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  • PAX: Rudolph( not of the red nose variety), JJ, Linus, BedPan, Smalls, Squirt, Time Frame, Oompa Loompa, Cap’n Crunch , Stoganoff and Clavin (r)

As a child I remember several times going either to nursing homes or other settings to carol at this time of year . it’s been many years since I’ve done it but was very moved today not only to do something meaningful but for such a great man as Bedpan recalled “ has given so much to the community “. As the group was not too large we were all able to enjoy the warmth of Santa’s home even getting to see how he has all the latest gadgets ( only needing to call on “Alexa, turn on the lights !” For when we needed to see our music. My M and 2.0 , Cap’n Crunch along with Oompa Loompa’ s M arrived early to not only ready Bob for our arrival , but also to visit with him ( they stayed until 11:00!)
It was very moving listening to Time Frame tell Santa that his picture with his family is proudly displayed on his wall.
We all sang rather well and as Oompa Loompa remarked “ thankfully no one videoed the moment !” To which someone responded that that was Hipaa’s purview.
As our Nantan was present I asked him to pray us out.

And there was peace on earth , and good will towards men …. all for one moment.

Thank you and God bless all who showed