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Wisdom for the New Year

Being that YHC had the Q for the last day of the year, I had to plan something a little bit different than what I’m used to calling. I Q a good beat down, but I’m definitely not the most creative in doing so. That being said, what is the most discussed topic when the new year is approaching? Resolutions, kicking bad habits, finishing that project you’ve been working on for three years; Typical stuff. With that in mind, something else came to light. What is F3 about anyway? Leadership and building leaders within our communities. So when I combined the two, I came up with the idea to share some words of wisdom and tie them into what this F3 thing is about. Q Source had a large impact in my thinking. So let’s get at it.

Time hits and a brief disclaimer, get 5 burpees OYO.

Mosey up to the tennis courts for the first lesson.

“For last years words belong to last years language and next years words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.” T.S. Eliot

Maybe your legacy hasn’t been what it could’ve been or you dropped the hat. That’s last years language, end it and begin this years voice!

Now 4 corner escalator; 10 Merkins, 20 lunges, 30 LBCS, then add 40 SSH at the last corner. Mosey to the new parking lot by the soccer field for the next lesson.

“Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.” Ben Franklin

Love your neighbor no matter how hard it might be. Trust me, it can be a struggle. Let that love generate a better man in yourself each year.

Line up for Route 66 Bobby Hurleys. Mosey to the flag for the pledge. Short mosey across to the adjacent lot for the next lesson.

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” C.S. Lewis

In scripture, God expresses often that nothing here compares to what lies ahead. Forget about what you don’t have on Earth because nothing can compare to eternity in Heaven.

Triple nickel up the hill with burpees and squats. Mosey back to start for the last lesson.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”

Learn from our mistakes and live today in a way that is correcting those mistakes and we will have hope for tomorrow to be better person.

5 minutes of Mary and we are out of time.

Prayer requests were lifted.

YHC took us out in prayer.

Again, these words are truly wisdom. They are very simple to understand and follow. Take a look at where you are and work to be even better in the days ahead.

What’s the Word?

6 men braved the precipitous drop in temperatures, and wanted to prove their mettle for one more day in 2019.  How was your 2019?  Your 2020 will be better, I GUARANTEE IT.   I had a workout that I’d been wanting to try (new exercises), but just yesterday I got a diagnosis of a partially torn rotator cuff.  That sucks.  Got to stay away from certain exercises for like three months.  Well, one more post won’t hurt, will it?

WU:  started by relighting the fire of our former Nan’tan selection/book “The One Word”, or some-such.  Pick a word and do your best to live by it in 2020.  I asked who had one for 2019, more on that later.  Let’s really warm-up:

-all by 15 reps in cadence:  SSH, LSSquat, MNC, IW, Merkin, LBC

Cardio:  these exercises, times 2 sets, 10 second count in-between:

  • Pistol Squats, 14 each leg

  • Standing Sprawl or Burpees – 20 reps

  • Handstand wall walk – 3 reps (yes, this was stupid with an injury, but fun)

  • Spaceman Jump/Bonnie Blair/Ski Lunge – 30 seconds

  • Standing Long Jump/Lunges – 30 seconds

  • Side Plank – 45 seconds per side

MUSCLE WORK: drop sets, do whatever I say (time or reps)

  • Step Ups with Knee lift; Double-Handed Swings (20 reps, 15 reps)

  • Spider-Crawls with V-Ups (this sucked.  That’s all I have).

  • Curls and Rows – Max out on each

MARY TIME:  have you thought of your word?  Everyone say it and then lead us in an exercise.  From what I remember:

Sledge-o-Matic – Q (leadership)

Voodoo – Gratitude (for the good and the bad)

Watts Up – Extra (going above and beyond)

Defib – Give (as in give more of himself to others)

Dry-Rub – Intentional? (I thought his may be Action, but this is the one I’m waiting on 😉

Def Leppard – still in thought, he is released to pick his later as he actually has been thinking about it.  He already has taken on Leadership.

Rudolph – Courage (as is to do the best and right thing all the time, no shirking).

And here comes my good friend Oompa Loompa, who said LAST year his word was Courage.  Great minds think alike.


Moleskin – lots of prayers need to be said (Sargento’s word this year) for friends, family and health.  My phone went dead so apologies for not recording.  Proud of the guys for doing new things, and really dug the Nan’tan getting up extra early to make the trip.  Bulldog is a dope AO, very glad to serve.


Solid Acquaintances

YHC pulled up for the fill in Q and found several PAX ready to go.  So we queued up the Def Leopard playlist in honor our our new Nantan and got to work.

