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  • When: 12/18/2018
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11 showed today oddly enough this is my 11th month being a part of F3 and the last time I will Q in my 30’s thus the name of this post.
Warm up SSH,morocon night clubs,mountain climbers,squats all in cadence x15
Bottom lot 4exercises x10 then a lap do this 4x merkins,peter Parker,Parker Peters,seal jacks. By lap 3 pax were breathing heavy. Plank for the 6.
Mosey back to the flag and Gumby and slaw both needed to do some burpees so we did 5 at the speed bump.
Did 2rounds of 4corners 5 burpees per corner total of 40. After this what better time to do some sprint work. Sprint down to one tennis court 50 squats then nur back. Sprint two courts 25 imperial walkers then nur back. We did this til we got 100 reps in and some sprints also. Time was still on the clock so we did an Indian bear crawl on the lines of the tennis court. 3 minutes remaining let’s do some Mary. 50 merkins,25-30 of something then 50 lbc’s time.
Follow up to the ?.
My son was talking with me last week I turn 40 Thursday and all year I feel like I have fought to stay away from this day. 11months with f3and 45lbs lighter I know now who cares about that # I’m healthier happier & more involved in life than ever before. My son asked the ? Above and without hesitation I said “when I die” I knew at that moment I have made a true life change, my habits thoughts and wellbeing have all changed. When you are giving thanks or talking about gifts during Christmas remember what we have with F3 is a gift. It was an honor to Q today. I look forward to being in the Gloom with you all until death do us part😎
Prayer request:
Assfault lost a close friend yesterday remember him and the family in your prayers. MW’s father in law is coming home after triple bypass surgery. Remember the season and thankful that operation sweet tooth was a success.

The Bed Pan is full..