• When: 05/13/2018
  • QIC: Gastone
  • PAX: Blart, Hippa, Dr. Sues, Breaker Breaker, Tooltime, Linus, Diva, Freight, Roadie, Montross, Oompa Loompa, JK2, Stroganoff, Def Leopard, Moses, Madoff, Hushpuppy, Sargento, Kee-SH and Gastone.

20 came out on Mother’s Day and conquered the day by starting it off the best possible way.

The Thang:

Some early for extra credit run.

Some early for Ruck.

The rest came at the start time of 6:30am to run 5 miles.

We started with a pledge at 6:30am.

The Moleskin:

As always it is a honor to have such a great group of guys and to Q any location. If you are not getting inspired from some of the accomplishments of some of your brothers out at these workouts you are not paying attention.

If you are reading this then take my next challenge. This Wednesday do something out of the ordinary and special for your wife. She expected this on Sunday but does not  expect the unexpected on a random day. Just because it’s Wednesday.

Lot’s of prayer request that I did not record all of them. But, please do pray for all your brother’s and family and friends.

Gastone Out!


P.S. Madoff, hope you are ok from the fall during extra credit run. Pretty bad when your shoe fly’s off. The dangers of uneven pavement are real.