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  • When: 02/02/2019
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As many of you may know YHC from mid November to the end of January is fairly well occupied with duck season which usually cuts back on his F3 Saturday activities. Including showing up and leading at The Yank, the best Saturday AO in the Gaston region. We have had outstanding leadership in that time and some killer workouts. But it was time for the old man to come home and make sure everybody understood what a real beat down in Belmont REALLY looked like! Just need reminders from time to time.  Went like this:


Mosey down to the pad in the park for the following:

Stretch -O-Rama! Something we need to do for a minute or so to start with and to end workouts with.

SSH X 1 minute

Merkins X 1 minute

Mountain climbers X 1 minute

Copperhead squats X 1 minute

LBCs X 1 minute


Mosey to the tennis courts, Tiger picks up the six.

1s and 2s

Suicide pairs. 1s run to halfcourt, do exercise, run back to endline and then run to the other endline, do excecise. 2s do a called exercise. Flapjack

Round 1 – 1s, 5 hand release merkins, 2s SSH

Round 2 – 1s, 5 jump squats, 2s, lBCs

Round 3 – 1s,  diamond merkins, 2s merkins

Round 4-  1s, CDDs, 2s big boy situps

Mosey back to the Corner of Knowledge, well over half done by now.

At the corner:

10 step ups (total)

10 inclined merkins

10 dips

Sprint to other end of the school, 10 copperhead squats, sprint back

15 step ups (total)

15 inclined merkins

15 dips

Sprint back to the other end. 15 copperhead squats.

Burpee broad jumps back to 1/2 way.

Frog hop the next half (this was hard!)

Mosey down to the field of dreams with @ 9 minutes left for Bear Crawl Slalom!

Three rolls for each pax.

SSH X 10

IW X 10

All you got back to the start point!

Mosey down to the pad fro 3 minutes of stretching.

Pledge and done.


Great to be back at The Yank this morning. Perfect morning, clear @ 32 degrees, great pax to have present for a little “Kotter” for Tesla as it was. We worked hard and that was the intent. Nobody shows to take it off.

Prayers for Top Hat whose dad appears to be facing his death very soon. Family has some real decisions to make as of tomorrow. Reach out to him if you can and let him know we are here for him.

Tiger has it next week, so I would be thinking this could be pretty hard. Show to know!

Tesla, out.