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June 28…Goat Island

It was a fine Thursday morning at the Goat as YHC arrived.  9 HIM’s + me showed in the soupy June air for the regular morning beatdown.  Here’s what this edition featured.

5:30 and lets go!



SSH x 20

Goofballs x 15

Mosey to bottom of stairs behind post office for Burpees x 10

Climb stairs toe risers x 5 each stair

Plank at top for 6

Mosey to gazebo for mary:

A little foggy as to what exactly we did here but it involved Captain Thors (picked this one up off of Billy Madison), LBC’s, Leg Raises, and Heel Touches.

Mosey across bridge to park..Omaha!  Park was full of ladies pushing the rock.  Didn’t want to interfere so back across bridge to field for some 11’s.

11’s were Merkins bottom sidewalk and Squats top sidewalk.  This hurt quite a bit (at least for me).  These awesome HIM’s made it look easy.

Back across bridge to empty park and to picnic tables.

3 sets of:

Step ups x 20, 15, 10

Derkins x 15, 10, 5

Dips x 20, 15, 10

Back to gazebo for more Mary:

Yet again a little foggy but this included:

More LBC’s, Captain Thors, LBC’S, Heels Touches, Box Cutters with reach up (picked this one up off of Short Sale who is always good for a new ab exercise), and Merkins.

My watch said we put in 3.28 miles.  Not bad!

And time!

Great group as always this am.  It is truly my honor to be whatever small part of such a great organization with such a valid mission.  The guys were inspirational and uplifting as always and I am humbled by all of you.

Prayers for a Dr. procedure for Tesla.

I just want to give a shout out to Billy Madison.  Thank you for being such a great HIM and an inspirational figure to me since my joining F3.  Our loss is truly Jacksonville’s gain.  Brother, we hope to see you when you are back around these parts in the gloom.  If and when we make it to Jacksonville we will give you a shout.  Peace, blessings, good health, and our love and prayers be with you and your family in your new endeavors.   Keep pushing the rock brother.

Until next time, humbled and honored,




6/25 @ The Black Knight

Gonna be a short one as I was unable to get the full write due to other obligations. As I write this I am about 15 mins from leaving with my youth to go to a conference but wanted to get everyone’s names in for credit in June.

We did 3 sets of 10 mins of as many rounds as possible of the exercises I called out…15 of each, sets of 4.  Then we sprinted for 2 mins before resting for a min; just to start all over.  Everyone worked hard, as usual Defib killed it but everyone gave it their all.

Have a great weekend; it was an honor men. Remember our group in your prayers as we head to Atlanta.


Peace Out Gnats

Today was a beautiful day for a workout at Folsom. The weather was cool, house alarms were blaring, Pastor Clever was helping me out as co-Q (his VQ, by the way), and the damn gnats were gone! It is the kind of day Ice Cube had in mind.


Pledge at the shovel flag

Toy Soldiers – 20 IC
Slow Squats – 9 IC …yeah, 9. It was weird.
SSH – 10 IC
Burpees – 5 OYO

Pastor Clever takes the PAX for a mosey to the Ampitheater as Huck and I mall walk across the grass.

Montross back in charge –

Hip Slappers – 20 IC
LBCs – 20 IC
Australian Mountain Climbers – 10 IC
Freddie Mercuries – 15 IC

Super Mike Tysons – what is that? Just a little something I made up amd did on vacation – 10 Mike Tysons in cadence, immediately followed by 10 burpees. About 45 seconds of recovery, repeat. We did 3 sets. I wanted 1-2 more but I was getting gassed and I needed to hand it back over to Clever.

Pastor Clever is back in charge – mosey to Sparky’s Lot (Huck and I mall walk across the grass).

11’s – Imperial Squats on one end (both knees up count as one), Bobby Hurleys on the other. Pastor Clever came out hard, srinting from end to end. In a great Q move, I noticed he slowed a little because no PAX could keep up. Nice pro-Q move from a guy on his VQ! I noticed!

Time was low so mosey back to the lot for Mary.

LBCs – 15 IC
22 for the Vets


Announcements and COT – clown car on July 4 to Ft Mill from Folsom, time TBD. 4 miler on 7/4, 2.0 Q the 3rd Saturday (not Thursday). Prayer requests for AT’s mother in law, marriages, and a particular family Pastor Clever knew who were really taking the pre-counseling seriously. Clever is a pro so he took us out!

