• When: 06/27/2018
  • QIC: Medicine Woman
  • PAX: Volt, Crash Test Dummy, Blart, Montross, Bedpan, Medicine Woman(QIC)

Alright……..good to be back at it this morning to work a little soreness out. Wednesday’s for PrisonBreak are always a good break from the normal boot camp beat down. You still have the options to either run or ruck. The gnats were out again in full force as I exited the truck. Good to see Blart out there during the week. I thought it would only be 3 PAX until about 3-4 minutes before click in, headlights start rolling in. While we all chit chat the last minute or so, we got some stretching in. Let’s roll.

We had 1 to ruck and 5 to run. There were more of the parks finest wild animals on show this fine day. Reports of 2 skunks; 346,214 gnats; 1 fox or possible small coyote(which Blart and I discussed, but he had a better visual than I did), and a few duck. All PAX returned to start at time without any animal confrontations.


announcements: JJ5K, July 4th 4-miler, Pastor Clever VQ Thursday at Folsom, XMAS Town 5k registration has begun

prayer requests lifted

YHC took us out

Honor again to Q this fine establishment. I know many will be in and out on vacations, but let’s continue to reach out and not allow them to fartsack when back in town. I’m also working on segments in Strava so those of you who use the APP can track your progress week to week through certain sections of the route. Pizza Man already has a couple segments that I’ll just build on. Way to push men. Those who weren’t there; ShowToKnow!!!!!!!