• When: 05/02/2018
  • QIC: All
  • PAX: Sparky, Montross, Volt, Bedpan, Allen Tate, Medicine Woman, Huckleberry

Yesterday we decided we would bring back our Wednesday workout.  We stopped a while back due to a lack of participation.  That’s now changed.  Folsom is full of HIMs.  It was decided that Wednesday at Folsom would be a run/ruck workout.  I received a text last night from Allen Tate that he bought a ruck sack and was ready to go.  He hops out of the truck this morning with what appeared to be a CamelBak.   #tinybabysack  After Volt informed him his bladder was upside down, it was time to clock in.

Sparky, Montross, Volt and Bedpan took off running. Medicine Woman, Allen Tate and YHC went rucking.

Not sure of the chatter from the runners, but Medicine Woman and I spent 45 minutes hearing about a tiny sack.  Allen Tate also never figured out how to use his bladder.


COT – announcements: Memorial Day 5k or Murph.  If you’re in town, and have a set, be at one of them. Prayer requests: a family Medicine Woman knows, Allen Tate’s mother-in-law, each other.

BOM: Sparky took us out.

Moleskin: I couldn’t be more proud of this group.  There was a time where Folsom was looked at as the B AO.  Everyone at Folsom is pushing hard; getting in better shape and becoming better men.

I’m proud to be a part of F3 Gastonia.  If I’ve ever posted with you, I want to thank you.  Every person I came across has pushed me in one way or another.  #ISI.  We have a great region.  Lean on your brothers. There are not just there for you at a workout. As I have found out, they are there to do life with you also.  My brothers: you have all pushed me not only physically, but spiritually and pushed me as a man.

Philippians 4:13