Deep Thoughts –
Billy Madison’s bb earlier this week was so motivating and inspirational. We talked about it during workout and Huck pointed out you never know when your simple presence will brighten someomes day. Like Huck said, sometimes you see a fellow PAX out there and you just think ‘I am glad he is here today”. It is also reassuring you have a group of men you can count on to say a prayer for you when you need it. So, that being said, get out there and post! If you are injured, modify as needed but stay involved.

  • Montross


Coconut Horse is about running, not necessarily where you run. Roscoe and I had talked about running the trails at the YMCA and the time was right. We started at 0630 and took the “backwards” route out of the Harris Teeter. We made it to the Y and started for the trails. If you did not know, the trails are in the far back right of the parking lot and has about 3 miles of trails in a couple loops. It was tougher than I thought it would be-elevation changes, switchbacks, and all the time watching for the Squatches. Diva, Defib, and ToolTime led the way with the rest of us pushing but not quite the same speed. Overall I think it was a great route and definitely something we should do again. By the time we finished, we had gone just over 5 miles. A few of us went for coffeteeria, or in my case, chocolatemilketeeria. As much as I dislike running, I really enjoy being out there with the rest of you boneheads.

At the end, we made sure to include Sargento, Quiche, and Stroganoff in our prayer as they were well into the half marathon in the Boston area. We found out later on they all did well with no major injuries-congrats guys.


Billy Madison – the man, the movie, the farewell

Sorry for the delay – we literally moved for 2 straight days after I finished this Q and I was without internet (or home) until this week. Sidenote: back to back Qs after a month off from workouts was a VERY BAD idea before moving. My M (Veronica Vaughn) laughed at me when my legs were so shaky while carrying furniture. I cried.

The Thang:

Side Stradle Hops x 10 IC


Farewell Q was a recreation of the movie (my namesake) Billy Madison! Cinematic beauty ensued (there was sweat and tears everywhere) and it went like this….

  • As the movie begins with an aimless Billy (sad clown syndrome) in a drunken stupor, eagerly awaiting “nudey magazine day” he spots a Penguin walking around….
    • Exercise = Penguin Walks (Duckwalks, but with arms at side) to end of parking lot and back
  • Just like many PAX when we join F3, Billy accepts the challenge to become a better man and encounters obstacles when he returns to school…
    • Exercise = O’Doyle-Rules-Inspired, Banana Peels (ab workout – full situp, lift leg and touch toes) x 25
  • Time for a spelling bee! “R…..you going to the mall later?” We must help Billy spell the word “Couch”…
    • Exercise = 
      • C = Captain Thors x 10 situps x 40 American Hammers
      • O = Outlaws x 10 each direction
      • U = Up Downs x 10 pushups on Q’s count, fast chop feet in between
      • C = CDDs x 25
      • H = Hail Marys x 25 each partner 
  • Just like Billy, it’s time to find out what these PAX are really made of….time for the Academic Decathlon!
    • Exercise =
      • 100 meter sprint
      • Merkins – 1 minute of AMRAP (in place of shotput)
      • 200 meter sprint
      • Situps – 1 minute of AMRAP (in place of discus throw)
      • 400 meter sprint
      •  Pullups – 1 minute of AMRAP (in place of javelin)
      • 1500 meter run
      • LBCS – 1 minute of AMRAP (in place of hurdles)
      • Jump ups x 20 (in place of high jump)
      • Squats x 20 (in place of long jump)
  • Think we’re done? Wrong! “Now you’re all in big, big trouble!”
    • Exercise = DODGEBALL! (F3 Style – plank/LBC while you’re out. Losing team has to run laps. Winning team laughs!)
      • As an aside, being a true HIM and demonstrating humble leadership, I gracefully allowed the other team to win – as a way of saying goodbye and picking up Gastone’s confidence. He had a sad look in his eye and I didn’t want him crying on my last Q.


Thanks for the chance to share our story (His story)…

Remember that you never know which fellow PAX you are ministering to just by locking shields and pushing one another in these workouts….

3 years ago, my wife was given a terminal cancer diagnosis. She had stage 4 ovarian cancer that spread to her heart. 2 days later, the company I worked for, was sold and I was laid off. With 2 toddlers at home and no insurance, and the prospect of losing my wife – our world was collapsing.

We left our dream home in Florida, broken (I remember being unemployed for the first time since I was 12 years old, and pushing my wife in a wheel chair with my 4 & 5 year old dragging bags behind us through the airport) to seek help….after a year of countless chemo sessions and nights sleeping in a bedside cot in the hospital, and 4 high-risk surgeries my wife defeated cancer!

