• When: 06/05/2018
  • QIC: Gastone
  • PAX: Sparky, Pastor Cleever, Sister Act, Volt, Hank, Medicine Woman, Gravity, Round Up, Montross, Oompa Loompa, Huckleberry. Gastone

12 Men came out as Gastone to the reins of Folsom for the morning.

The Thang:


(On my count)

40 SSH, 20 Carolina Dry Dock, 30 Imperial Walkers, 20 Wide Arm Merkins, 20 Mountain Climbers, 10 Diamonds.

Mosey up the road to the split in the road or what I will call is a road Triangle.

Position A, Everyone plank and once all were down we began. 20, 3 count to elbows and back up. (This is the exact location that we first might have hear a whimper of arm pain) 50 Monkey Humper’s, Backwards down the hill to location B of the triangle. 50 Squats. Lunge up the hill to Location C for 30 Mountain Climbers on count. Karaoke back to Location A.

A, 50 Monkey Humper’s. Backwards down the hill. B. 50 Squats. Lunge to C for 30 Sumo Squats. Karaoke to A.

A, 50 Gorilla Humper’s, Backwards down the hill. B 50 Squats. Lunge Backwards up the hill. 30 Sumo Squats I think. (Someone mentioned that this was a leg day, but we are just getting started)

Mosey towards the Tennis courts but stop at sidewalk on the way.

Jack Webb’s up to 7 and then back down.

Mosey on to the Tennis Courts.

Balls to the wall with a tiny speech before hand. We held it for 45 seconds.

Back up on the wall but this time we did shoulder taps to 20, on my count.

20 CCD’s on my count

20 Wide Arm’s on my count.

10 Diamonds on my count.

6 Minutes of Mary.

40 Flutters on my count

50 LBC’s

30 Flutters

30 American Hammer’s.

Mosey back tot he start.

40 SSH

The Moleskin:

Folsom, keep on creating a special atmosphere and doing what all of you do at this location. We had a little chatter today but generally quiet. I gave a little words of encouragement at the end on a friend of mine named Snoop and the first time I ran with him. Basically, he checked me on a few things and they were all correct of him to check me on. So it is an example and is mentioned throughout F3 in examples of Iron Sharpens Iron and other people saying leave no man the way your found them. We all in my opinion need each other, in good and bad times. and we need people to check us.

Volt, Pointed out I had 2 different shoes on. Get ready in the dark and this is what happens. Ha.

Everyone worked hard, and I really enjoy travelling to take on the Q at your location. Even if Roadie was scared to come to my Q.

Gastone, Out!