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  • When: 11/19/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Hushpuppy
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Top Hat, Tool Time, Flush, Tiny Tank, Norwood

8 Men were present for the warmup, as Sargento another pax I do not recall apparently met for a prerun.  They stayed for the Moroccan night clubs and Side straddle hops, then it was off to whatever fun they had planned.  While warming up A young man was walking across the street so Tool time attempted the Billy Zane, inviting him over.  He participated in the Morrocan nightclubs and SSH, but had to slip away and promised to come back.

The disclaimer: I’m an idiot and you should go home and go to bed and other brilliant legal terms.

The warmup: Moroccan night clubs, SSH both x 25 IC, then the pledge.  We parted ways with the pre-runners and began our Mosey to whatever fun I could find.

Tha thang: Frankly, I felt like Crap all week and didn’t even think about my Weinke.  The only preparation I made was some areal recon on Google maps to find somewhere I had not been before.  We began the mosey up a street towards the school. I found a nice wall for the peoples chair, some overhead presses, then some more peoples chair and Rocky Balboa’s X 25 IC.

More mosey to a park somewhere under some trees.  We circled up for a count and I shared with the Pax what I had learned from Dredd: 1) Fatigue makes cowards of us all, 2) It all begins with Love, 3) Ask, Listen, Recall.  We alternated between step ups, dips, Derkins, Merkins, Shouldertaps while, with Tool Times help, I shared the stories behind these lessons.

We found some swings and I called for feet in the swings between the chains pulling the knees to the stomach while the partner does 50 squats.  2 rounds of this and it was back to the picnic area for 5 burpees OYO then shoulder taps on the picnic tables.  We began the mosey back taking another scenic route and across the church parking lot, and back to the park.

We arrived at the walking track and YHC called squats to the corner, then Bear Crawl to the next corner, then for a rest, 6 burpees OYO (just to mix it up).  After a brief countdown, YHC called zombie walk to the 3rd corner, only to find 5 more burpees OYO! (2 days later typing this BB and my groin is still screaming)

Mosey to the steps and YHC called Dora 5, 10, 15.  50 squats, 100 flutters, 150 LBC’s while parner ran up the steps and back down.  This was completed with 3 minutes to go, so YHC found a grassy spot and called as many burpees as you can do in 2 minutes!

Prayers for rain and a young person needing surgery.

Strong Work Men, and particularly enjoyed Coffeeteria and getting to know Tiny Tank and Norwood.  Hope to see you all again soon!