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  • When: 12/04/2018
  • AO:
  • QIC: Swimmer
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Defib, Blart, Pockets ,Deff leapard, Freight, Broke, Sister Act, Wojo, Little Sweet, Gold digger,

11 pax showed tonight for the workout.

                              Warm up

Don Qs 

Side straddle 

Toy soldiers

Morockin nightclubs while Freight, Defib, and Blart came in a min late 

Mosey to the upper parking lot, and team up.  

Bear hunt- teammate 1 runs around parking lot While #2 bear crawls in the same direction.   When 1 catches 2 you switch and continue until you make two rounds with the bear crawl.  Plank until all pax finish.  

20 seal jacks and run to top of parking lot

20 old man and run back to lower

20 flutter kicks ic back to top

20 American hammers 

Teamed back up 

1 does 10 burpees while 2 lunges away from teammate.   When 1 is complete he runs to catch 2and carry him back to start and change places.  Rinse and repeat x5

Took a short mosey to hill in upper parking lot for 11s with Mike Tyson’s at the bottom, NUR up hill and LBC at top.  I called off the nur after 5 times up.   Some chose to continue.  Way to push guys

Mosey back  to flag for some mountain climbers, hillbillies, and monkey humpers 

Prayers for family of one of my coworkers who passed this week suddenly. Pocket”s cousin, Freight”s  grandfather, and a local preacher who passed in house fire this morning.    

Thanks for the opportunity to lead the pax,

and thanks for being there to push me.