After her battle, we moved across the country to NC and our biggest fear came true – my wife’s cancer returned. We had purchased a new home in a new state where I knew no one, but I started attending workouts at F3. I found the PERFECT support that I needed. In my darkest, most depressing time, I found a group of men to lift me up and make me better. F3 gave me something to look forward to and gave me the fellowship that the male soul needs. This group of crazy dudes with weird names would place hands on me in prayer after kicking my butt working out. My wife had a much easier battle that 2nd go around and she is now 2 years, cancer free!

We are moving back to Florida, with our health and a new perspective and an appreciation for life, love and joy that we never would have had before.

You are all so much more than just a PAX to me, you are my friends and you were there for me when I needed it most. Remember the power of this ministry as you raise men up for the betterment of the community and future generations of men to lead others.

I’m excited to keep posting with the F3-Jacksonville crew – who I will undoubtedly shame by comparing them to the “men of Gashouse” and I’m happy that I can reuse some of my jokes and workout ideas for some new laughs. 🙂

Thank you all, and please stay in touch!

“Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes.”
– Henry David Thoreau


Your friend,

Tully (Billy Madison)

Here’s The BackBlast

Alright……..good to be back at it this morning to work a little soreness out. Wednesday’s for PrisonBreak are always a good break from the normal boot camp beat down. You still have the options to either run or ruck. The gnats were out again in full force as I exited the truck. Good to see Blart out there during the week. I thought it would only be 3 PAX until about 3-4 minutes before click in, headlights start rolling in. While we all chit chat the last minute or so, we got some stretching in. Let’s roll.

We had 1 to ruck and 5 to run. There were more of the parks finest wild animals on show this fine day. Reports of 2 skunks; 346,214 gnats; 1 fox or possible small coyote(which Blart and I discussed, but he had a better visual than I did), and a few duck. All PAX returned to start at time without any animal confrontations.


announcements: JJ5K, July 4th 4-miler, Pastor Clever VQ Thursday at Folsom, XMAS Town 5k registration has begun

prayer requests lifted

YHC took us out

Honor again to Q this fine establishment. I know many will be in and out on vacations, but let’s continue to reach out and not allow them to fartsack when back in town. I’m also working on segments in Strava so those of you who use the APP can track your progress week to week through certain sections of the route. Pizza Man already has a couple segments that I’ll just build on. Way to push men. Those who weren’t there; ShowToKnow!!!!!!!

Billy Madison’s Farewell at Midoriyama

Billy Madison had to get out of town without a backblast, so I will write one for him. Sorry if I missed anyone’s name who was there. I don’t remember a lot about the workout. It was very hot. We ran back and forth across a soccer field and did exercises. We played dodgeball. It was fun. Billy Madison is always fun.

Billy Madison and his family came here from Missouri. He showed up at F3 Gastonia workouts quietly at first and then joined right in as one of the guys. He shared his story about how his M was going through a devastating diagnosis. She miraculously survived this and it really changed how they viewed their life. They home schooled their 2 children for a year and just travelled around the country, seeing sights they may have never seen. They eventually settled in Gastonia and he said he was looking for some guys to connect with. F3 is his group of guys and he is our friend. Billy Madison always had fun and always brought a smile. I remember seeing Billy on the side of the road in the Palmetto 200, laying on a towel with a freshly cut Mohawk and an American Flag tank top reading a book. Billy Madison is always fun. Billy liked to sprint to the front of the Pax as long as he could and push the pace. We wish him the best in Florida and some F3 guys down there have already reached out to him so that is great. When I think of Billy Madison I will think of the truth he told us that life can be short so enjoy it and cherish it while you can!

Action Heros

On this morning at Goat Island 13 men showed to know what the first workout of summer would bring. It’s the longest day of the year, hours of daylight that is, and this is the best way to get things off to a great start. YHC was wondering where the Mayor was and almost immediately he texted that he was on his way. Good job not fartsacking your highness.


Don Quixotes x15 IC

High Knees x15 IC

Moroccan Night Clubs x25 IC

Pledge of Allegiance

Let’s take a lap around the block. Wrap the mosey up at the base of the bridge. On the concrete part Crab Walk, wooden part Bear Crawl, then Crab Walk the rest of the concrete. Feel the burn! Fellowship mosey back to the other side for a quick history lesson on F3 Gashouse’s rich history of kayaking expertise on the South Fork.

Now that that’s over lets get back to it. Mosey across the street for the Thang.

The Charles Bronson – there was a time in the 80’s when Charles Bronson was a bad dude who starred in  several action movies. YHC hasn’t seen one minute of any of those movies or even be able to name one but there is an F3 routine named after him so lets give it a try.

