• When:
  • QIC: Def Leppard
  • PAX: Broke, Hipaa, Defib, Tyson, Lil Sweet, Roadie, Sidecar, Gomer, Canteen, Slaw, Easy Rider, Billy Madison, Tool Time, Short Sale, Pizza Man, Def Leppard.

16 strong at warming Midoriyama on a beautiful day in a crowded park. Great to see a big crowd so let’s get after it. Tool Time and Pizza Man were running so off they went at their super quick pace while the rest of us hit the warmup.

SSH x 10 IC, Cotton Pickers x 10 IC, Hillbillies x 10 IC, Pledge

Longish mosey around the softball fields to the middle parking lot where Sidewalk Chalk of Pain listed an exercise in 5 parking spots. Pick a parking spot to start and after the exercise run to the end of the parking lot around the trash can and back, then to the next spot. 10 Burpees, 20 Flutters, 30 CDD’s, 40 Squats, 50 Seal Jacks. I started in the CDD’s parking spot, of course. Everyone completed a full round, several completed a couple of extra spots. Mosey back to the flag, just because YHC forgot some needed items #QFail1. After a quick count off, mosey back to the small soccer field where a nice layout of various coupons await.

This is the No Soccer Arms portion of the workout. The larger armed guys (Defib, Slaw, Canteen and maybe one other) selected the larger blocks and many selected the half blocks and a few of us the smallest blocks. Curls x 30, On Your Six Chest Presses x 30, Tricep Curls x 30, Shrugs x 30 and Yes, Repeat.

With some time left, we set up for Frisbee Rules Football and count off by 2’s to split the teams that somehow we messed up #QFail2. Lots of scoring, no defensive penalties since Freight wasn’t here. Our play was throw it high to Easy Rider and it worked several times. I’m quite sure my team won, as usual when I write the backblast.

Mosey back to the flag.

Announcements: 3rd F Event at the Porch at Parkwood Friday at 7 pm, Speed for Need at the Community Foundation Run 5K this Saturday at 9 am.

COT remembering the ones mentioned. Remember Canteen as he is getting married in a few weeks. My son Logan is still having seizure problems.

*We ran over 2 miles and over 400 reps performed. Great to see Slaw back from work. Great to see Short Sale, Easy Rider, Roadie and Hipaa in the afternoon. Great to see Lil Sweet and Sidecar back with us. Gomer is back and feeling better but with a cracked rib. I forgot to share a word with the guys #QFail3 at the end about a 30 second video. The video shows a group of military guys easily going over a 10 foot wall working together. I meant to say how a man by himself could never get over that wall but together they not only did it, but did it in less than 30 seconds. That’s what having a group of your guys can do. They can pull you up and over walls you never could manage by yourself. This morning on the F3 Q Source tweet a guy named Bill Nye was talking about being the Q while still being injured. His question was how do I push these guys when most of them could leave me behind very quickly? I was struggling through the same question but my guys pulled me up and over that wall with them today. This is a reminder to keep asking guys to post. Keep checking on guys that need to come back. Keep posting yourself to help lift that guy that needs it.