As you read this let the album Screaming for Vengeance from Judas Priest take you away…..a lot of album swapping on Twitter lately!

I unloaded a lot of weights, bells and tools, the gang circled up for a warm-up led by the mighty Linus.  Termite was going to join us at PL, but with a low BC #, he opted out (MORE ON THIS IN THE MOLESKIN).  This left 9 brave souls to get to work, Painlab style.


Follow the Leader – cardio time, get in a single file line and follow me.  We did the stadium steps, up and down and back again.  Bear crawl level 1, Crab walk level 2, Lunge Walk level 3, Ski Lunge 4, and Ski lunge 5 the other way.  We did this for about 8-10 minutes.  Lots of approval from the crowd.  Seeing Mayor do a box jump to get going on the ramp was a sight.  I didn’t know everyone loved crab walks so much, we’ll do more soon!

Pain Stations – I set up a big circle around Frank where there were optional exercises at each stop.  The idea is that you do one or both of those exercises, while we wait for one man to take my weighted vest, hoist it overhead, walk down to the big rock and back.  When they get back, we give 3 claps and rotate.  Stations:

Shoulder Raises, front and lateral

Tricep Ext or Curls

Squats or lunges

Bar Curls or Military Press

TGU’s or Decon Burpees

KB Swing or Around the World

Decline Merkins or Dips

Mowers or Upright Rows

I know some of these weights were heavier, well done trying to push past it men!  And hats off to Pedal for moving in a serpentine fashion to make us all work longer.  What a brother we have there, the fact he was willing to take so long to make us work harder.  Thanks.  A lot.  Really.

Hold the Line – with one circuit down we did some static work.  Hold these positions until I say to stop:  Plant, People’s Chair, Superman, and another that I forget.  Lots of sweat, but also lots of hard work and effort.

Pain Stations – we did another rotation

Hold the Line – another round of this.  But, it should be noticed that I was getting called out, especially during Freddy Mercury’s, so I then adjusted to full leg extension Freddie’s.  You all had Mayor to thank for that.  You’re welcome.

Pack up gear, do some Mary, bells were rang, TIME.


Great work today, great crowd.  Good to see guys back, and another special thank you to Hushpuppy for reaching out to CSPAN, HIPAA and I for that talk.  It was unexpected, but enjoyable, and I hope it serves F3 Nation well.

BUT…I fear that we’re hurting the Gashouse Bootcamp with the population.  So if you listened to the podcast, one thing I said is that I still think being able to dominate a bootcamp is the height of fitness.  Anyone is always welcome at Painlab, and I know some of us have the injuries or love the muscle work, but think about running with Bootcamp, and work on FNG’s!!!

Always a pleasure to Q the Lab.  Gracias men.

  • Rudolph