• When:
  • QIC: Wojo
  • PAX: Canteen, Freight, Oompa Loompa, Tiger, Hey Jude, Paperback Writer, Def Leppard, Sparrow, Blart, Lil Sweet, Pockets, Swimmer, Defib, Broke, Roadie, Wojo

16 Showed up at Midoriyama

No FNG’s so a quick disclaimer was given.




Don Q’s x 5 IC

Then we did some leg stretches


Mosey to the small soccer field

Butt kicks to 1/4 field then High Knees to Half Field

Carioca Half Field repeat Opposite Direction

Skips to Half Field

Goose Steps

Lunge Walks to Half Field

Butt Kicks Back

YHC called upon a few Pax for some exercises. (forgive me I do not remember exactly what they were)


The Thang:

Before the workout YHC measured off a 400m stretch for some sprint work.

We began at the Turd Shack near the soccer fields.

200m sprint to Playground

Walk 200m to Recover

Flutter Kicks 10 IC and some stretching

200m sprint from the speed bump at beginning of parking lots to playground

Walk 200m to recover


200m Sprint to Playground

Walk 200m


Sprint 100m +/- , Walk 100m, Sprint 100m, Walk 100m

Circle up YHC called pac for a few more exercises

Mosey back to the flag



Had a quick word about coming up on my 1 yr. anniversary of F3 and how it and all of you guys have positively affected my life in every aspect. Thankful for yall everyday.


Prayer Requests

YHC took us out in Prayer