• When: 05/20/2018
  • QIC: Gastone
  • PAX: Gastone

The BRR team was invited to take to Crowder’s Mountain with me for 3 trips to the top at 3pm on the 20th.

I gave it until 3:02 and found that I was on a Solo mission.

The Thang:

I put on a 30 pound pack and headed out for the first summit. It was not to bad but the heat was real.

2nd trip, I drank some water on the way to the top. Much harder but the orange I ate at the top made a difference.

3rd trip, did not happen. 2 was enough for this round.

The Moleskin:

So I had not used this location ever to train for the BRR. But, it would be my opinion that the 2 laps up is very close to what 1 leg is really like on the run. I will drop some other dates on myself doing this and hope to have some people join me.

Gastone, Pushing the Rock