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  • When: 02/16/2019
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  • QIC: Tesla
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  • PAX: Dirt, Doodles, Tiger, Anchorman, Virus, Pockets, Orangeman, Tesla

So YHC looked at the weather on Friday afternoon and figured that we would do two things at The Yank on Saturday:

Thing one: Get under the shelter ( a pro F3 Q move form an old hand at this biz)

Thing two: Get wet. A necessary part of getting better is to minimize the effects of external factors to the extent that we can. So we did

Talked about it with prospective pax Friday evening at The Station so there was forwarning of the impending doom in the gloom for the next day. Spirits were high as we discussed the possibilities!

It went like this:

SSH X 1 minute

Merkins X 1 minute

IWs X 1 minute

American Hammers X 1 minute

WW II situps X 1 minute

Mtn Climbers X 1 minute

Elbow plank X 1 minuteback to the shelter

10 Merkins, 20 LBCs, 30 squats

Run the park loop and 10 Merkins, 20 LBCs, 30 squats

Ladder time as follows:

5 burpees

10 step ups each leg

15 cross legged dirkins

20 jump squats

25 LBCs

After the 5 burpees we ran the park loop and did the 10, 20 ,30 “thang” as above. Then build to the burpees, step ups and repeat. Do this all the way to the 25 mark (LBCs)

Now it was time for a Tesla Standard. The Bear Crawl Slalom! In the rain no doubt. So out from under the comfy shelter to the mercy of the elements. A little character building time to be had so we all got three times to crawl. Yes it was wet.But we got through it.

Time enough for a triple nickel. Ran the path from the fountain to the top near the shelter

Bottom of the hill: Plank jacks


Top of the hill: 5 hand release merkins

this pretty well got us to the end. A few minutes for stretching to finish up (@ 3 minutes). Finished with another 1 minute elbow plank.

Naked Man Moleskin:

Wet and a little chilly but overall not a bad day to do a beat down. Everybody worked hard. Nobody complained. Good for us! pockets volunteered for the lead next week, Tiger the week after. CSAUP up next week along with a to be announced 2nd F later in the day. Stay tuned.

Yank is a great place to lead because of a great pax. Announcement coming soon on Core coming over in the spring from Metro. be ready! I hear Eminem is going to lead and rev is bringing the hair burners. Be afraid, be VERY afraid!


Until next time,