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Day: July 19, 2016

#TheStorm: The Deck Of Death

11 PAX showed up for a round (plus) of The Deck Of Death.

I rolled in about 10 minutes early and got the weight room garage door open, got the cards set up, and then made my way to group.  Good mumble chatter early about the 2 county police officers that were in the parking lot and Spud locking his keys in the car.  Rough one for me today as I about had to pull a JoBu and rush to the facilities during the workout, but unlike JoBu I gutted it out and didn’t want to miss any of the workout.  Shout out to Rudolph for the motivation today during the workout.  He kept u at us today and I think we all needed and appreciated that.

And we begin:

WU: (In Cadence)

  • SSH x 15
  • LBC x 15
  • CDD x 15
  • Moroccan Night Clubs x 15

-Pledge Of Allegiance-


Mosey to the weight room and circle around the DECK OF DEATH

  • Hearts= Burpees
  • Diamonds= Murkins
  • Spades= Squats
  • Clubs= CDD

Went through about 9/10 of the deck and then called an OMAHA and switched up a couple of the exercises

  • Hearts= JoBu’s aka Monkey Humpers
  • Diamonds= LBC
  • Spades= Squats
  • Clubs= CDD

At some point Spud excused himself to try and get his car unlocked….never did know if he got that figured out or not…whoops.

Finished the deck and got through about 1/5 of the deck the second time around and time ran out.

Mosey to where we started and circle up

  • SSH x 15
  • Moroccan Night Clubs x 15



Announcements: Need Qs… Thanks Mayor for stepping up next Tuesday for TheStorm

Prayers: Godfather, TSquare, Dr. Feelgood, and Country

Coffeeteria: 2 at Floyd And Blackies


Again enjoyed leading today!


Counting Parking Spaces

Five warriors busted out of the fartsack for a good Tuesday morning beat down. Wait here comes an FNG in a sweet old school minivan………..nope, must be lost. I briefly describe that today’s workout will be mostly yoga and pilates, then Huckleberry mumbles something about Insanity or P90x? More chatter, woahh it’s 5:31, lets hit it



SSH x15 IC, Toy Soldiers x15 IC, LBC x15 IC mosey to the lower end of the lower parking lot. Hey, there’s the mystery truck guy! Not for long, we must have waken him up and there he goes.

tha thang

marked parking lots are awesome BTW! A version of 11s but we doin 8s.

bear crawl one parking space, 7 burpees; bear crawl 2 spaces, 6 burpees; mumble chatter…….you get the just, until bear crawl 7 spaces with 1 burpee. Run a lap around the parking lot for round 2. I think Dolph ran at least 3 laps waiting for us to finish. This time lunge walk the spaces with merkins down to 7 spaces and 1 merkin. Run a lap around the lot for round three. Imperial walkers and LBCs. Run a lap and ready for round 4. Army soldier walk spaces and squats the same ending with 7 and 1. More mumble chatter, something about feeling something burning. Anyway, run a lap for round 5, Omaha, let’s slow walk spaces with Good mornings. After all the thigh burns, duck walks were quickly modified. Yes, take another lap. Circle up for some prison merkin burpees x5, confusion chatter, I had just read up on this one last night, PAX yell demo. As YHC I should have counted my demo as 1, ouch. Mosey back to the upper lot and flag for the pledge. With time left, circle up for ring of Fire merkins 10 each then some hillbillies x15 IC, Freddy mercuries x15 IC. Sparky shouts “hey, learned a new one, Hyper Burpee” or something like that, mumble chatter during the demo, then Dolph brought out another extreme merkin that had PAX falling on their shoulders.

no new announcements, prayers as always for our families, our nation and its leaders. Lifting up Scott Pasours family and the officers families of the past shootings.

great work Men! Always an honor to Q!

2 Corinthians 5:20-21

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