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Somebody turn up the heat!!  Hot day for sure at Midoriyama, in spite of that Q tells the pax that today we are going to be excited  and enthusiastic, regardless of what is called.  Response was  overwhelming!  Let’s get going

SSH IC 10x, 5 burpees, IW IC 10x, 5 burpees, Don Q IC 10x 5 burpees, Merkins IC 10x, 5 burpees.  Pledge

Mosey to long hill beside the lake for triple nickel.  Enthusiasm is contagious!  Suspension merkins at bottom and Bobby Hurleys at top.  This is tough running the hill on a cool day, extra difficult on a hot one.  Nice push men!

Mosey back to parking lot, for 11’s, tiger squat and cdd’s.  Leg already took a beating on the hill, this finished them off.

Back to flag.

Q knew that request at beginning of workout was a little off the wall.  As the word, Q spoke about reaction to situations that occur in our lives.  Reactions to spouse, children, co-worker, etc and how we react often defines how tense or relaxed the next several minutes to several hours are.  And also that enough of those situations strung together can define our relationship with others.  We spoke of John chapter 8, when Jesus was confronted with the woman caught in the act of adultery.  Jesus reaction completely diffused the entire situation and woman left not being condemned.

Announcements: June 29 convergence at Gashouse, meeting upcoming for Tuna participants, Oct 5 Ragnar, Tubing on Green river June 22

Prayer requests:  Oompa Loompa and his family, Sargento traveling, Slaw starting a new job

Q took us out

Always an honor


Belmont Classic 5K – Speed For Need

26 men showed at the Belmont Classic 5k, supporting the Speed For Need event.  This was definitely an awesome experience.  I want to thank Tolkien, Pizza Man, and Tool Time for all their dedication to SFN.  This was my first time being the Q for a SFN event, and I realized first hand the time and dedication involved in this.

The SFN in Belmont almost did not happen.  About a week and a half out, it looked like we didn’t have any Track Commanders.  The last thing we wanted to do was pull the plug, but with this being Memorial Day weekend, there seemed to be a conflict with schedules.  The 3 who were signed up could not make it now. The next day I get  text from Pizza Man and Tool Time saying that the 3 TC were all set and ready to go.  Then I get a email from a member of the SFN board, saying there is a 4th TC from Belmont wanting to participate if it wasn’t too late.  Wow, if that wasn’t a sudden change of events.  At this point it got real for me, and I knew it was our responsibility to give these TC the experience of a lifetime.  I am so thankful that it all worked out.

We were blessed to be able to push Evan, Colton, Christopher, and Royston.  I don’t think you honestly get the whole “Who Pushes Who” until you take part in a Speed For Need event.  The joy that you see on their faces is worth every second of pushing them and the miles you put in.  Being able to give these kids that moment of freedom and joy is life changing.  It gives you that push to want to be a better man in all aspects of your life.  So we may have been physically pushing the TC Saturday, but they pushed me more than they’ll ever know.

Appreciate all you guys for stepping up to participate in this.  Thanks to all the guys that pushed the chariots.  We had a big F3 presence out there, that I’m it sure didn’t go unnoticed.  We have an awesome region.  Today was all about the kids, and I believe we showed that.

Sister Act

Take the Blocks to town!

There was a good crowd this morning Downtown, and everybody worked hard and got it done this morning! I heard whoopi was in the parking lot and had to leave for work, hate I missed you! 530 hits and we take off!

Warm up- Ran a lap around the parking lot to get the blood flowing! Circled back up for SSH/15 ic, Don Qs 15 ic


partner up and grab a block for some Dora, in the empty parking lot next to us!

100 Blockies

200 Curls

300 Squats

400 LBCs with block

Then we tried something new, Block Burnouts? Plank in a large circle, feet inside the circle “all pax facing out, shoulder to shoulder “ then using one block, take one arm and slide the block to the man beside you while holding the plank, we started in one direction, then changed several times, did this for a few minutes! I think all like it?

Then we circled back up for Slaw’s 8 count bodybuilders ! DONE!

I shared a little about the Whetstone and the benefits! It has been good for me and I recommend it to any of the Pax.

Announcements- tubing In June, gathering supplies to give to Pizza man for children’s camp.

Prayer requests- Oompas family, Buckeyes brother is getting married, and others!

Thanks again for letting me lead today! I enjoyed it!

!@$%@ Gumballs

5 HIMs showed to eat some Diablo Sammich this morning. Thought Hunkajunk was going to make it 6. Alas, when the clock struck 0530, we were still at 5.

We don’t need no stinkin’ warmup at the Sammich we are already hot and ready to roll…


Whoopee came ready to Q, but YHC had an idea…. Inspired by a recent visit to The Boar’s Nest. So…

The Thang:

Off to the back of Robinson Elementary following the surface streets. (I am sure those that run would have cut the corners and parking lots to make the distance shorter, but us ruckers make sure to go the entire the distance.)

I don’t know if the light was new or had been repaired, but the stairs down to the fields were actually visible, unlike when Gastone recently led all the PAX of SnoBalls back there.

Here we did 11’s with Merkins at the top and Monkey Humpers at the bottom.

0 for 1
YHC failed to account for the numerous gumballs at the bottom of the stairs and performed what was surely a graceful one-legged slide to the ground.
0 for 2
YHC had also managed to completely destroy his waist strap in the truck door, so both called exercises were an additional trial to prevent getting slammed in the head by the plate.

There was a pretty big suck factor on this exercise, so these need to stay on the list of to-do’s.

Headed up and around to Hawks Nest STEAM Academy and across Robinwood, heading towards Harris Teeter (well most of us did, for some reason XXXXX, (name redacted due to medical laws) thought we were going back to SnoBalls already)

Went around the Teeter, stopping at each of the “corners” to for 20 Squats.

