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  • When: 12/27/2018
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  • QIC: Tesla
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  • PAX: Breaker Breaker, Dr. Seuss, Orangeman, Anchorman, Joe Boo, Gigawatts, Virus, Dirt, Tesla

So as it was December 27 and possibly the most disrespected day of the year 9 pax gathered for a beatdown on the banks of the South Fork before it flooded again tomorrow it would so appear. No, we did not build an ark. But we did do this:


Some initial stretching (Tesla’s new workout leadership discipline for 2019) that included but was not limited to hand to foot stretch and down/up dog.

SSH X 20

IW X 20

Slow, low squats (Copperhead style) X 20

Morrocan Night clubs X 20

Mosey to the single lane bridge into Cramerton for initial wall work.

People’s Chair

Air presses X 20

Air punches X 20

Balls to the wall and hip slaps X 20

Rinse and repeat.

Mosey to the basketball court for some Merkin madness

Round 1:

Bear crawl to midcourt, 10 merkins

Bear Crawl to end line, 20 merkins

Broad jump back to the endline

Crabwalk to midcourt, 5 hand release merkins

Crabwalk to endline, 10 hand release merkins

Lunge walk back to endline

Bear Crawl to midcourt, 10 diamond merkins

Bear Crawl to end, 20 diamond merkins

Lunge walk back

Crabwalk to midcourt, 10 ranger merkins

Crabwalk to endline, 20 ranger merkins

Broadjump back

Bear crawl to centercourt, 10 wide arm merkins

Bear Crawl to endline, 20 wide arm merkins

Mosey back to the tunnel for more wall and rail work.

Rail squats X 10

Inverted incline merkins X 10

Balls to the wall w/ 10 inverted mountain climbers

Rinse and repeat.

Mosey down to the Gazebo for a three peat as follows:

Pull ups X 10

Step ups 10 total

Dirkins X 10

This got us to about 5 minutes left, so the pax was spared the triple nickel YHC had planned and we went back to the flag for some Mary instead. Just as well, the pax had put in a great day’s work by this time. Mary was pax lead and included Heels to Heaven, flutter kicks, WW II situps and then YHC came back with some stretches as seen at the top to wind it all up.

NMM: Great work by everybody today. Was great to be out before the rains come again! Hopefully not as bad as predicted. Last Goat of the year was a quality one with a beatdown and great pax to do it with. Thanks to Breaker and Virus for showing up down at the Abyss yesterday for YHC’s lead at that venue. Love to see us do some more with those guys next year in Lake Wylie. Happy New Year to all and let’s keep pushing the rock!