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  • When: 04/20/16
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  • QIC: Monk
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  • PAX: Outhouse, Dfib, Bandit, JK 2, Linus, Short sale, Spider-Man, Guinness , JJ, Hushpuppy, Squeaker

Thanks, guys, for indulging my new exercises. (OK … well not that you had much of a choice.)

We recited the pledge and recalled the word of the week: “And why are you anxious …? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow.” Mt 6:28

We began with most of the usuals SSH, merks, LBC, squats, CDD, flutters, and imperial walkers. Mosey to the Park parking lot.

I announced that I’d done some browsing on the F3 site for exercises that I’d never done before. This brought no enthusiasm whatsoever. In fact, the word heard in the mumble chatter was “awful.” We performed a few rounds of “Abyss Merkins,” typically done on benches. With no benches, the PAX formed two lines, shoulder width apart, facing in. One line held planks while the other laid hands on their shoulders and performed 10 merkins in cadence. Sprint to the other side of the parking lot. The two lines switched roles. Sprint back. Repeato! Repeato!

Next came “Parking Lot Tracers.” The idea is to begin by running in place, then move along the parking space lines. The PAX lined up along a parking space, then moved through a dozen or so parking spaces. Think Conga Line, only dumber.

During Parking Lot Tracers, someone noticed a female in an SUV gazing into her iPhone. Someone else suggested donkey kicks on the side of her SUV to get her attention. Someone else–for no reason whatsoever–said “burpees.” This gave me an idea for a new exercise, “The Burpin’ Donkey.” We moseyed behind the restroom building to try some burpees with a donkey kick in the middle. Groaning. More donkey kicks.

Mosey to lot. Bojangles Biscuits, then 5 min o’ Mary.

Mosey to field. Burp-Back Mountain to 60 burpees.

Mosey to Snoballs. Dying Cockroachs so Bandit could feel whole again. End.

Announcements: JKII has organized a 2.0 event for a week from Saturday (Same day as mud run.) Advisory discussed Belmont expansion. Check the backblast for details.

Prayer requests: Family members experiencing illness.

Cheers! Monk