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  • When: 09/18/2018
  • AO:
  • QIC: Medicine Woman
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Sparky, Allen Tate, Gravity, bedpan, Dirte, Gumby, Oompa, Hacksaw, Volt, Medicine Woman(QIC)

Yes, Folsom, I know. I’m 2 days late getting my BB posted. At least it hasn’t taken 2 weeks like it did Sister Act. Ok, enough apologizing. I roll into Folsom with a weinke in mind. I’m optimistic for a good turn out considering some of the Folsom regulars have been too weak to fight the fartsack lately. Pulling into the park, I notice Hacksaw getting some EC running in. That HIM has been killin it.  As I pass Hacksaw, I see yet another PAX getting it did, this time it’s Volt. So, I’m feeling rather good about the showing so far. As I go over a few changes of the weinke, others start rolling in. As I’m waiting, I continue to run a saying through my head, “this sucks, but I want to get better at it.” I think that’s what many of say at 5AM, but we continue to do it over and over. Enough of that mess, it’s time to get to work.  5:30 hits

Warmorama SSH, Toy Soldiers x15 IC

here comes Sparky, fashionably late as usual. Moroccan night clubs till he joins the group.

Since YHC forgot to transfer the shovel flag from one vehicle to the other, we took a mosey to the Flag poll. That was most likely going to happen anyway.


Mosey a little detour then back to start, stopping at the tennis courts.


Four corners/four exercises; Corner 4 will be known as corner 4 and Start. Corner 1=10 burpees, corner 2=20 merkins, corner 3=30 LBCs, corner 4=40 American hammers. This isn’t your typical four corners though. From start, mosey to corner 1 perform said exercise. Mosey back to start. Mosey to corner 2 to perform said exercise, stopping to also include corner 1 work. Mosey back to start. Mosey to corner 3 to perform said exercise, also stopping to include corners 1 and 2 on the way. Continue to corner 4 as mentioned. Now mosey back around again to start. Now partner up for some Dora. Partner 1 runs to opposite end of courts while partner 2 performs exercise AMRAP. Exercises were 100 Squats, 150 Big boys, 200 overhead claps. After all had finished, we still had a few minutes to burn. Circle up for some Mary. All PAX got a chance to call their own exercise which were; Merkins, Freddy Merc, Mountain Climbers, American Hammers, LBCs, there were a few more, but YHC can’t remember. I know, it’d help if I posted the B.B. the day of the WO.

Announcements JJ5K, Soldier suicide run

Prayer requests lifted

YHC took us out in prayer

Nice work men! I know a while back a lot of us wouldn’t have finished this weinke as quick as we did. Goes to show we all are getting stronger. Keep up the good work. Thanks again for the Q. Thanks to all you guys who continue to push me and each other through the exhaustion. You Mennare what motivates me to keep at it. Two and a half years ago I was saying “I hate running.” Today, I still say it, but I add a little more to the expression with “but I do want to be better at it.”

MW out