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Day: August 27, 2019

This Past Monday at Neverland

Nice break in the weather to start the week.  Another strong turnout in the gloom.   YHC borrowed a page out of Timeframe’s playbook.   Simple but effective beat down, which went a little something like this.


Warm up – SSH, Merkins, LBCs

Mosey to old HT parking lot; stopping briefly at the wall for some dips while Stinky Bird fetched some worms from the back lot

First series – mosey to loading dock, jump up, bear crawl down ramp, mosey to parking lot, perform 10 burpees

Rinse and repeat x3

Meander over to the front of the parking lot closest to Neil Hawkins Road

Stations had been set up with instruction – 20 merkins, 20 mtn climbers, 20 american hammers, hold 1 minute plank, 20 big boy sit ups, 30 squats, 30 CDDs, 30 flutter kicks

Start at your station of choice, complete the exercise, mosey to the front wall of the HT, NUR back to the next station

You verses YOU – complete as many reps as you can until time is called

Think most completed at  least 2 full cycles of all 8 stations

Time was getting close

Mosey to start.  The end

Strong work.  The Neverland gang rocks.


The Rubik’s Cube

It was a great day at Folsom this morning. We celebrated Pearl Jam’s birthday by wearing silly birthday hats and enjoying our time together.  Also an older gentleman and his dog just hung out with us for the work out. He was sitting there reading a book or magazine. I can not imagine what is going through his head as the mumble chatter was strong this morning especially with Allen Tate and Sister Act.


  • Some Cherry Pickers
  • Some Don Q’s

The Thang

  • Mosey to the lower shelter for some intervals.
  • The interval time after each exercise was based on how long it took Nothin to solve the Rubik’s Cube after being mixed up by a PAX member.
    • Set 1
      • Step Ups
      • Merkins
      • Big Boys
      • Jump Squats
      • LBC’s
    • Mosey to the end of the lot and back
    • Set 2
      • Step Up’s
      • Merkins
      • Morraccon Night Clubs
      • Jump Squats
      • Lunges
    • Mosey to the end of the lot and back
    • Set 3
      • Step Ups
      • Merkins
      • Jump Squats
      • Mountain Climbers
    • Mosey to the end of the lot
    • 20 Squats
    • Lunge Walk to the Street Light
    • 20 Squats
    • Lunge Walk back to start
    • 12 Burbees for Pearl Jam’s birthday

The Playlist

  • St. Elmos Fire – John Parr  *Windmill was into this one.
  • House of the Rising Sun – The Animals *Nothin’s Favorite
  • Werewolves of London – Warren Zevon *Nice howling Stogie
  • Take on Me – a-ha *Bedpan hit that high E5 note – impressive
  • Belshazzar – Johnny Cash *Tator Hole knows good music
  • You’re The Best – Joe Esposito  *”Put him in a body bag….” Volt smiled
  • Footloose – Kenny Loggins *The Pax were into this one a little too much
  • 9 to 5 – Dolly Parton *Nice eye roll Sister Act
  • Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield *Allen Tate had his own version
  • When Doves Cry – Prince – *Interesting takes on Prince by Bedpan


  • JJ 5k
  • 5k for Vets
  • 9/11 Stair Climb
  • Christmas Town 5k
  • BRR

Prayer Request

  • Kids going back to school and Teachers
  • All Pax


The Rubik’s cube today represented our lives for those of us that are Christians. We are all mixed up and not in order. We pray, repent, and ask for forgiveness and it is always provide. The time it takes for us to ask for forgiveness may vary, but we are always set anew if we repent.  We then sin, get everything mix up again and repeat the cycle.  We need to always continue to get better,  be better and strive to be like Jesus.  We will never achieve perfection, but we can not stop trying.  As Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians , “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.”

John 1:9 – “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”

A special thanks goes to Windmill from F3 Burlington. He was a pleasure to meet and we hope to see him again next time that he is in town.


Big Pappy



Dora…I don’t like her at all

It was a great morning in the gloom until that chick named Dora showed up. Here’s how it went…



Merkins 10 OYO

Baby makers 15 IC


Dora 1-2-3. Partner (Round 1)

100 Swings

200 Mountain climbers

300 Flutters

 Choose your method of getting to the light pole ( bear crawl, high knees, butt kickers, walk, etc do 5 burpees at the end then return…

Dora  ( Round 2)

100  Curls

200  Crunch Frogs

300 SSH

5 burpees at cone then return

Dora ( Round 3)

100 Merkins

200 plank jacks

300 Squats

We ended with some Mary…

Announcements: BRR, Stair climb 9/11, and a bunch of 5 k   ( see previous BB lol)

Prayer Requests:  DryRub’s step mother who is dying of cancer, and HIPAA’s 2.0 who is sick with strep.

YHC took us out   Great work men…side note fastest BB ever posted for me.  Thanks Rudolph, Huckleberry, and WattsUp for the push.

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