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  • When: 11/24/16
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  • QIC: Freight
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  • PAX: Pizza Man, Dolph, Slaw, Def Leppard(Respect), Gumby, Edison

7 showed at Folsom to burn so they could earn the morning of Thanksgiving. YHC had made some great cheesecake so I was serious about making room for a little extra! I came in a little hot as I’m not used to the morning post and didn’t quite have my commute time down pat. Traffic in Dallas can be crazy that time of the morning. Disappointed we still didn’t have any takers on the Ghost Flag we got started.


SSH x 15ic

Don Quixte x 10ic

Maybe something else but I’m really not sure.

Mosey to the shed

2 rounds of-

Tricep dips x 10ic

Derkins x 10ic

Step-ups x 10 each leg

Mosey across the park to the far parking lot

Route 66 with Bobby Hurley’s

Mosey to the horse track

2 laps-Sprint the straights to the cone bearcrawl to the next cone.

Mosey to the stands for 10 box jumps OYO

1 lap-Sprint the straights to the cone bearcrawl to the next cone.

Mosey to the tennis courts

Rugby Sprint with LBC’s- number of laps……too many!



Announcements-Advisory meeting Sunday at On the Border 7:00, Christmastown 5K is Saturday

Prayer Request- PAX, Youth


Moleskin: Without getting all over the be thankful thing I am and told the PAX that posted how much I appreciate each one of you for pushing me and being there at each post. I constantly have to fight the inner fatboy/sadclown and do not have the fortitude of Dolph to regularly hit the gym or Pizza Man to run 18 miles by myself. So Thanks to you all!