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A number of weeks ago I read a front page article in the Gaston Gazette speaking about the level of trash on our roadways and the fact that the city is seeking to use funds and have private companies to clean up our roadways .
I’ve often felt what better way to impact this community much like the clean up the woods campaign for the YMCA than for us to adopt a street or maybe even two!
I spoke with our nantan Stroganoff who was on board but had me contact Bandit as he is our community involvement point man. Both loved the idea but wanted me to take lead after Bandit researched whether any regions had taken advantage and adopted roadways.
After dealing with flu and reaching out first to one agency but being sent to another ….. I have found that there is a real need for us to move forward and that there are some excellent areas for us to adopt if the pax agree. I would love for all to please reach out to me and give input and insight as to where would we like to choose. Currently available is Armstrong/ Gaston Day from S. New Hope to Kendrick and even Robinwood. Another great need I saw on DOT site is much of Dallas. I cite these areas since we run these areas anyway and it will certainly benefit us by having cleaner streets/ sidewalks to run/ruck and make them safer for others.
All that the adopt a roadway program asks for us for us to clean the chosen roads every two months for a period of not less than 2 years and that the areas also be at least 2 blocks or more. The program would supply bags and some other supplies as well as a nifty sign that would acknowledge our contribution to the community giving us visibility.
Post your comments here, on Slack, Twitter or email me …. let’s clean up!