• When: 05/01/2018
  • QIC: Sparky
  • PAX: Huck, Bedpan, Volt, Medicine Woman, Hank, Gumby, Gravity, Montross, Roadie, Allen Tate, Sparky

Last week the site Q at Folsom caught a lot of slack from the Folsom pax on the Good ole  GroupMe chat! So, I reminded the pax that I had the Q on Tuesday, go ahead and get it all out of your system,  because come Tuesday you want be able to pick up your phone! I tried to deliver!

Pulling in at Folsom, it was a good site to see! Medicine Woman getting his Ruck on! And the parking lot was pretty full for a Tuesday! 530 hits!

10 burpees oyo! Mumble chatter already!

Lets mosey, to the flag, pledge, mosey back to the “trucks”! Grab a Block!

20 to 1! If you put your block down during the the WO, that will cost you 5 burpees OYO!

20 squats

20 shoulder press

20 curls

20 triceps

then 19 each, 18 each, 17 each, you get the picture! Somewhere around the 16 rep mark, the burpees started for some of the pax! All of the Folsom pax pushed hard, hats off to Hank! I think that guy is a machine! Lots and lots of mumble chatter during this, I think some did burpees, to get a break from the blocks, weird?

5 minutes left, we have time for one more mosey!

Im very proud of these Folsom men, they are a solid group of HIMs, and I am blessed to be a part of!

Announcements: warrior dash, beginning of June, Memorial Day 5k, Memorial Day Murph! Adding a run/ruck day at Folsom on Wednesday

Prayer request: some unspoken, Allen Tate’s mother in law, Bedpans son, each other and families!

Thanks men, for letting me lead! See you in the gloom!