• When:
  • QIC: Oompa Loompa
  • PAX: Slaw, Sister Act, Medicine Woman, Sparky, Swimmer, Volt, Roscoe, Bedpan, Blart, T Square, Roadie, Ash Pond, Oompa Loompa.

YHC was super excited! Due to illness and injury, got to pinch-pinch hit Q at Folsom for the first time! Watched Slaw and Sister Act get in some EC, as Sparky pulled in with his six playthings that I had asked him to bring. Sparky was early, and no one really believed it was possible twice in one week. Swimmer and Medicine Woman got out of their trucks and the PAX straggled in. All PAX looked fearfully at the Sparky’s trailer waiting on the bad news. The news was bad. Dolph was sick, and they got stuck with Oompa Loompa as Q.


Disclaimer, warm up with 25 SSH IC, Moroccan Night Clubs for Ash Pond. Pledge, then 12 Don Quixotes IC.


Pair up, grab a bar out of Sparky’s trailer, stick a cinderblock on each end. Sparky was early, can you believe it? Pick it up and mosey to lower parking lot. Mumble chatter that Q is only carrying a soccer ball. Q isn’t stupid. Three sets of mumble chatterers sent to bottom of parking lot hill with playthings. Remainder ground gear at top of lot.


Gather at the middle of the parking lot for 100 LBC IC. 25 Toy Soldiers IC. 60 second Plank. 25 Hillbillies IC. Countdown plank from 50. We hear a train, but, Q declares burpees are deferred.


Mosey back to top of parking. Split into two teams. Team A kicks soccer ball and Team B sprints after it, Team A does merkins till B returns with ball. Flip Flop. Rinse and repeat.

Next go around, Team A kicks soccer ball, then does merkins. Team B grabs bars and blocks and returns ball. Flip Flop. Merlot spill #1. Rinse and repeat. Both game and merlot!


Gather at the center of the parking lot. 100 more LBCs IC. Plank. Rosalitas IC. 60 second



Mosey to bottom of parking lot. Flutters IC. Merlot. Diddybop to picnic shelter for 40 dips IC, 50 inclines.


Diddybop to bottom of parking lot. Pair up, grab bars and blocks, mosey to middle of parking lot.

Ground the gear. Kick the ball, and alternating bearcrawl, Joe Hendrix and crabwalk after ball uphill both ways.


Pair up, grab bars and blocks, mosey to top of hill. Grab a block, grab a bar, or grab both. 20 Shoulder presses and 20 curls IC. Slaw gets punished for mentioning the Q wasn’t detailed oriented with a sprint down the hill to the picnic shelter for 5 burpees. Divide into 5 pairs and a triple. Sprint down in teams for 5 burpees, while remaining pax do merkins.


Grab a block, grab a bar, grab both or grab a ball. Semi-jailbreak back to shovel flag. Put playthings away like momma taught you in Sparky’s trailer. Sparky was early, can you believe it? 100 LBCs and 22 for the vets.


Prayer requests for friends, family and PAX on IR. COT and YHC took us out.