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Day: June 24, 2020


Some PAX ran, some rucked, and some rode.  We all got better!!!  After we discussed “Correction” during QSource.  Great work by all!!

Until next time Pizza Man is OOUUUTTTTT!!!

Prison Break Soup

Round Up asked for someone to take the Prison Break Q while he is attending to the newest family addition so I did. 6 guys show up and run. Various routes, various paces on a warm, humid, soupy morning. We did discuss the need for staying consistent during the warm summer months. Nice work guys!

We didn’t have Buttermilk, but we had Slaw

Either the PAX of F3 Gastonia are really pushing the rock, or YHC has the reputation of weak Q’s because once again the PAX were out in full force doing EC work. 15 PAX total at 0530 but no Tesla. The disappointment was evident on Slaw’s face and it quickly became apparent that he would gain nothing by removing his shirt during this workout as the PAX in attendance would offer nothing more than ridicule. Disclaimer, pledge and 1 SSH to say we did a warmup before we kicked it off.


Mosey a lap around the track and back to where we started for the main event….The Cooper!

10 to 1 format with a lap around the front entrances of the school between rounds.

Start with 10 Burpee’s, 10 Squats, 10 Merkins then a lap. Repeat with 9, 8,….all the way to 1.


Head around to the back lot for some 11’s with Imperial Walker Squats and Big Boys. It seems that Sister Act needs some help with his form on the Big Boys as it was horrific. He mentioned something about “Cherry Butt”, but I’m not sure how that applies. YHC tried to get the Mumble Chatter going but the end result was Sargento playing Kid’s Bop music on his phone. This AO needs Freight or Whoopee to pay them a visit and stir things up.


Still time for some Ab Work

20 IC of each – American Hammers, Flutter’s and Oblique Crunches


10 Burpee’s then back to the start and finish up with 10 more Burpee’s



Proverbs 4:26 – “Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established.”

In order to walk the Christian walk we must not make hasty decisions, we should use discernment to determine the Lord’s will and then follow it.



Annihilation workout this Saturday at Folsom

PT test at Gashouse on July 18th

Tube taking over as Painlab Site Q this Saturday


Prayer Request


T Square and family

Round Up and family

SA 2.1


YHC took us out.


It’s been awesome to get around to a couple of AO’s that I don’t regularly attend over the past few days. The PAX of Gashouse are really pushing the rock and there are a lot of new guys that have jumped in and are attending regularly. Keep EH’ing, reach out to the Kotter’s and try to get around to different AO’s when you can. Everyone has their favorites, but they’re all top notch.


I’m Broke

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