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  • When: 02/01/2019
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  • PAX: Sister Act, Spiderman, Gastone, BedPan, Turtleman, Pedal, Stone Cold Medicine Woman, Watt's Up, Island, Easy Rider, Virus (R), HIPAA (QIC)

For Day 6 of HIPAAPALOOZA YHC promised the PAX some true Rock Legends. It was a Friday so YHC was expecting bigger crowds, 13,000 showed, well maybe it was 13. Anyways, bottled water prices didn’t increase and all that were in attendance were ready to rock!!





Merkins 20 IC

Volcano squats 15 IC

IW 15 IC


The Thang:

Mosey down Main st to York.

Roxanne Red light at York st so grab some Pink Floyd Wall


Australian Mountain Climbers 10 IC

Recover but Roxanne kept her red light on so Rinse & Repeat


Roxanne had her Red light on again, damn, lets just wait. Green, GO DOG GO!

Mosey down Main to N. Chester. YHC did some Google Maps recon and saw some big rocks in the aerial shots. I had to confirm so drove out to site night before. BedPan was aware of my recon work. He was proud that someone was taking his AO seriously.

Grab some Rocks and dont be weak. Grab someting big and heavy! “Go Big or Go Home”

Overhead fellowship mosey to Snyder Pl. and Main St. Home of “Legends Bar & Lounge”

I told the PAX in the twitterverse that some Rock Legends would be present. YHC did not disappoint or lie. I held up my “Rock” in front of “Legends” Bar and Lounge Sign. Hence “Rock Legends”! I got a few laughs from that.

Time for some Dora 123


100 – Overhead tricep extensions with rock

200 – Curls with rock

300 – Chest presses with rock

P2 overhead rock carry to light pole, 1 burpee overhead rock carry back swap with P1


Drop rocks mosey to Leather and Lace.

Time for some Motley Crue: “GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS”

Lineup along fence with your backside to Leather N Lace front door

Monkey Humpers 20 IC


***Side Note, YHC has been absolutely dying to do Monkey Humpers in front of LnL for a long time. Glad I finally got the chance!!

Mosey back to legends

Pickup rock

Grab some Pink Floyd Wall

Peoples chair

Overhead Rock presses 20 IC


Peoples chair

Rock press with March 20 IC

Heard rocks drop but i didn’t say recover!

Pick it back up and lets do peoples chair for a minute as punishment


Fellowship mosey back to rock pile. Stop at each street light  for 1 rock squat

Rock toss into rock pile

We got “Time” like Pink Floyd so let’s do some Bear Crawls up the “Time” Data Svcs. Ramp.

Rinse & Repeat

Mosey back to start

Mary – PAX choice



Prayer Requests

WOW! So much Rock pushing this AM by all! So proud of these groupies!! Not sure what BedPan had been smoking during HIPAAPALOOZA but he thought he was me??? Crazy stuff man! All kiding aside, it is always an absolute honor and priviledge to lead you guys. I hope you enjoyed the workout as much as I did. Even if you didn’t, I dont give refunds for this festival.