At the bottom end of the grassy area downtown, sprint from the sidewalk up to even with the shovel flag. Once there do an army crawl up to the other sidewalk. At the sidewalk perform 50 Side Straddle Hops. Mosey back to the start and repeato but switch the exercise at the top each time for: 50 Merkins, 50 Burpees (this really sucked), 50 LBCs, 50 Jump Squats.

Take a lap around downtown but stop at the Gazebo of Pain to get shredded in the core area. On your six!

Flutterkicks x25 IC

Dying Cockroaches x25 IC

Oblique Crunches x17 IC each side

Repeato each for 3 rounds total. Oh yeah, that was grate!

Time’s up.

Prayer Requests: Tesla’s friend Mike Jenkins was in a car accident

Announcements: Tubing on the Green River July 14th – DM Sargento if you want to go, whole family is welcome!

My apologies for the delayed BB again men, I’ll do better with my timeliness. Until next time, Sargento is out!

Run Around

YHC picked up a Q for Mayor and had conversations about some of TinyTank’s beat downs or his M’s.  As I thought that over I recalled how hard they were and decided against it and went with the simple 10 parking space run around.  Arriving a little early to write exercises in 10 spaces the pax started rolling in.  Tesla coming in during the Warm up,  Varsity should set a better example.

Warm Up;

SSH x 10, Mericans x 10, LBC’s x 10, High Knees, ButtKickers, Karaoke right and Karaoke left, Toy Soldiers x 10, Imperial Walkers x 10.


14 Pax split into 2 lines and Indian Run to loading dock area behind school, plank for six.  Teams of 7 hold plank while one team member sprints to dock and jumps up on dock, performs 5 burpees and sprints back, next team member goes and so on.  Indian Run to 10 spaces in between islands.  Islands approx 50 yrds apart.  Pax perform reps of exercise indicated and run around islands to next space and perform reps of next space exercise and run again. Exercises were

SSH x 30, Mericans x 20, Squats x 20, CDDs x 20, Flutterkicks x 30, Mountain Climbers x 30, French Fries x 30, Burpees x 10, LBC’s x 30, Shoulder Taps x 30.  One full round completed and 2nd round the reps were cut in half.  Mosey back to flag for COT.

COT; Announcements, Prayer requests, Namorama

BOM; Norwood took us out.  Thanks brother.

Moleskin; Hard work by all, no mumble chatter at all!!!  Hipaa said we went a little over 2 miles.  Pax definitely kept it moving this am. It was an honor to lead you men.  #DRP

Monthly Murph

Last night Whoopee tweets that he wants to do a Murph every month and he wants to do it at 0500 hours today.  I don’t have any other plans at 0500 so I commit.  I have said before, when I got pulled away from the parking lot at the last minute on Memorial Day, 2016 and about 30 guys did the Murph without me, I tweeted that I was going to do it that afternoon.  Whoopee joined me then for his 2nd Murph of the day #HIM (albeit with a few modifications).  I can’t say no to this #shieldlock

Here is what happened. I wake up early.  I do some laundry (no kidding) I get to Pelicans early.  Within a minute or two Whoopee pulls in.  There is a chance that there is a “Big Deal” that may join us but without certainty we continued to walk into the park where we would begin.

We got to the front of the playground and set off at a decent pace.  IT…WAS…Dark…  We managed until we neared the woods. I turned on the flashlight feature.  We discussed that we wouldn’t want to see a person sitting on one of the benches in there or worse, perhaps a dead body.  Worse than that, what if we tripped over a dead body and got face to face with it like in Indiana Jones.  After that there was no more talking since neither one of us could breathe.  We got back to the playground and it was dark in there too.  The flashlight stayed on.

I brought a pen and pad to count the rounds.  I hit my Pandora station….It went like this…RUSH:  Show Don’t Tell, John Petrucci: Suspended Animation: I am having a hard time with the 3rd song.  No wonder…fatigue makes cowards of us all.  (edit:  Just rememered….Iron Maiden: Stranger in a Strange Land)  I don’t think Whoopee noticed or cared about Rush playing.  I didn’t have the energy to change it anyway.  I think it was better than hearing the two of us gasping.

20 rounds of 5 pullups, 10 merkins, 15 squats

This whole workout was basically done in cadence.  We ran together, did our sets together, finished at the same time and went back to run the last mile.  Our pace was a little slower but we were shoulder to shoulder and got faster at the end.

This was the best time for YHC and no doubt was faster than doing this workout alone.  We now have a benchmark time for next month.

Remember the Murph is to honor Medal of Honor winner  LIEUTENANT MICHAEL P. MURPHY (SEAL), USN.  It doesn’t have to be Memorial Day to pay tribute to the fallen.


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