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  • When: 12/27/2018
  • AO:
  • QIC: Gumby
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Swimmer, Montross, Gumby

As I pulled into Folsom I was met with a surprise! I wasn’t going to be alone today. Swimmer was there and ready to go, and shortly after I arrived Montross showed. His FNG unfortunately was a no show. Hopefully he will show up soon. The rest of Folsom apparently didn’t get their wake up calls, perhaps I can start up a service for that soon. We have some HIM’s here let’s get this started.



Gravel Pickers X15 IC

Hillbilly’s X15 IC


Mosey to the flag at entrance for the pledge, short mosey to parking lot across from the flag. Suicides with Merkins at each divider starting with 10 and increasing by 10 at each divider. Next repeat with Squats and finally LBC’s.

Mosey around the long way to lower shelter for Dips, Squats, and Step Ups all x15 with a lap around the parking lot after each exercise X2 sets.
20 Big Boys OYO. Way to push men.

Mosey back to start. As we get back the familiar redneck truck horn in the distance 5 burpees. Now for some PAX led Mary. Montross with American Hammers X20 IC, Swimmer with Flutter Kicks X30 IC, YHC with V Up’s. another round with LBC’s, Mike Tysons, and Sandy V’s for our Folsom Fartsackers. Montross counted the Sandy V’s with the fartsackers names. Time

My goal today was to keep the heart rate up. Very little if any rest between sets. I believe we accomplished that goal this morning. Good work men!

Prayer Request:

Montross’s Aunt, Swimmer’s sister’s Father In Law passed, Hacksaw’s Father In Law passed. Sorry guys for any that I forgot.

Thanks for letting me lead this morning. Was a pleasure and honor.