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Day: June 8, 2016

big Balls and Jack Webb

Nice and cool outside this am-nearly perfect weather.

About 9 pax showed up then during the WU, a couple more showed for nice round 11 to get a beatdown at Martha’s.

WU-Mosey around Pelican’s with buttkickers, high knees, side shuffle, and karaoke then 10 IC SSH, 11 IC Merkins, 12 IC LBCs plus some slow holding at various points to make counting really awkward. some squats and Moroccan Night Clubs con Cucaracha (toe raises on 1 and 3 count-GasHouse original-won’t find this anywhere else-we have it copyrighted) then 10 burpees OYO. Started to Mosey to the parking lot when someone (? Stroganoff) reminded me of the Pledge so we did the Pledge then on to the parking lot for the Thang…but first, in honor of BA and El Padrino making a return, we got a coupon out of my car. I could feel the anxiety building up as the back door opened and I pulled out…..ping pong balls. Everyone got only 1-did not want too many sore muscles and we moseyed to the defunct grocery store parking lot.

The Thang:

Pax line up, throw the ping pong ball as far as you can, lunge to pick it up then sprint to other side of parking lot. Repeat from other end back. Think we did this twice (total of 4 throws) then did 2 more throws with hopping on one leg to the ball then sprint to other side.

Next we partnered up and did some piggy back 4 corners-partner carry the long way/mosey the short ends, plank, then on the corners did ? number of Mountain Climbers, CDD, Jack Webb (think 1 pax knew who Jack Webb was, 1 was knew the pain was coming), then (thanks Short Sale for the idea) 2 rounds of hip slappers to close out the 4 corners.

Next we did some more partner work: P1 ran about 50 yards and back while P2 did the exercise-4 rounds of Fondas (lay on side and raise leg up like Jane Fonda used to do-Easy Rider gets bonus points for wearing leg warmers-very nice brother, hope your little sister does not mind you borrowing from her), Merkins, and Flutter Kicks.

Think we moseyed back to start with a burst of dips, squats, dips, and Monkey Humpers (Where are you Jobu????) to salute the traffic then Bandit took us home with a few Dying Cockroaches.

Great work this morning guys. Seemed like everyone was really pushing it this morning despite the (not so) heavy coupons. Appreciate the motivation.


Sight seeing at Midoriyama

Well it was another HOT day at Midoriyama.  With 6 PAX on hand I wanted to give everyone a tour of Midoriyama.


Side straddle hops x 25 IC

Air Squats x 20 IC

Moroccan night club X 40 IC

Work out:

Off we go…we hit the asphalt for a good run…we stopped at every opening for two exercises…it went like this:


Merkins x 25

LBC’s x 25 IC


CDD’s x 30

Bicycles x 25 IC


Omaha to the bleachers for Incline merkins x 30

Flutter x 25 IC


Omaha to the bleachers for Decline merkins x 30

World War I x 20


Pull-ups x 10

Hanging leg raises x 10


Diamond merkins x 20

LBC flutters x 20 (Thanks to Freight)


Rider merkins x 20 (Thanks to Freight)

Homer Marge IC


Dips at the picnic tables x 50

V-ups x 25

With 20 minutes left…we took a short cut…lol…to slider hill…we ran down and up slider hill with 1 burpee at the top…rinse and repeat until 5 burpees

Mosey to stairs for calf raise x 10 per step (Total of 130)

Mosey back for 1 minute of Plank mary:

Plank up/downs

Plank jacks x 16


Pledge of Allegiance


June 11th- Inaugural F3 Belmont workout



Great work by the PAX…way to push through the heat!! It’s always an honor to lead a great group of men!!




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