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  • When: 11-21-16
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  • QIC: Sargento
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  • PAX: Whoopee, Stroganoff, Easy Rider, Oompa Loompa, Frank (Freight), JJ, Gastone, Defib

It’s the Monday before Thanksgiving and I just knew the PAX was thinking of how they could show their thankfulness. What better way to do that than to use the gifts the good Lord has given us? In my opinion, the best way to show this is to …. RUN!

A short disclaimer, a couple of Sun Gods to get good and warmed up, then the Pledge and we’re off.

A long mosey across the street and through the bank parking lot all the way up Union Rd. to Christ Church parking lot. I reminded everyone that all good things come from the Lord and that a church parking lot is a perfect place to show our thanks.

Our routine would go like this, at the first stop we’d do ATMs (15 Alternating shoulder taps IC, 10 Tempo merkins IC, 10 fast Merkins).

Once we finished we moseyed directly across the street to the other church for a routine of 25 Peter Parkers IC, ABCs, and 20 WW1 Sit-ups. Feel the burn!

Mosey back down the road to First Baptist for the ATM routine.

Mosey again to Providence ARP Church for the ab roundup.

Last mosey down to the corner drug store (not a church) for the ATMs (I think).

A careful fellowship mosey across the street with a stop at the knee wall at the bank for 15 dips IC. Mosey home.

Wrap up with a set of a new exercise that I’ve never used in one of my Q’s, the Daniel Son, which if you remember is the crane kick used to destroy Johnny and the Cobra Kai in The Karate Kid. 5 or so of those in cadence and we’re done!

Good work hanging in there during my unannounced running workout men, especially Oompa Loompa. Aye!

Prayer requests: Dr. Feelgood’s mom and dad, those on IR. Can’t remember the others.

Moleskin: I wanted to try to work in an acronym of Thanksgiving or something really creative like many of you guys do to remind us of how thankful we really should be when you think about it and I just ran out of time. I hope my herky jerky, random talk and completely unrelated exercises didn’t keep you from enjoying the time out this morning. The iron sharpening iron that is F3 is enough for me!

Until next time, Happy Thanksgiving and Aye!!!