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  • When: 07/26/2018
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  • QIC: Medicine Woman
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  • PAX: Volt, Sister Act, Bedpan, Medicine Woman(QIC)

It was a bit cooler this morning rolling into the Folsom gloom. The fog added to effect rather nicely. Surprisingly, the humidity was still rather brutal. Folsom is currently marked up for a little facelift and additional recreation equipment installations. Word on the street is we are going to get our very own splash pad/water fountain! Slaw and YHC will most likely be the first to test it out during a WO. Anyway, trying to come up with something creative for today’s Q, I remembered a routine exercise that was used out at BlackBeards AO in Murrells Inlet. While keeping it simple and some modifications to said Q, it worked out well. 5:30 so Time to get at it.



mosey toward the park entrance and loop around down back down by the ballfields to the lower parking lot.


this routine exercise may have a name, but I’m just going with what took place. Each PAX chose an exercise. While PAX 1 runs a fast lap around the parking lot, the remaining PAX AMRAP given exercise. When PAX 1 completes lap, PAX 2 runs and PAX 1 joins the remaining PAX and continue to AMRAP said exercise. Keep the rotation until all PAX have run their lap. Switch to the next exercise and repeat.

Exercises were; Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Imperial Squats, Flutter Kicks, Plank Jacks, Alternating Lunges, 1 more that I can’t remember.

with about 7 minutes left, we mosey to the shelter for Step ups, Low slow Squats, calf raises all x20 IC

mosey back to start

Prayers for our families, Squirt’s M, my friend Tracy, Bedpan job interview

YHC took us out in prayer

Again, thank you men for letting me Q. I love this AO and the group of guys that make it what it is. Let’s keep it rolling!

MDub out