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  • When: 11/03/16
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  • QIC: Freight
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  • PAX: Oompa Loompa(Respect), Def Leppard(Respect), Slaw, Ash Pond, Blart, Huckleberry, Gomer, Lil Sweet, Edison

So Midoriyama has a special feature that AO’s around here don’t have….A Mountain! 2 had climbed it once before and we have talked about doing again for some time. YHC figured since it has cooled down some and the leaves are changing it would be a good time to see the view from up there. That and of course we set the clocks back next week so Midoriyama will start posting in the gloom as well. There was a brief disclaimer about not knowing how much of the property belongs to the park and if the man comes it will be jailbreak time. We did a short warmup of the usual SSH’s, a few Hillbillies and imperial walkers then hit the mosey with the shovel flag in hand. We moseyed VIA the soccer loop trail and service road to the base stopping to do a few merkins and Al Gore’s. At the base YHC advised we would be walking from this point. The path up is the power line path and is nothing but rocks. Big rocks(some scaling is involved) and small rocks(easy to roll an ankle here). It is all straight up the side and about half way it gets pretty steep(leg burner). Everyone did a great job! Once we were at the top a few did hip slappers off the tower building wall. We posed for a pic and headed back down.


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