• When: 05/29/2018
  • QIC: Freight
  • PAX: Def Leppard(R), Slaw, Blart, Pizza Man, Tiger, Mongoose, Paperback Writer, Hey Jude, Edison, Huckleberry, Lil Sweet, Canteen, Sister Act, Pockets, Swimmer, Broke, Two Stroke, Wojo

19 PAX came out for a downpour filled workout at Midoriyama today. On the plus side the sun wasn’t beating down. We will come to wish for these rainy days soon enough. I had two wienke’s filled out and struggled to choose which one to use. After reading a few BB I was inspired to go another route.


SSH x 10ic

Seal Jacks x 15ic

Goofballs x 15ic

We moseyed down to the stash of goodies to deliver our new bars for a later workout. Mosey back to the side parking lot.

The Thang:

11’s up the parking lot- Slaw chose corkscrew’s and Sister Act chose Mike Tyson’s

Well that took a while!

4 corners-run the straight away lunge or bear crawl the corners. Stop and do an exercise chosen by one of the PAX in the corners. Sorry I don’t recall all of these. I’m actually kind of busy at work right now and I’m just squeezing this BB in before I pull a Def Leppard and forget.

Time for some AMRAP! 1 minute of exercise and then run a lap. All exercise were chosen by the PAX.


Pledge-The site Q forgot the shovel flag soooooooo

Announcements-The Forge Wednesday night on Peter led by Ash Pond, Convergence and Q school coming up

Prayer Request-Loved ones struggling with sickness


During the workout I called on different PAX to call the exercises. That way we never knew what we would be getting. Even Slaw surprised everyone when he didn’t call Burpee’s. YHC talked a little about how you never know what life is going to deliver you. We should all live like we are dying. Not that we should go out and live outrageously but we should live like tomorrow we may be standing before God. We need get right with our Lord everyday!