Let’s get up to the tennis courts

The Thang:

  • 10 Big Boys
    • Bear Crawl to next court
  • 20 LBC’s in Cadence
    • Bear Crawl to next court
  • 30 Flutter Kicks
    • Bear Crawl to next court
  • 40 Hillbillies Climbers
    • Bear Crawl to next court
  • 50 Imperial Walkers
    • Bear Crawl to next court
  • 60 Squats
    • Bear Crawl to next court

Turn around and go back

  • 5 Burpies / Flying Squirrels
    • Lunge Walk to next court
  • 5 Burpies / Flying Squirrels
    • Lunge Walk to next court
  • 5 Burpies / Flying Squirrels
    • Lunge Walk to next court
  • 5 Burpies/ Flying Squirrels
    • Lunge walk to next court
  • 5 Burpies/ Flying Squirrels
    • Lunge walk to next court
  • 5 Burpies/ Flying Squirrels
    • Lunge walk to next court

Turn it around and lets do another set

  • 10 Shoulder taps
    • Bear Crawl to next court
  • 20 Merkins
    • Bear Crawl to next court
  • 30 Wide Arm Merkins
    • Bear Crawl to next court
  • 40 Mountain Climbers
    • Bear Crawl to next court
  • 50 Hillbillies
    • Bear Crawl to next court
  • Moroccan Nightclubs until Pearl Jam wept.

Turn around and go back

  • 5 Burpies / Flying Squirrels
    • Lunge Walk to next court
  • 5 Burpies / Flying Squirrels
    • Lunge Walk to next court
  • 5 Burpies / Flying Squirrels
    • Lunge Walk to next court
  • 5 Burpies/ Flying Squirrels
    • Lunge walk to next court
  • 5 Burpies/ Flying Squirrels
    • Lunge walk to next court
  • 5 Burpies/ Flying Squirrels
    • Lunge walk to next court

Still got a few minutes

  • 10 Big Boys
    • Bear Crawl to next court
  • 10 Big Boys
    • Bear Crawl to next court
  • 10 Big Boys
    • Bear Crawl to next court
  • 10 Big Boys
    • Bear Crawl to next court
  • 10 Big boys
    • Bear Crawl to next court
  • 10 Big Boys
    • Bear Crawl to next court

Turn around and Squat it back

  • 10 Squats
    • Lunge Walk to next court
  • 20 Squats
    • Lunge Walk to next court
  • 30 Squats
    • Lunge Walk to next court
  • 40 Squats
    • Lunge walk to next court
  • 50 Squats
    • Lunge walk to next court
  • 60 Squats
    • Lunge walk to next court

Time is up.  We pause the classic anthem of “Animal” by Def Leopard and did the pledge. We close out with a great word from Sparky and using F3 to help benefit the community.

Great words Sparky – Thank you!


  • Christmas Party on Saturday


  • Rockabilly
  • Tator Hole
  • Sparkey’s friend

1 Thessalonians 5:14 – “And we urge you, brothers and sisters, warn those who are idle and disruptive, encourage the disheartened, help the weak, be patient with everyone.”


Big Pappy


Countdown on New Year’s Eve

YHC first time to Q the Storm, thanks to Dirt for having me.  Good group gathered, let’s get started.  SSH, Toy Soldiers, Don Q to start, all IC 15X. 5 burpees in between.  Mosey to the traffic circle in front of the school.

YHC calls a countdown and run up the hill to the traffic circle at the road.  Diamond merkins at the bottom of the hill , and hand release at the top.   Go from 10 to 1, yep, 10 times up the hill and back down.  This took a while.  At the end, 5 burpees for the train.  Mosey back to flag.


Announcements: new AO begins Wedenesday Jan 8 at New Hope elementary school, Sargento site Q, 5:30am.  New Years Day Murph at Martha Rivers, 7am.  Prison Break open as usual.  Christmas party Jan 4 at Lewis Farm, be sure to RSVP.

Prayer requests:  Mt Hollywood PAX prayer list, Termite mom moving to assisted living, Shellshock mom with pneumonia, former neighbor of Sargento had a fall with injuries, Tiger dad illness and daughter in London traveling back on Jan 2.

YHC took us out.  Always an honor


Double Nickels for All

YHC celebrated #55 on Sunday, so Mt. Hollywood served as the infamous birthday Q.

Warmup: 55 SSH oyo, 55 merkins oyo, Bolt 55s (variation of the 45s), 5 burpees

The thang: Mosey to the flag at Veteran’s Park for the Pledge and 22 merkins for the Vets, on YHC’s count. Being this is the bottom of the hill, a little Burpback Mountain was called. PAX paired up with P1 nurring up the hill and running back down while P2 performed burpees. Seeing as how YHC has to share a birthday every year with his twin, Siri, 110 burpees were called.

