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  • When: 06/12/2018
  • AO:
  • QIC: Allen Tate
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Volt, Bedpan, Montross, Medicine Woman, Huckleberry

6 men entered the gloom for an old school beat down courtesy of the Chief.

Warmup: Gravel Pickers and SSH x 10IC. 10 burpees on your own. 22 for the vets.


Mosey to the tennis courts and partner up.  While P1 nurs the length of the tennis courts and sprints back: P2 does the exercise.  Exercises were: 500 flutter kicks, 400 squats, 300 lbcs, 200 WW1 and 100 merkins.


Prayer requests: Montross for his sister and his hip, the Self family, the kids at Venture, Allen Tate’s mother-in-law.  Pastor Cleever and Pale Rider on their mission trip in Puerto Rico.

BOM: Allen Tate closed us in prayer.

White man come from the south and with them brought medicine and weapons much more modernized than my people. We taught them to hunt and fish and gather and later on took our land and put us on reservations to sell bead necklaces. Now once again we are with the white man and teaching them how to post and sweat like our ancestors. Good work white men from south. Chief is well pleased. We too welcome all fartsackers from north and south and east and west to gather and grow and sweat.

Chief Tate