on creating a special atmosphere and doing what all of you do at this location. We had a little chatter today but generally quiet. I gave a little words of encouragement at the end on a friend of mine named Snoop and the first time I ran with him. Basically, he checked me on a few things and they were all correct of him to check me on. So it is an example and is mentioned throughout F3 in examples of Iron Sharpens Iron and other people saying leave no man the way your found them. We all in my opinion need each other, in good and bad times. and we need people to check us.

Volt, Pointed out I had 2 different shoes on. Get ready in the dark and this is what happens. Ha.

Everyone worked hard, and I really enjoy travelling to take on the Q at your location. Even if Roadie was scared to come to my Q.

Gastone, Out!






We worked legs a little….

Gastone took the realm of Snoballs this morning for a good old fashioned Beat-down.

Pledge then disclaimer for FNG.

The Thang:

All 3 Count

30 SSH

10 Merkins

30 Imperial Walker

10 Diamond Merkins

Mosey around baseball fields.

Short stop for some plank a rama followed by 10 Burpee’s while the 6 joins us.

Mosey the the back of the soccer fields to the bottom of the hill into the woods.

OYO, 30 Monkey Humpers, 20 Squats, 30 Gorilla Humpers

Backwards up the hill or as we call it Urr.

OYO, 30 Mountain Climbers, 30 Monkey Humpers, 20 Squats, 30 Gorilla Humper (Little brain problem as I forgot the name of Mountain Climbers, thanks Defib)

Backwards up the hill, Urr.

OYO, 30 SSH,  30 Mountain Climbers, 30 Monkey Humpers, 20 Squats, 30 Gorilla Humper

Urr up the hill.

Mosey around to the field next to the pull up bar at bottom of the hill on the path.

While waiting on the 6 we did 40 LBC’s and then 40 Flutter kicks to my count.

Jack Webb all the way up to 10 and then back down to 1. Starts with 1 Merkin and 1 Arms above you head and then goes to 2.

Mosey around the field and up the hill backwards to the pull up bar. Once at the pull up bar do 1 pull up each.

Mosey through the shortcut through the woods. (Some thought they took the better way back but they actually took the long way. )

The Pax did 40 American Hammers counting our right side.

The Moleskin:

Great morning and always a great group of guys. Monty Miller was named during the workout because of his love of Motorcycles like Harley’s, so he is Moped. He should make a great addition to the Pax.

Announcements: Convergence on the 9th at Midoriyama. 6/23 Calloway Peak Hike to the top and back.

Prayers for Madoff’s friend with Cancer.

Ended in Prayer as is done in every F3 workout.

Gastone Out!


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