Now it was time to put the “pedal to the metal” and head back to SnoBalls, managing to roll-in exactly at 0615.

BTW, no runners were visible (or harmed) during this event.

Monk’s going away party 31-May – Station in Belmont.
Tubing Event – 22-Jun.
Dry Rub VQ @ Bulldog 04-Jun.

YHC took us out in prayer.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead. A good bit of BRR-Rucking discussion/planning took place along the way. If interested, hit Roadie or Whoopee up for information.

Watts Up powering down.

Who Tried to Escape Folsom?

7 PAX came to Folsom this morning to get in some work.  The morning was beautiful, with the faint sound of some sort of alarm going off in the background.

Warm up:

Some stretching exercises and stories of the Murph

The Thang:

We moseyed to the second stop light, 10 merkins and 20 squats.  —That alarm is getting louder

Mosey to the gazebo triangle. Run the loop 3 time doing the following — The alarm is at full blast now.

  • 1 st pass – 10 Big Boys at each corner and speed bump
  • 2nd pass – 20 LBCs at each corner and speed bump
  • 3rd pass – 30 Flutter kicks at each corner and speed bump

Mosey to flag for the pledge, then 22 merkins for the troops. — Will this alarm please stop going off….

Mosey back to the ball field intersection for 2 loops. — For all that is good…will this alarm stop….

  • Lunge Walk,  Backward run up the hill, mosey to start
    • 10 squats at each corner
  • Lunge Walk,  Backward run up the hill, mosey to start
    • 20 Hillbillies at each corner.

We mosey back to start, finish with some Mary and silence and can finally be heard through out Folsom.



  • Allen Tate’s travel and family
  • Huckleberry and family
  • Montross and family
  • Hacksaw
  • All PAX  and spoken and unspoken needs

Take note the scripture Numbers 10:9 “When you go to war in your land against the adversary who attacks you, then you shall sound an alarm with the trumpets, that you may be remembered before the LORD your God, and be saved from your enemies.”

It is always an honor to serve with such great men.

Big Pappy

Midoriyama is the Heat!


  1. SSH x 10
  2. Don Q x 10
  3. Leg Swings x 15 ea Leg

Mosey to Soccer Field

The Thang:

  1. Butt Kicks
  2. High Knees
  3. Leg Swings x 10 ea Leg
  4. Caricoa
  5. Goose Steps
  6. Circle Up
  7. Fire Hydrant Circles x 10 ea leg ea way
  8. Plank Walkout x10
  9. Push Up to Side Plank Kick Through x10 ea side
  10. Single Leg Dead Lift w/ Jump Knee Tuck x 5 ea side 2 sets
  11. Squat Pulse (5 count) to Squat Jump x 20
  12. Reverse Lung w/ Windmill
  13. Triple Nickel on Hill (Werkins, Nur Up, Jump Squats, Jog Down) We found a friendly black snake on the hill!!!
  14. Walking High Knees
  15. Nur Butt Kicks
  16. Lunge ea leg, Side lunge ea. Leg, Bound across 1/2 field
  17. Mosey to Flag
  18. Stretches


Thanks to all who came out in the heat and let me lead.

Get yourself some skillet

We stayed in the circle the entire time.  no running at all, not even a mosey.  thats right TopHat – no running – although I did see TopHat going for a jog after the bootcamp and Dirt did some mile prior.


alot of SSH, we tried to do merkins a few times, however, I could not remember how to count.  Also, we did one set of SSH silently.  Few lunges, bear crawls, squats, planks, mike tysons, few ab exercises and found out Time Frame loves oblique crunches.


Many pax lost loved ones or had many medical events – prayers to all

Humid, that’s all

9 some Ruck and some Run.

It was a hot and humid run. Gold Digger ran in with his shirt off and was moving fast, he was getting water and getting ready to go out with us . He was not ready when we started so we left him behind, he never caught us we were too fast for him.

Keesha seems to be getting better, even though he spoke of injury he still smoked us.

Whoopee was a no show. He never said he would show I was just making note of this and trying to see if anybody was reading.

Pledge, Prayer, NamaRama

Q-Source afterwards, always a good lesson.

Gastone, until the next time.



Post Murph

Lot of sad sacks recovering from the “Murph”. YHC not being one of them so there were 4 guys out here this morning.

We headed up the road and Every light pole is a stop. Every stop adds 10 merkins

100 SSHs and 10 merkins

100 mountain climbers and 10 merkins

100 LBCs and 10 merkins

100 squats and 10 merkins

100 flutter kicks and 10 merkins

50 merkins and 10 merkins

Pledge at the flag pole and 10 merkins.

Headed back same pattern different workouts

50 Sparky picked an exercise, 10 merkins

50 Bedpan picked an exercise, 10 merkins

Probably a few more but got to the parking lot… 10 more merkins and off to the tennis court.

Suicides on the tennis court.

10 merkins


Praying for our brothers that can’t make it out.

Pappy do you need a Ride?

It was a great morning to get out side and wear your shirt inside out.
MW made some positive movement towards a running goal, and Big Pappy rucked to the AO and back Home.
I seen him walk off hollered if he needed a ride and my voice cracked like I was back in Junior High he never heard me but MW, Oompa, and myself all got a laugh out of my voice changing.
Pappy was getting in some EC, a lot of Men who post at Folsom have made some tremendous growth recently and loss, in the weight department that is.
Always a pleasure to serve my Brothers of F3.

Prayer Request:
Huck and Allen Tate’s family, recently loss an uncle.
MW, Myself, and some unspoken.
Praise report: Rockabilly’s wife knows a lady that lived and family thought she may pass during labor.
The lady and child are doing fine currently. God truly is Great to give this person an opportunity to be a Mom.

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