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Streaking in the Quad…Old School style.

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  • When: 09/19/2015
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The pre-blast clip from Old School may have scared a few from posting, however 13 of us gathered in the GasHouse for a runfest with plenty-o-squats. We were honored to have Hambone with us from Isotope who led the pack thru much of the running and provided plenty of mumble chatter to keep us on our toes in more ways than one. The fresh smell of day old BBQ and not so fresh smell of roadkill were just about enough to provide some merlot, however I managed to make it thru. I did notice Hambone showing a little “AO envy” as we exited the park on the way home-wonder if we will have a guest Q in the near future…..he mentioned something about bear crawls and a grassy knoll as he was moving out of ear-shot on the way home.

Here’s what went down:

Warmup: various numbers of reps depending on my mood and the appearance/arrival of the Pax SSH, Merkins, Flutter kicks, Plank Jacks, SSH again after arrival of Screw (better late than fartsacking, right?), Tiny Dancers (old school exercise from my first post back in April), and burps.

Mosey to flag for Pledge


Modified Double Applesauce Indian run to the church:first pax in each line steps to side and does 10 scorpion dry docks while rest of Indians streak toward the church-clothes were optional and thankfully present, after 10 SDD get up and yell “GO” and next “first pax” does 10 SDD, repeato thru all of applesauce until arrival at church.

At church we did what any good southern man would do, we prayed a lot……Prayer squats were done initially fast with a slow burn at around 25 I think and continued after picking up speed to total of 45. Why only 45 and not 50 asked Hambone? Because I am the Q today and I want to keep you guessing and begging for more. Also, I was pretty much still seeing those flying bugs or lights or whatever they were (possibly a TIA-someone get me an aspirin please) around my head after doing scorpion dry docks and needed to rest. We then deconstructed some burpees-think we did 2 sets of 10-kind of enjoyed this.

We then continued our streaking with the modified double applesauce Indian run with scorpion dry docks until we got to Hillbilly’s “restaurant.” The smell of used barbecue was just enough to get the rank odor from the raccoon roadkill out of my nose. Mmmmmm, mmmmmm. If they were open I would have gone in and ordered a Diablo sammich with a Dr. Pepper for me and hushpuppies for Roscoe. Maybe next time. At Hillbilly’s we did…….Hillbilly’s and 1 round of BLIMPS led by several of GasHouse faithful and finished with squats led by Hambone the squatting machine. I tried to find a durable wall for some donkey kicks-every Hillbilly has to have access to a donkey for a variety of reasons-not gonna go there, you can if you want…..

We then continued our Double Applesauce (no more SDDs) to the tunnel in the park for donkey kicks then moseyed to the flag in the park for a little teamwork. Pax paired up, 3 rounds of partner work staying together with 10 burps at the bottom, run to the top and go up the stairs with 10 diamond merkins-OMAHA OMAHA-cut the diamond merkins, let’s do some MONKEY HUMPERS  at Hambone’s request-I am not one to refuse a monkey humper EVER, so I was happy to oblige. After 3 rounds we moseyed up the hill to the picnic tables for Dips and Step ups. I think we did 5 sets of 10 each OYO then squatted until all pax completed. At this point we moseyed back with a brief pause at the church to account for all pax and then proceeded to the Schiele. I did see a man-shaped creature going for some extra credit thru the woods that was either a ‘squatch or Roscoe. Stroganoff muttered something about “sorry to bail on you”-got a feeling we may hear about that in the future….

We then finished with the counterama, namorama, and announcements:

Night Rangers Wed 715pm at Discovery Zone in Huntersville near Crafty Beer Guys for another workout-Q will be Hambone this week.

October 24 (if not doing MudRun) try to support Abba and his 3 yr old son at Levine Hospital (CMC Main in Charlotte) for Wyatt’s Warriors at the 5K run.

So today I was feeling a bit down and wished I had pushed a little harder to serve some downpainment to our visitor from Isotope. I wanted his trip to be worthwhile. I am just now realizing that I am 18 years older than he is-he could be my son!!! So at this point, I’m feeling pretty good. I have to say that is some great motivation to have visitors like Hambone come post here in the GasHouse. I worked harder today because of him and because of that, I think I pushed all of us a little harder as well. I now realize how fitting the title of today’s workout is-how ironic is that. Hambone, if you are reading this, thanks for joining us today. You are welcome back anytime. Now, I believe it is time for a cold one and possibly a little Frank the Tank.


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  1. Hambone

    Aye, thanks for push; iron sharpens iron. GasHouse has a great AO and a great pax. I look forward to pounding the pavement and Q’ing with you guys in the future.

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