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  • When: 12/20/2018
  • AO:
  • QIC: Allen Tate
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  • PAX: Allen Tate, Montross, Volt, Pastor Clever, Gumby, Bedpan, Hacksaw, Roundup

That’s what she said.

Chief isn’t really known for planning out his Qs. He is more of a problem solver who has the long-term vision in place, is always thinking on the fly, and adjusting as needed. He responds to the needs of his people, always looking for ways to challenge them and himself.

Haters will say he flys by the seat of his pants and pulls answers out of his ass, but he would disagree. See having all the answers before you start is easier and that just isn’t how he rolls. A Chief Rockpusher doesn’t take the easy way. For example, it would be easier to workout regularly and be in shape before you Q. However, spending most mornings “hunting”, not posting for a month, losing your cardio, then posting when you have the Q…that makes it harder and that is how Chief prefers it. It is a way of life!

Anyway, 8 real HIMs showed up for a pre-planned….well, probably pre-planned Chief Beatdown.

SSH 15 In Cadence
Cotton Pickers 15 IC
Imperial Walkers 15 IC


Mosey to the lower parking lot.

Trail Of Tears – do escalating burpees at every other line (1 at the first, then 2, then 3, then 4…all the way to 16, which was the length of the parking lot). You cant just walk between lines though. This is a Chief Q, we don’tdo easier. Instead, bear crawl between the first 5 lines, broad jump between the next 5, lunge walk the last 6. Brutal! Pastor Clever and Gumby finished first and got in some extra credit flutter kicks and such. This was for HIMs only, not for the HERs!

Now for a little corner work in the same parking lot. 25 Merkins in corner 1, nur to the next, 25 WW1 sit ups, nur to the 3rd, 50 LBCs, nur the the last corner for 100 squats.

Mosey up the hill and do a lap around the park. Time!

Workout at the Storm Christmas Day (Folsom closed), Mt Hollywood at 7am Monday. Christmas attire is encouraged for Saturday’s Folsom workout. There will be beer. We miss you Huck and Roadie.

Prayer Requests:
Unspoken, Montross’ aunt, families at Christmaz. Also, Def Leppard, Douche Canoe, and those running the half-marathon. Keep the 5k in your prayers too.