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  • When: 12/18/2018
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  • QIC: Clavin
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  • PAX: Hipaa, Pedal and Clavin(r)

How many Kings ( Mägi) went seeking the infant Jesus Christ at his birth? I presented this earlier today on Twitter as a brain teaser as it was asked of our church congregation some 24 years ago . Answer will be in the final paragraph …. although why not read along for a moment…

The main purpose I chose for this morns exercise was to be a challenge to our brains which Pedal learned very quickly as he had to reset when I called for seal jacks during warmarama ( I believe he was ready for SSH ( but I will probably never call for these again as we seem to have overused this and reached our goal for the rest of the decade!) I had also tweeted the Ickey Shuffle wanting to see if that would rouse pax . Not successful😢

Started with pledge morroccan night clubs  the aforementioned seal Jax plank Jax and rocky b’s All cadence to 10.

I was hopeful for more pax but had figured Roadie wouldn’t make it since he took Oompa Loompa to the football fiasco with the Panthers …… however

there was a set of buckets with sand to be used as timer farmer carry to end of covered area and back about 1 minute

i had a yoga ball for either crunches with back against ball or derkins ( feet up)

two light dumbbells for straight arm raises

two (new) kettlebells thank you Hipaa for telling me where to go and buy these ….. lighter one single arm clean …. heavier was for forward swing

slam ball  (new as well) for slamming or crush with squat

medecine ball (my m’s) for tricep extension

jump rope ( yes I brought it back)

and lastly I gridded our agility ladder with paper listing 11 exercises inin outout / lateral Carioca / single foot each square/5 hops and run / backwards and/ or forwards in and out / and the Ickey Shuffle

for music I had tweeted that we we’re sweating to the oldies ….

years ago my wife and I discussed whether or not there would be oldies stations when we got older playing Ministry , Skinny Puppy ,  White Zombie  etc… so with that in mind….

todays selections were Are You Gonna Go My Way, Back in Black , Immigrant Song, Black Betty , thunderstruck Bawitaba, Sabotage and Berzerk

At some point I heard a train called for 5

ran on program until time called thanks to Pedal

this program was to challenge each of us to utilize our brain power thinking and if and when possible increasing speed in each exercise ( wasn’t surprised to see Hipaa crushing it)

prayers for Pedals M and Toto

Announcements … Saturday  at Yank moved down street due to Santa Hussle 5k and next Tuesday no Bulldog but Storm May be open …. look for info …

now lastly … the answer is “more than one……..”

please, don’t simply believe what I say, grab your bible … the only mention is in Matthew chapter 2