Mosey to the top of the big hill, Crest, for the start of the BIRTHDAY celebration. Each letter represents an exercise, and each exercise has 55 reps. Here’s how it went down:

B=Bonnie Blairs (jump lunges), count each leg

I=Imperial walkers, count each side

R=Reverse crunch

T=Twinkle toes (an Al Gore with calf raises)

Mosey back to the start to finish the celebrating

H=Hand release merkins

D=Dying cockroaches times 2 for Siri

A=American hammers, count one side only (you see, YHC knows what Y is, and is really trying to call time before, but that is not going to be the case)

Y=Yurpees (burpee with clap merkin at the bottom and two tuck jumps at the top) until time was called.

Announcements: New AO starting Wednesday, January 8th @5:30am, New Hope Elementary, Sargento is the Site Q; New Year’s Day at Prison Break and a Murph following; Please sign up for the party

Prayer Requests: Tiger’s list to be posted later, Shell Shock’s Mom, Tiger’s Dad, Sparky’s family

YHC took us out.

It was an honor to lead -Orangeman

Pac-Man visits GasHouse

Attendance from Twitter/Facebook.

Ghost Flag was lost during this visit.

If you want to know more, you shoulda been there.

Missing PB Q.

Attendance from Twitter.

Given it was Doodles and Hacksaw, there was moseying done.

Good Work.

What is handy on a trail?

YHC roamed around this AO to gather inspiration as no weinke was prepared. Along the way saw Gastone, Dirt and TimeFrame out getting a little EC.

0530 hits and there is a late Christmas gift of a FNG. A Stinky Bird cousin. He hails from DC, so we will give him a good start and send him to Monk.

With the FNG present, a more complete introduction/disclaimer is given.


Warm Up:
Goof Balls IC x 15
Merkins IC x 10
MNCs IC x 10

Mosey to ramp behind Planet Fitness.
Bear Crawl ramp x2.
Monkey Humpers waiting on 6, then 20 more.

Mosey to steps between parking lots.
25 each of:
R. Foot Calf Raises
L. Foot Calf Raises
Toes In Calf Raises
Toes Out Calf Raises

Mosey up and down rows of parking lot, around the poles, until we are at entrance nearest Dollar General.

11s are called with Plank Jacks at bottom and Squats at the top.

Let’s move a little down the hill and have a seat on the wall.
After a bit we did 15 Air Presses IC
Put R. Foot on L. Knee, and then switched it around.

Mosey to top of hill, 20 Merkins and then back to wall.

Rinse and Repeat the Wall work.
Mosey to top of hill and do 20 Mtn Climbers and then back to wall.

Similar wall work, switching Air Presses for Marching.
Mosey to top of hill for 25 SSH and 20 Squats.

YHC posed a trivia question at this point…
“How many times has Ohio State beat Clemson in a bowl Game?”
Whatever the PAX answered, that was how many burpees were going to be called. The initial answer given was two, but they settled on the right answer of 0. Oh well, maybe next time.

From there we moseyed around the parking lot some to end up in front of the Food Lion.
Here, 5 Pax would say when they started F3 and who EH’d them. After the 5, mosey to end of the lot and back. This was repeated until all had spoken.

Mosey to the wall in front of the bank.
15 Dips
15 Step Ups each leg.

Still a couple of mins, so
15 Incline Merkins
15 Derkins

Meander to start to close out the time.

Christmas Party this Saturday.
Murph on Wednesday 0700 at Martha Rivers. No Labyrinth.

YHC took us out.

Welcome to William Ryan, now known as Spork! Hope you join another DC transplant from GasHouse, Monk.
Glad to see Belding come back and always good to have JK2 make an appearance.

As we go into 2020, remember this from Romans 8:18:
For I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed to us.

Watts Up powering down.

Gas and go blowout.

11 PAX came out for day 16 of the Christmas Challenge. 


Grass Pickers

Over Head Claps


160 reps of each exercise. After 40 reps of each exercise we run a lap. All reps are done in unison. We complete 4 laps of each round. Exercise are

Round 1




Round 2



Pretzel Crunch

Head back to the start for some marry.

Apparently the men of Mt Hollywood are extra gassy.  Every round I was blown out while running behind the group.  So be prepared on Monday’s to run in front of the group! Ha-Ha!  Also while making our laps,  a visitor come by to heckle us and left a gift for his man-crush. All I know is after he left, there was several jealous men! ha ha ha ha! As always we had a good time.


It’s Christmas Eve time in the Gashouse

It was a mild Christmas Eve morning and all through the Bulldog only Voodoo and Outhouse were stirring…reluctantly.  I arrived at 5:20 and around 5:28 outhouse rolled in. After a little mumblechatter we got after it.

we started like this 200 Merkins, 200 squats, 100 curls,  100 calf raises, and 100 burpees. We repeated this 4 times….nah I’m just joking…we went rucking.  That is all. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals

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